Two PS4 or Xbox One games for $70 at TRU but a dead week overall for game deals

XMNR: The week of Sunday, May 18 is another week where the retail game deals are shallow enough to combine them all into a single article. Still, there’s a somewhat solid combo offer from Toys R Us on PS4 and Xbox One titles while Best Buy offers a $10 to $20 discount on games for the same systems plus the PS3 and Xbox 360.

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Sitdown1495d ago

Take those two games and flip them for triple trade in value at Target. Easy $40 made.

Bonkerz1495d ago

Can you elaborate on that? Cause i have no clue how that would work.

Queasy1495d ago

Target is offering triple credit on game trade ins. YMMV depending on the store as it has to be one that accepts trade ins.

Sitdown1495d ago

Go to and find out the value of your game, and then you can go to the mobile rep in your store and get the promotional value. How this work for ToysRUs is that you can go get 2 Titanfalls for $70, and then get $54 for each at Target.

palaeomerus1495d ago

Examiner and sites like it, are why I use AdBlock now.