I Shall Remain Preview - Mouse n Joypad

Gale writes - "In the last couple of years, the zombie survival genre has taken over the place of the most saturated sub-genre currently on market. The throne that was held by the modern shooter games up to that point. By now, we’ve gotten the likes of DayZ, Dead Island, State Of Decay and many, many more. Not to mention all the clones that popped up on Steam after the „original“ games did. Now, I’m not the one to hate on zombies. I’m happy to play whatever the developers churn out, as long as it’s worth my time and money. I’m one of those who like to give every game a chance to redeem itself, regardless of its disposition, theme or possible political commentary that might or might not be pictured in some of its textures. Taking this positive outlook on things, I’ve gotten my paws on one of the ‘newer’ zombie survival games – I Shall Remain."

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