3 Deleted characters in video games who would have made the game better

While many characters who are deleted would have made the game worse, a few would have the game even better.

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BiggCMan1466d ago

Man I had so much fun reading this, great piece!

Relientk771466d ago

I didn't know about the other 39 Pokemon so thanks very interesting read

LAWSON721466d ago

That GTA 3 character sounds awesome.

Tross1466d ago

Interesting read. The unfortunate thing about videogames, or any kind of media actually, is that sometimes planned content has to be cut. At least it beats entirely canceled games. That character should have been left in GTA III. People who have nothing better to do with their life than raise issue over fictional media, because the entire concept of entertainment eludes them, were always going to hate the series, and did. Actually, they still do, and even use GTA as leverage to outright ban videogames altogether, because I'm assuming they're miserable people, whose goal is to rain on the parades of others. I guess Rockstar wasn't willing to face criticism over a controversial, real life event though, so it's understandable that they chose to cut that particular content.