[Rumor] ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Collection’ Coming to PS4 and Xbox One

"If this image posted on Reddit is to be believed then it appears that a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Collection is heading to PS4 and Xbox One running at 1080p and 60 frames a second.

The collection will include the full campaigns of the Modern Warfare trilogy, boasting remastered lighting and high-definition textures. Although the advert does state it will feature exclusive content for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare multiplayer, it’s highly unlikely the collection will include every single multiplayer map from the three games.

Nothing official has been announced by Activison at the time of writing so take this with a grain of salt until it has been confirmed but if it’s true then you’ll be able to get your hands on this collection come November 25th."

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Majin-vegeta1309d ago

If true I'll take on copy of MW1.

ZodTheRipper1309d ago

Would you really buy that? Am I the only one whose interest in this is close to zero? xD

Sevir1309d ago

Nope. I'd never drop a dime on this! :(

Army_of_Darkness1309d ago

:-O Ah.... what... collection??......

shivvy241309d ago

hope its all seperate on the store so i can just get MW1

ThanatosDMC1309d ago

I'd buy it if has all the dlcs for Nazi Zombies.

TomShoe1309d ago

I preferred Black Ops, but to each their own.

FITgamer1309d ago

@ThanatosDMC No zombies in Modern Warfare games.

theshonen88991309d ago

I love my ps4 but it's times like this when I'm glad I have a PC.

guitarded771309d ago (Edited 1309d ago )

If they would incorporate a single online mode for all past games/maps/co-op, I'd be interested. I have all the games, and played all the campaigns from the beginning, so there would have to be something there to get me interested.

LexHazard791308d ago (Edited 1308d ago )


No Zombie modes in this series but you have Spec Ops which consist of survival mode, etc.

levian1308d ago

I'd love mw2, it was really the only one I liked, minus noob tubes and quick scopers galore

badz1491308d ago

No freakin way! MW collection? Why?? I hope that this is not true.

incredibleMULK1308d ago

id buy it. with the triggers and updated graphics. hells yeah

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ExitToExisT1309d ago

The image is fake i'm %99.99 sure:) However it's such a stupid idea that Activision may have done it:D

Rickgrimes951309d ago

They do love money lol dissappointing that world at war, black ops 1 & 2 wouldn't be on this though

Salooh1309d ago

No that would awesome idea. MW1 and 2 would be the best call of duty in this gen. I would buy that. But i don't think they will are willing to make that effort to port three games with a price good price.

CertifiedGamer1309d ago

I highly doubt Activision will want to steal some thunder away from Advanced warfare. I don't know if I can play it like I did back 6 years ago, I need destruction in my first person shooters.

georgeenoob1309d ago (Edited 1309d ago )

I would lol hard If this is true since it's basically the same game since MW2, even Ghosts.

It's been the same ever since Respawn left IW.. The next CoD (or the next one after) will probably be just like Titanfall, since all they know how to so is take Respawn's ideas and stick with it until they comes up with something else.

Edit: I realize it's MW collection, but two of the three games are still the same.

MRMagoo1231309d ago

What like the Halo collection you are very excited about ? Cos that game is basically the same each time too right.

TheFallenAngel1309d ago

Mw2 is easily the best online multiplayer game.

Aces171309d ago

You really need to put down whatever you're smoking.

MRMagoo1231309d ago (Edited 1309d ago )

IMHO COD4 was and still is the best MP game , if they make it again i would get it on the PS4 and i think it would sell like crazy even better than the normal games do. I dont want them to touch the gameplay tho just keep it as it was but just up the graphics hard core.

Deadpoolio1309d ago

If your a cheater or a douche yeah I guess, since it was the least moderated COD game to date...It has nothing on MW1

LightningMokey1309d ago

Deadpoolio you do realize CoD 4 IS Mw1 right? It was the only good one.

irepbtown1308d ago

I have to agree with MRMagoo123, COD4 is the best. I still have it! It was bags of fun and the killstreaks/perks were basic and not overdone.

I might just play it now actually.

beereal3601308d ago

Yeah if you like a hack fest.

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nicksetzer11309d ago (Edited 1309d ago )

Of all possible games they could make a remake of .... this is the least needed ... they already remake it every year.

Fixay1309d ago

MW2 and MW1 for me.

Truly my favourites and the best in the series for me. Maybe because I'm a bit biased and these were the first ones I played to death lol

Also if true, finally no USB Modding little 12 year olds!

Kevlar0091309d ago

MW2 was the first CoD I got into for Online MP. I played COD 2 with friends, COD 3 on Wii, and WaW but mostly for singleplayer. I spent well over 300 hours on MW2 for the year. Tbh it was so good that after being disappointed by MW3 I learned COD would never be as good as MW2. The maps, campaign, and multiplayer was all top notch, it deserved the 94% score

Back when COD actually tried to be the best shooter, and actually got praise for it. I admit BO was fairly creative for multiplayer, but it was never the same. If I could get MW2 multiplayer back on a great campaign I might go back into COD, but for now I'm content leaving it behind

psyxon1309d ago

I still play Cod$ on pc to this day... I'd buy it again just for enjoyment and meeting people with an interest in the game still.

FamilyGuy1309d ago

If they released one game with every CoD map included Black Ops and MWF, I'd buy that collection for $100.

The problem with that is having them choose the best play style. All of the CoDs are different as far as score streaks, perks and such.

BX811309d ago

Hells yeah I would be in too. Run me those achievements! I never got the airplane achievement.... I still think about it every time I see my gamer score, lol.

Fixay1308d ago

haha i remember that achievement!

Braid1309d ago (Edited 1309d ago )

If they're going to remaster the graphics with the engine of COD: Ghosts, I might get a copy of this collection. It might look like an annual cash grab but I do like the rollercaoster campaign in those games.

I don't know about the MP though, I'm a SP-only kind of gamer.

3-4-51308d ago

These games were appealing because there was a large community to play with.

If you release a collection, AND it includes multiplayer with each, then your splitting up the COD community and each games has not as many people playing.

Same thing with the Halo Collection.

* If these are JUST single player campaign than this is a worthless collection.

amazinglover1308d ago

Id buy this for MW 1 and 2. After MW 2 for me is the when they started to go down hill.

Iamnemesis48801308d ago

Yes the only Cod next to COD 1 that was a game changer if it is true give me only MW1 screw the others

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1309d ago (Edited 1309d ago )

This would've been great if it come out soon to hold us over until Advanced Warfare comes out November 4th. I think coming out it the same month as Advanced Warfare is a horrible idea.

CaptainSellers1309d ago

Call of Duty: Recycled Warfare - Eco Friendly Edition