Could a Sequel to Sunset Overdrive Appear on PS4? - Podcast Beyond

Insomniac Games retains the rights to the IP, but does that mean we'll see the game on other platforms? The Beyond crew speculates.

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iamnsuperman1304d ago

I never really thought about it but Insomniac must be a little annoyed they are not getting any type of royalties from a character they created and made famous. But I guess they have learnt from it

AKissFromDaddy1304d ago


Personally, I'd approach a third party publisher, like Ubisoft or Bethesda, if lost of ownership were presented by first party publishers.

georgeenoob1304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

Maybe, maybe not.

The Gears IP was Epic's not MS', but that didn't stop the entire trilogy from being exclusive.

Lucreto1304d ago


Epic signed a 3 or 4 game deal so it was locked up early. Sunset is just a one game deal until Microsoft secures a contract.

GameNameFame1304d ago

Insomniac owns the IP. Doesnt have entire generation deal like Epic did with Gears, so it is very possible.

If they really want, they can make it timed exclusives too by waiting until contract expire and then port to PS4.

So many games on X360 did this last gen.

TomShoe1304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

I'm doubtful, at best. When Insomniac signed that deal with Microsoft, it probably included a contract for right of first refusal for publishing future titles, same as how Respawn worked for Titanfall. I'm assuming if the game sells a certain number of copies, then MS automatically gets publishing rights of the next game.

That's how it usually works, so I wouldn't get my hopes up for a PS4 sequel unless it doesn't meet expectations, or someone does a BioWare and outright buys Insomniac.

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troylazlow1304d ago

First Titanfall now Sunset Overdrive? Why can't Sony get their own games?

aceitman1304d ago

wow really troylazow really wow , how can u say that sony has there own games that's y ms throws so much money a devs cause they only have a hand full of games themselves . see sony puts there money on there games ms puts it on third party games if it wasn't for ms throwing there money at devs they would not have games like sony does just like the 360 ms paid out big time and there doing it again . and this time its not helping that's the funny part. and not to mention all the games they said will never come to ps3 that where so called third party exclusives went to ps3 hell boishock , mass effect. and xbox fanboys step back he asked for this , he just said one of the dumbest thigs u could hear from someone trolling . I speak the truth u cant say ms threw money out , some of them where out the bag on how much ms paid . even for dlc so much money.

kenshiro1001303d ago (Edited 1303d ago )

Maybe I should say the same thing about XBox fans wanting MGS4...oh...wait.

Titanfall is nothing to brag about.

XiSasukeUchiha1304d ago

Yes, since it's insomniac IP, not a MS IP this could be possible yes Sunset 2 for xbone and PS4!

ZodTheRipper1304d ago

I think MS will try to secure this game for the long term though. Not because the game will be a huge hit, but rather because they need goofy games like that on their platform to reach as many people as possible. Almost all of their other IP's have a more serious tone to them.

ger23961304d ago

If they want to make money, they would seriously consider it. Not that it won't sell well on Xbox, but being able to sell it on multiple platforms is a no brainer.

No_Limit1304d ago

Don't care as it is ways away if a sequel is to be made. ALL I know is that I'll be enjoying this game comes Fall on the Xb1.

SuperBlunt1304d ago

And thats all that matters. hope you love it

gary_m1304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

Don't care.

Insomniac hasn't put out a great game in years. Their last big game Fuse wasn't just a letdown it was outright garbage.

The 'meh' reaction to Sunset Overdrive makes it clear why Sony dumped them as a 2nd party developer.

Immorals1304d ago

It's not my type of game, but I've not heard anything but positive for this game. The 'meh' you mention must just be your intelligence.

ZodTheRipper1304d ago

I actually have to agree even though I would like to disagree. Their games have charme but the last Insomniac game I thoroughly enjoyed was R&C A Crack in Time. Before that, it's Spyro on PS1 ...and I'm not yet convinced that they can get out of the "mediocrity zone" with Sunset tbh.

Bundi1304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

The meh reaction? Did I miss a bad preview? Most of the previews have been pretty enthusiastic.
Cover up man, this is a family website, your jelly is showing!

Also, show us you don't care and just stay out.

Chevalier1304d ago

They're just saying wait and see. Insomniacs last 2 games were terrible. Fuse was bad and the last Ratchet was a letdown to fans.

Relientk771304d ago

Easy question

Yes because Insomniac Games owns the IP, not Microsoft

DigitalRaptor1304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

The thing is here, Insomniac went with the choice because they wanted something of a refresh and wanted to own the license to their game. Glad to see they've found a new groove, and the game looks fun and colourful.

Still, they own the IP and they know that PlayStation fans would be ALL OVER this game if it was on PS4. They should know it would be more successful if it was on that console. Just like EA knows that it was a mistake not putting Titanfall on the PS4, and that we will see the next one on both consoles.

Really, if Insomniac values the audience and fans they've built up over the past 20 years, they would bring this game to PS4, and there's nothing stopping them from bringing even the first game across.

I'm calling timed-exclusive, just like I called Titanfall and Garden Warfare.