PS4 and Xbox One discounted at Frys, other consoles and games too

XMNR: Fry’s Electronics is celebrating its 29th anniversary with a big sale that began Friday, which includes video games. The Playstation 4 received a rare discount along with a deep cut for the Xbox One plus the Xbox 360, PS3, Nintendo 3DS XL and Nvidia Shield.

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Stringerbell1248d ago

Thanks to the Internet I've learned how awesome Frys is. Shame I dont have one where I live.

DLConspiracy1248d ago (Edited 1248d ago )

They deliver oline, but the website is a little jenky. Arizona has them everywhere. My friend from Canada was amazed.

MysticStrummer1248d ago

It's a huge store, I have one not far from me, but I don't think their prices are all that great. When I was TV shopping a few months ago Fry's was about the most expensive place I looked in. They did have more of a selection of top end giant screens than anyone else though.

kopp3rbug1248d ago

Arizona has two in the whole state.

kopp3rbug1248d ago

California on the other hand has several.