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Submitted by Pozzle 562d ago | opinion piece

5 Video Game Monsters That Could Take On Godzilla

Gamerant: "Now that Godzilla is set to demolish box offices the world over, there doesn't appear to be any real threat to the gargantuan iguana's supremacy. While monsters try to thwart the reptile in his latest movie, we're already dreaming up some combatants from video games that could toe-to-toe with what is arguably the greatest kaiju of all time." (God of War, PC, PS3, Shadow of the Colossus, World of Warcraft, Xbox 360)

Hellsvacancy  +   563d ago
Dunno about Cronos, he got beat by Kratos, maybe Kratos should go on the list, after all he is a monster of sorts
e-p-ayeaH  +   563d ago
Kratos is able to kill gods right?
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NegativeCreep427  +   562d ago
Kratos was my first instinctive response to this article.

I appreciate the history and lore of Godzilla, but Kratos could easily make Godzilla his b*tch and still have him cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
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Transporter47  +   562d ago
Godzilla is on another level when it comes to Titans, he would destroy them. There is a chance that Kratos can't kill Godzilla but hey he killed a few gods who knows.
Skips  +   562d ago
wtf?!?!?! You're joking right? Atlas was able to carry the entire crust of the Earth for years... YEARS. lol

As much as I love Godzilla, one punch from a Titan like Atlas and he'd die...
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Transporter47  +   562d ago
What do you know about Godzilla?
Here Educate yourself.
Skips  +   562d ago
Are we talkin movie Godzilla or comic Godzilla? lol Cuz characters like for example Thor in the movies pale in comparison to their comic counterparts.

Movie Thor would get demolished by someone like Kratos or the Titans. Comic Thor, it's pretty much the other way around. Same for Godzilla...

I haven't seen the new movie yet (seen every movie before) and know a little bit about him in comics.
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Transporter47  +   562d ago

I'm just talking about Canon Godzilla which the (comics/most original movies) follows. Depends on the version you pick also. Kratos/God of War Canon is from the Video games that you are using correct? Just do that, I do comic/manga/movie character debates its fun, but this is not place for one :P
Skips  +   562d ago
Dude, if we were to use comic/manga Godzilla, then we'd have to use ACTUAL mythology Titans... lol
one2thr  +   562d ago
For the record that wasnt any ole sword that cut Cronos open, it was the Blade of Olympus; a sword enchanted with godly powers. I also recall a director claiming that a titan was as tall as the Sears tower, which happens to be 1,451 ft tall... Thus making Cronos, 4 to almost 5 times taller/bigger than Godzilla, so if anything Cronos would slay the king of monsters in a brutal curbstomp...

Thats just one of many titans...
UltraNova  +   561d ago
You people compare comic book monsters with Greek mythos, the Titans based on your 'knowledge' playing GoW???

That's disrespectful to say the least.

GoW was incredibly inaccurate at depicting the characters background and powers sacrificing them all in the sake of giving as a bad ass lead character and a Sony mascot if you like (see Master Chief effect).

Kronos- The King of the Titanes, and the god of destructive time--time which devours all. He led his brothers in the ambush and castration of their father Uranus, but was himself deposed and cast into the pit of Tartaros by his own son Zeus.

He could freeze anything or anyone in time and forcing them into internal decay. Godzilla a nuked lizard for Christ sake wouldnt last .000000000001 of a second with him.

ATLAS- The younger Titan god of astronomy and the revolution of the heavenly constellations.(Yes he had the power to revolve constellations, thousands of star systems in very close proximity forming Star clusters,aka Constellations )He was arrested by Zeus and condemned to bear the heavens upon his shoulders. Homer suggests he was later released from this torment and appointed guardian of the pillars of heaven.

This guy could quite possibly destroy our Solar System with a single punch. Godzilla could barely destroy the Empire State building...

So my fellow gamer's please don't rely on videogames for your history/mythology knowledge, open a book or just Google away.

Oh and if you're into history and Greek mythos, visit Greek sites (the English versions obviously) not foreign ones, they know their history better than anyone else and its one of the more interesting out there if not the most interesting.
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one2thr  +   559d ago
Dude if you would have read the article you, yourself would understand why we were referring to GOW titan, seeing that the article itself by whomever chose to include a game version of Kronos instead of the actual mythology titan kronos, is the sole reason why I (speaking for myself) felt that adding info that a director of GOW said during an interview about the creation of God of Wars' Kronos....

Late but a point had to be made...
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Alex_Boro  +   562d ago
What are you talking about? It's not like Godzilla has QTEs like Kratos. It's a fair match.
BX81  +   562d ago
Godzilla would sh!t on kratos. The only thing that beats Godzilla is Godzuki, lol.
bullymangLer  +   563d ago
my fantasy is the Incredible Hulk running toward G O Dzilla
ironfist92  +   562d ago
An unstoppable force against an immovable object? Sweet.
WeAreLegion  +   562d ago
Godzilla faced The Avengers in Godzilla: King of the Monsters.

Godzilla won.
e-p-ayeaH  +   563d ago
all of those are a walk in the park for godzila.
ironfist92  +   562d ago
Leviathan from Resistance 2? Hell yes.

Best game of the series.
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Transporter47  +   562d ago
Best Game of the series is 3 hands down, I love all 3 btw.

1. R3
2. R1 Fall of Man
3. R2
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ironfist92  +   562d ago
Mikefizzled  +   562d ago
EA is a pretty big monster
blahblah123  +   562d ago
Now THIS is a worthy thread

I nominate LAG from "Call of Duty"
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crusf  +   562d ago
Try to take on destroyah he took on godzilla while at his most powerful.
WeAreLegion  +   562d ago
Destoroyah was a douche. He killed little Godzilla. :/

Awesome creature though.
aLucidMind  +   562d ago
Godzilla vs either a Reaper or a Leviathan (Mass Effect). I think that might be interesting.
SoCalledMe  +   562d ago
I think Godzilla vs Queen Thresher Maw from Tuchanka ( mass effect 3 ) would be even better
Gamer777  +   562d ago
No Kalros ?
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Clover904  +   562d ago
Did you see the ending of Godzilla? Ain't nobody taking on the king of monsters :-)
FunAndGun  +   562d ago
The ending fight scene of Godzilla was indeed awesome, but Godzilla did seem kinda weak throughout the movie.
Sethry101  +   562d ago
It was meant to give a feeling of him building up his power feel, not to spoil anything but the way it all culminated was his release of all his pure force.
mantis_toboggan_phd  +   562d ago
Ridley from metroid would make for a badass fight.
TheCatsMeow  +   562d ago
They COULD take him on, but he would win every time.
Imalwaysright  +   562d ago
Pikachu would destroy godzilla.
Chxii  +   562d ago
Shadow of the colossus all the colossus
Illusive_Man  +   562d ago
Leviathan from Mass Effect 3, would just think it and Godzilla explodes.
LightDiego  +   562d ago
Can't wait for Godzilla 2, it will be a war between against United States and Japan, the japanese will use Godzilla and USA will conter-attack with King Kong.
one2thr  +   562d ago
For the record that wasnt any ole sword that cut Cronos open, it was the Blade of Olympus; a sword enchanted with godly powers. I also recall a director claiming that a titan was as tall as the Sears tower, which happens to be 1,451 ft tall... Thus making Cronos, 4 to almost 5 times taller/bigger than Godzilla, so if anything Cronos would slay the king of monsters in a a brutal curbstomp... Dang!!!

Off topic: Godzilla (movie) was awesome!
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DefenderOfDoom2  +   562d ago
GAMERA - GAMERA - GAMERA - GAMERA the flying monster turtle with jet flames that makes him spin fast and fly !!! Would love too see GAMERA in a new GODZILLA sequel!!!!

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