The best games on PlayStation 4

PS4 Attitude: "Believe it or not, the PlayStation 4 is now six months old. To celebrate that fact, we at PS4 Attitude thought we’d bring you a selection of articles discussing the ins and outs of Sony’s latest console. And, as the PS4 is for the players, what better place to start than with the games themselves? These are the titles we consider to be the best on PS4."

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joab7771253d ago

No Final Fantasy 14, Warframe or DCUO....hmmm. These are great, rewarding experiences now available on the PS4. FF14 is amazing!!!

stefhutch201253d ago

I think you'll find that FFXIV is mentioned. :)

psyxon1253d ago

I've been enjoying I:SS and Don't Starve lately.

uth111253d ago

Don't Starve has been my addiction lately