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Xbox One – The Most Underrated Launch Lineup Ever?

Microsoft did a lot of things wrong when they launched the Xbox One….a lot of things wrong, but one thing they did right, and certainly better than its key competitor, is the launch lineup. None of these games will be remembered as genuine classics a few years from now, but as a versatile, entertaining and consistently enjoyable selection of games, the Xbox One’s was unquestionably better than most and certainly better than many would have you believe. (PS4, Xbox One)

NewMonday  +   443d ago
Sorry but Ryse is just awful, the XBone's Lair

Dead Rising was decent but no classic or console seller

Forza was a good game ruined by the over greedy DLC pricing, after paying $60 you have to pay another $60 for the bulk of the content.

Anyway launch is a long time in the past, now the XB1 has only 30 and some games while the PS4 has about 70 games with better average review scores and wider variety
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n4gamingm  +   443d ago
of course you hate it lol.
It was better than the PS4's in my opinion. Dead Rising 3 alone did it.
Mystogan  +   443d ago
Yeah 70 games with 60 of them being small wannabe mario indie games.

Anyone who owns both console will tell you that Xbox One has the better games.
NewMonday  +   443d ago

multi-console owners favor the PS4 actually, even in this very comment section, the same in most game discussion forums, this is part of the PS4 sales domination and why the the big XB1 price cut is ineffective.
BX81  +   443d ago
Sure buddy. That's why I play my XB1 every day and haven't played my PS4 in over a week.
psyxon  +   443d ago
I own both consoles and I prefer the PS4's games.
NewMonday  +   443d ago

to bad for MS and XB1 that customers like you are rare or don't exist at all :(
BX81  +   442d ago
Rare? Awwww shucks, that's the sweetest thing.
Gamer666  +   443d ago
Obvious Sony fanboy....

And obviously have never played the games you are commenting upon.
Gamerbynight  +   443d ago
N4g is an obvious sony fan site and has been now for several years. I am not saying that is bad but the opinions in xbox articles is going to be very pro sony and its clear as the eye can see. I am sure there are xbox sites that will vote down sonys fans comments as well and this site used to be more pro xbox but its 10 to 1 sony now at least at that is just how it is.
NewMonday  +   443d ago
sorry to break it to you but other than on dedicated Xbox communities the PS4 is the most favored everywhere.
MichaelLito79  +   443d ago
Sorry New Monday but you are just hating its beyond me why you have so many bubbles. Xbox One Lineup still holds up to this date. Great launch and post launch. Can't wait to see what's coming.
NewMonday  +   442d ago
That the PS4 has the best and most games now is a fact not an opinion, this is based on published games and average review ratings.

Don't shoot the messenger
truefan1  +   443d ago
The only people who don't think XB1 has the best games right now are just too prideful to admit it. The variety and fun factor has been great. If we are looking at games I can play on XB1 you can't play on your ps4 it's not even close.

Fighting - KI
Racing - Forza 5
Action - Ryse, Crimson Dragon, Halo Spartan Assualt
Zombie- Dr3
Creative - Project Spark, Zoo Tycoon
FPS - Titanfall, PvZ
Adventure - Max COB
Family/Party - Kinect Sports Rivals, Powerstar Golf

I think it's safe to say the list above beats out the competition. Almost every genre is captured on the XB1.

Also before everyone calls me bias... Please tell me why I'm wrong, don't use your favorite art of deflection. Tell me how resogun, towerfall, don't starve, KZSF, infamous ss, knack, and a few more indies are better than the list above.
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pedrof93  +   443d ago
To prove something you must give proper arguments.

Apart from Titanfall and Forza, the rest isn't worth it.

Outlast and DLC
Killzone SF is getting better and better
Bound by flame
MLB The Show
Mercenary kings

Oh and better Multiplats.

Also at this point Ps4 has more AAA, if you didn't notice.

And MS won't release another AAA until the end of the year.

Fighting - KI - Ok game
Racing - Forza 5 - Great game
Action - Ryse, Crimson Dragon, Halo Spartan Assualt - God awfull
Zombie- Dr3 - Boring after a while
Creative - Project Spark, Zoo Tycoon - no opinion
FPS - Titanfall, PvZ - Overrated
Adventure - Max COB - What's this ?
Family/Party - Kinect Sports Rivals, Powerstar Golf - God awfull
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Lawboy2  +   443d ago
What are you talking about half ur list is indies

Bound by flame, outlast, tower fall, mercenary kings are all indies...

Seriously...what are u talking about....some ppl

Triple a for the ps4 are

Mlb the show
pedrof93  +   443d ago

Do you know how to read ?

"Also at this point Ps4 has more AAA"

Did I say these games were AAA ?

Stupid. You are.
Lawboy2  +   443d ago
@ Pedro

That is why I listed the triple A exclusives for ps4...do you read

There are 4 triple A exclusives right now how is that more than the xbox one or can you not count as well

Again some ppl

OT: since I wasted my bubbles responding to idiocracy...I just would like to say I agree with the article the xbox one launch lineup is underrated because it's on the xbox one...if it was on a more popular system it would have received a lot more praise...the line up was very diverse and had games for everyone...if you didn't like driving then there was dr3....if you are a graphic whore there's ryse...if you want to get ur fight on there was killer instinct...and let's not get started on plants v zombies which is amazing

And if the last two weeks are any indication of what is to come this year...the line up looks like it will only get better...I'm glad I picked up an xbox one
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Mystogan  +   443d ago
Lol you're trying to hard bro. Just admit it. Xbox One has the better line-up and will completely rape Sony at E3.

Truth hurts I know.
AussieBadger  +   443d ago
Ha ha killzone and bound by flame. 1 very ordinary game killzone. Bound by flame terrible game. I like both consoles but titanfall kills killzone. Serious bound by flame lol ryse slaughters this game imo.
NewMonday  +   443d ago


PS4:66 with 21 games scoring above 8/10
XB1:34 only 8 games scoring above 8/10

PS4 wins both quantity AND quality
WilDRangeRrfc  +   443d ago
Laughable Indies Indies Indies half those PS4 games are 2-3 year old PC games let's look at AAA PS4= KZSF,Knack,MLB,ISS,forget Indies and F2P AAA games define how good a platform is
X1= Forza 5 ( best driving franchise out there )
DR3,Killer Instinct ( PS4 has no fighter ) Plants vs Zombies,Titanfall ( best shooter on either platform ) Project Spark ( unique game ) Ryse,MaxCurse Of Brotherhood,Crimson Dragon.That table you linked is laughable hell it has atleast 4 multiplatform games that are given different scores WTF??? #clutching at straws(Indies F2P)
WilDRangeRrfc  +   443d ago
Oh and the source is provided by NeoGaf that non Pro Sony biased site right??? LMAO,90% of those games are trash,Blacklight Retribution and Octodad are AAAAAAA games though HAHA I sold my PS4 OVERATED
MichaelLito79  +   443d ago
@ New Monday you love to fluff your lineup now your a troll.
Lukas_Japonicus  +   443d ago
Sigh, your "im always right attitude", "i dare you to tell me why im wrong" is really starting to grate on me. You have a really big problem with accepting other people opinions.

"Please tell me why I'm wrong, don't use your favorite art of deflection. Tell me how resogun, towerfall, don't starve, KZSF, infamous ss, knack, and a few more indies are better than the list above."

...Because some people might like those games more? Did that simple fact ever occur to you? I also love how you leave other PS4 games out (that aren't on Xbox), such as MLB and Final Fantasy and say "certain other indies" instead, lol. Nah, that's not biased...at all..../s

To be honest, your constant need to tell people that the X1 has the better games sounds like classic self-reassurance. It's like you are trying to convince yourself, rather than convince other people.

On topic: I thought both consoles launch line-ups were pretty bad. I only completed Killzone because of how good it looked, didn't even manage to make it past the first 30 minutes in Ryse, only played DR3 because im bored out of my mind waiting for Watch Dogs, Forza was a let down compared to previous games in the series, Knack never held my interest enough to warrant a purchase and i don't enjoy fighting games...so K.I was never on my radar.

Launch line-ups usually suck for me, this one was no exception.
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xboxpete  +   443d ago
"On topic: I thought both consoles launch line-ups were pretty bad. I only completed Killzone because of how good it looked, didn't even manage to make it past the first 30 minutes in Ryse, only played DR3 because im bored out of my mind waiting for Watch Dogs, Forza was a let down compared to previous games in the series, Knack never held my interest enough to warrant a purchase and i don't enjoy fighting games...so K.I was never on my radar.

Launch line-ups usually suck for me, this one was no exception."

I agree totally and as my name suggests i am more of an xbox player than ps4 but have both

all in all launch games are mixed affairs but this year we will see less titles made for both this generation and last and who really cares about exclusives anymore Sony and Microsoft are now in the games buisness for the time being not console release
ger2396  +   443d ago
Completely subjective. But coming from you I'm not shocked. Also games so good, They really helped sell the Xbox 1. /s
incendy35  +   443d ago
To me it has been the best launch I have been a part of for sure. Not only tons of exclusives but almost all of them have been great. Forza 5, Titanfall, Peggle 2, Ryse, Dead Rising, Max, Plants VS Zombies, Kinect Sports Rivals have all be so much fun.

And although it missed the launch window, Super Time Force is probably the best bullet hell game ever created.. it is that good!

Hard to complain about games on the X1.
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weekev15  +   443d ago
Lets be honest. No launch lineup evrr shows off the capability of the system as devs are under pressure to get their games ready for launch. IMO this is why Forza felt watered down in terms of content. They wanted to show off the power so it has to look amazing but even the most hardcore xbox fan cant have missed the diference in content between this and horizon.

The beauty of next gen is that the absolute gems are about to drop. Watch dogs, Halo, Uncharted, The Order, Spark, Zelda U, Driveclub etc etc all these games will put to shame any launch lineup as the devs are given time to put some love in and ensure they are optimised to the best of the respective consoles power.
WeAreLegion  +   443d ago
It's not bad. The Vita's launch lineup was the best in years though.
Rockstar  +   443d ago
I don't care about XBones lineup. Right now only 1 exclusive appeals to me. 2 if you count the unreleased Sunset Overdrive.
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Gamerbynight  +   443d ago
If you do not care about the xboxones line up I fixed it for you then why come into a article specifically about the xboxones line up and comment that you do not care about it? It sounds a little asinine to me.
blak_magus  +   443d ago
I can partially understand the argument of this article. By no means is the Xbox One's launch line up stellar, but compared to some I've seen in the past, including the Xbox 360, it's not completely horrible. You had some decent games in the mix, just not anything extremely memorable. Funny thing is that's pretty much how all console launches go. There are few that we can seriously look back on and say, "WOW they killed it with that launch." For what it's worth it's solid if not memorable.
WilDRangeRrfc  +   443d ago
Selling PS4 at a £200 loss paid £560 for 3 games and extra DS4,F2P and Indies that's it,PS4 fans say they have more games with higher scores,yeah ok whatever makes you sleep ISS is only decent exclusive and that has 0 replayability,haven't touched PS4 since I got X1 the games are awesome,TF is amazing best MP game I have ever played,no games,no money,no thanks,console is beast don't get me wrong but devs leaving all over the place and Sony admitting that Indies is the way the platform will be supported made the decision easy,anyone thinking the PS4 is gonna churn out exclusives like they did eventually on PS3 are in for a shock,I'm not the only one either went to my local Game and they have no used X1 for sale,there was literally 5 or 6 PS4's,all that power and a broke company to support it SHAME, E3 will tell if I'm wrong which I doubt,VR is a mistake and could tip Sony off the edge if it fails
Liam2382  +   443d ago
I have nothing against the PS4 - as a console, it looks like the better deals, but at the moment, for all of Sony's talk about games first, Xbox One is out in front. Yes, it has loads of indie games, but that's not what I buy a new £300 + console for. They're great to have, but you've got to have the triple A in place too. At the moment, they feel like they are papering over the cracks.
GamersHeaven  +   443d ago
Sony is busy making real exclusives Xbox One best launch title is a 3rd party timed exclusive DR3.Microsoft is doing same thing they did last gen in the long run PS4 will crush it the games department like last two generations.
Godhimself_In_3d  +   443d ago
Lol at most these comments I have all 3 consoles but I game mostly on ps4 no fan boy hate please. Let's start ryse was OK not great (it's a crytek game ) what do you expect single player was OK and I mean ok online (don't even). Killzone SF I would say ok single player so so online great (shoot me I like it). Forza 5 ok plain and simple. Knack so ps1 ish. Dead rising has never been good to me at least I gave 3 a try anyway and it still does nothing for me. Titan fall a 10/10 for me but 3 hours later 5/10 just got boring quick (minion killer lol). Infamous SS great game short even in two play throughs. I've never cared for indies but after journey, trine 2, and shadow complex I've been won over there not all good but man that outlast (where's my outlast two). I still playing mario 3d world (I'm 33 yrs old so) and I'm waiting for mario kart 8 kidd. I look at it like this sony humbled Nintendo, Microsoft humbled sony, wash rinse and repeat. Neither system has a system seller yet the the closet is mlb the show but that is it. Not Infamous or titan fall facts. Ps4 has the sales right now and it's an achievement that there doing it without a system seller to be fair they'll deliver need proof ps1, ps2, ps3 facts but when. Microsoft is hungry there in a unfamiliar place there not use to having weaker hardware say what you want but I loved ps3 more after kinect launched but x360s graphics were better in most games (blame the cell all you want the ps3 gpu sucked). There money will keep them in the game for a while but as much as they paid for titan fall and it didn't do much they are gonna need to bring it. Nintendo Nintendo always being a gen behind mario just can't bail you out of this one , I love my wii u I just need the games no gimmicks just the games ok. Microsoft sony Nintendo where's my zelda, gears of war,uncharted etc .
Majin Uchiha  +   443d ago
I have to agree, own both consoles btw
Gamerbynight  +   443d ago
I agree xbox one has the much better line up and has more studios now then sony according to gamespots last count at the end of 2013, so lets see what happens at e3. You can never count sony out on games as they have 7 million consoles sold and a lot of very hungry gamers looking for a knock out presentation that is not 1000 Indie games. I think Sony will bring it but how long will it take. Some of there games still have not released from last gen. Will it be smoke and mirrors or true games with live demos and release dates? I own both and want to see them both do well but right now the one is kicking butt in the games dept and you do not want to keep hardcore gamers waiting or they will move on unless they are complete fan boys.
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urwifeminder  +   443d ago
Really happy with the quality of xb1 launch games and am not aware of its competitors, happy to keep it that way.

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