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Why Xbox One's ambitious media strategy failed

And how its legacy may impact Microsoft's chances of catching PS4. - Eurogamer (Microsoft, Xbox One)

lifeisgamesok  +   556d ago
Yes Microsoft misjudged the market when it comes to media demand in the current day and age. Most people have computers, tablets, etc.

But since the launch of the One, MS has brought a healthy stable of great games and has promised many more.

Even the launch titles are some of the best games I've ever played and Microsoft admits those were even rushed products

E3 will show us the true power of Xbox One
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truefan1  +   556d ago
Right on life is games, it seems a select group just wanted new interior hardware with no innovation.

In terms of games right now it's not even close and the future looks brighter for XB1. It seems like MSFT is taking chances bringing new ips, while sony played it safe. Sony has focused on multiplat exclusive content, indie games, and rehashes (infamous, kzsf, mlb, tlou, and soon uncharted). MSFT has already given XB1 gamers several new ips including Ryse, Titanfall, and Later this year Sunset Overdrive and Quantum Break. MSFT is bringing the games.

I also agree DX12 and cloud processing will be shown at E3. I still think think the ambitious strategy will pay off, there are several wildcards left and we are only 6 months in. I love the additional media and now with Phil Spencer in charge this will be a nice ride with a ton of great games.
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georgeenoob  +   556d ago
The reason it was unbundled was cause it was the number one request for MS. Phil Spencer is emphasizing heavily on putting gamers first, so fulfilling this request wasn't hard.

Now that MS sees people think they'll stop supporting Kinect, they are motivated now more than ever to support it, cause they're constantly listening.
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eferreira  +   556d ago
dead rising, forza, gears teaser and new halo aren't rehashes? Heck crimson dragon is from an old franchise too.
WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   556d ago
Is this all because they added a sku without kinect? Richard Leadbetter is officially a sony troll, lol.
DragonKnight  +   556d ago | Well said
@georgeenoob: "The reason it was unbundled was cause it was the number one request for MS. Phil Spencer is emphasizing heavily on putting gamers first, so fulfilling this request wasn't hard."

Bzzzt wrong again. So close. The correct answer is sales. If MS were listening to fans, Kinect would have been unbundled a long time ago. XB1 is getting trounced in sales, even in the U.S., and MS just can't have that. They don't care that you sacrifice a child to them every day, they only care that people aren't spending their hard earned money on the XB1.

"Now that MS sees people think they'll stop supporting Kinect, they are motivated now more than ever to support it, cause they're constantly listening."

HA! You know prior to the diskinect, I'd have used your "constantly listening" to make a connection with MS and the NSA. Now all I can do is just laugh that you think MS actually listens.

The funny part though, the absolutely hilarious part is that people like you, truefan1, MorePowerOfGreen, Pogmathoin, you were all upset about the diskinect; just like you were upset about the DRM removal. You didn't want Microsoft to listen to fans, you wanted them to exert their control measures over the industry.

And now here you are, patting yourselves on the back talking about how MS listened to fans despite fans saying for more than a year that MS were doing everything wrong. Look how long it took Microsoft to "listen." Seems to me they need hearing aids.
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MysticStrummer  +   556d ago
It seems a majority don't see weaker hardware, a camera, and redundant capabilities already performed by devices they already own as innovation.

In terms of games, PS4 has the higher reviewed lineup.

DX12 is designed to make PC development more like consoles. XB1 will get some benefit but not nearly as much as PCs. PS4 will also see improvement and will always have the stronger hardware.

As for cloud compute, keep on dreaming. Few places in the world have fast enough internet speeds for cloud compute to be a factor, and the biggest gaming market isn't one of those places.
DigitalRaptor  +   556d ago | Well said
Not even close?

Is that why PS4 has more games, in more genres, with a more diverse selection? Is that why it has more new IPs? Is that why it has better rated games?

"It seems like MSFT is taking chances bringing new ips"

Microsoft has had time to bring those new IPs in the space in which they did JACK SH*T in the last few years on the 360. They were instead focusing on supporting the casual audience of a gimmick, the fate of which they have now sealed.

Meanwhile, Sony spent the last few years supporting their gamers on PS3, and last year alone was an absolute mind blow in terms of exclusive content for PS3. Under normal circumstances, you'd be more forgiving on Sony and their PS4 lineup, based on these facts alone, but somehow, whilst catering to PS3, Vita AND PS4 they still manage to provide the most games and the better rated ones.

Microsoft are not "taking chances" on new IPs. They are doing what they were supposed to have been doing for years. They are now making up for lost time, and lost expectations.

So tell me, AGAIN, how the future looks brighter for Xbone than PS4, when there are more games in production for PS4? And more games and new IPs already out in a wider array of genres? And now that Kinect has been disconnected and its fate already set, PS4 is outpacing the Xbone is every single category other than regularity of system updates, which is a given from Microsoft.

When PS4 is trouncing Xbone everywhere and that's before the heavy hitters have been released. Just think about that for a couple of seconds.

Seems like, yet again, the Xbox fanboys on here are padding out their lineup, and ignoring as many PS4 games as they can, using "indies", "multiplats" and "reshashes" as if Microsoft also doesn't have that stuff already announced, and as if fanboys like yourself haven't been talking up third party timed exclusive content like Titanfall, as if it was a "game changer". OH, what a joke that was.

If you guys hadn't already lost it, you certainly have taken this news badly and are resorting to even deeper set delusions than you already have been.

This is getting absolutely ridiculous at this stage.
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ziggurcat  +   556d ago
@ georgeenoob :

There's no question that sales had a large part in the decision.

At any rate, the unbundling of kinect was a really smart decision, and a huge positive for MS, IMO.
MorePowerOfGreen  +   556d ago
How in the hell did it fail? MSFT offers an option to buy the camera. Never heard anything about dropped innovation or halted support for its advancement.

Man Eurogamer is a POS tabloid site now. Its new pro Sony agenda is nasty.

Kinect's issues were a mix of real gamers not wanting to pay extra to make the next gen leap, NSA tinfoil hat freaks and PS4 fanboys envious Sony doesn't have something as advanced. Mostly PS fanboys trolling so much they shaped opinion about kinect by instigating the fearful, ignorant and angry fans as they did with DRM and cloud.

Amazing media wrote articles on how Kinect needed to be removed and now this trash of how it failed and was a mistake after turning folks against the tech. Kinect has always been attacked because MSFT's competition can not hope to match it, so PS fanboys played on the fears of upset consumers.

Nothing has changed trolls. What MSFT was doing with Kinect is still being done, with the change some XB1 owners will just be missing out on the full experience. Dev support based on all XB1 owners having the Kinect is just speculation, capability of the device is just as important.

LOL fanboys angry, attacking because of what they are really mad about, which is the price. So they're trying to do further damage to the REP of XB1, trying to negate change in price. Got to love the pre price drop and E3 frenzy that happens every time.
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MysticStrummer  +   556d ago
@george - "The reason it was unbundled was cause it was the number one request for MS"

No, unless you want to call Spencer a liar.


@Green - It doesn't say Kinect failed, it says XB1's media heavy strategy that Kinect was part of failed.

I hope you weren't one of the people who laughed at the anti-Sony media bias theories last gen.
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Prime157  +   556d ago
Media is not a bad thing, but taking your core focus from gaming to media it's. That's what they learned.

@morepower, "Sony doesn't have something as advanced."

Project morpheus says, "hi!"

@life, true, and George...

You three certainly jumped on the defensive fast. What do you say in Sony articles? Oh, that ps fanboys are on the defensive because they are insecure, that's right.
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mrpsychoticstalker  +   556d ago
Microsoft is bringing a tank to E3, everyone is already hyped about this year. New IPs, new price. Option of kinect. Xbox live. Damn. Way to switch thing Microsoft and great job!
kneon  +   556d ago

Tanks are pretty slow and it's a long way from Redmond to LA. So we should be seeing that "tank" about 6 months later than they say we will :)
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randomass171  +   556d ago
Honestly, I'm just happy Microsoft is reversing all of their bad choices and making themselves more competitive.
GarrusVakarian  +   555d ago

"Right on life is games, it seems a select group just wanted new interior hardware with no innovation."

MS must be with that select group then, seeing as they chose to drop Kinect and effectively settle with a less power PS4 and more power 360, no? No? That's your logic im going by here....so....are you with that select group that MS is a part of...or no? Lmao.

Also, re-hashes........wtf are you talking about?! Halo FIVE....Forza FIVE....Dead Rising THREE...Gears Of War FIVE (fifth release)....Fable Legends...FOURTH GAME in the series. Your mind is so warped that you don't even realise your own hypocrisy. You are so jealous of the PS4 and of PS4 franchises that you forget to mention the "re-hashes" of your own console.

And i keep seeing you saying Sony "played it safe", no matter how many times i prove you otherwise....in what possible universe is releasing a VR headset the "safe" option? It's by far the biggest risk of any company this gen. Especially seeing as Sony is nowhere near as financially stable as MS.

They also have tons of new IP's in the works that you just seem to forget. The Order 1886, Deep Down, DriveClub, New Guerilla Games IP, New Media Molecule IP, New Sony Bend IP.....the list goes on, and E3 is here soon.

I don't know why you continuously spew the garbage you spew, because you know you are saying it on a site with people who will prove you otherwise...so why bother?


There's no way IN HELL you believe what you just said. Wow. You really think MS is your friend? You really think they took Kinect out because you ASKED them too? Man....there's delusion...then there's whatever you guys have. They dropped Kinect because of sales and sales alone, they are a BUSINESS, who's primary goal is to make MONEY. Dropping Kinect will make the X1 cheaper and more appealing, hence more sales.

If you really believe they took Kinect out because gamers asked for it....then why didn't they do it before launch? Because gamers were asking for it then, i know i was. But now...6 months later, when it's getting dominated in sales, they coincidentally feel that choice is important now. Lmao, it's so transparent, i can't believe you don't see it.

Never in the history of this site have i ever seen such denial-ridden, bitter, jealous and warped minds that Xbox fanboys have displayed. It's just amazing how the success of a plastic box can make you this messed up.
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solidjun5  +   554d ago
Yea, I've come to the conclusion that the accounts lifeisgamesok, truefan1, and georgeenoob are the same person. They always comment next to each other.
Malphite  +   556d ago
"Even the launch titles are some of the best games I've ever played and Microsoft admits those were even rushed products"

Not sure if serious.
Lawboy2  +   556d ago
Plants v zombies, infamous and titanfall are pretty good imo
badz149  +   556d ago
pretty good games, sure but best he has ever played? yeah maybe, if he just started gaming this gen!
ShowGun901  +   556d ago
(note: zero from this gen LOL)

Sonic 2
Sonic 3
Super Mario World
Mega Man Xs
Mario 64
Mario Kart series
Super Smash Bros series
Ocarina of Time
Link to the Past
Gears of War series
God of War series
Uncharted series
Modern Warfare
DMC series
Final Fantasy IV
Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy VIII
Final Fantasy IX
Final Fantasy X
Final Fantasy XIV

...wow, im pretty sure i could think of 100 more that were better than Ryse, Forza and Dead Rising. (not implying the PS4's lineup was stronger, both were kinda weak)
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malokevi  +   556d ago

....past tense?

8 months...

*puzzled look*
morganfell  +   556d ago
It has failed in the sense they have backed off their original plan. It doesn't necessarily mean the console failed. Do you not see the difference?



Notice this line: "We targeted it more as a broad entertainment play."

He doesn't use the word play here as in 'play a game'. In this instance he means a 'a broad entertainment strategy' The route in which MS decided to 'play' their hand this generation was to offer an entertainment console for the masses.

This approach involved media heavy TV interfacing, Kinect, and major plans to lure the casual crowd. When they misjudged the market and how little impact casuals have this time around, they have attempted to switch gears. The problem lies in that their hardware is already set. They have removed focus from the TV and dropped Kinect in hopes to lure the core gaming demographic.

So in that light, the original plan for the X1 has failed.
Cueil  +   556d ago
Their media strategy is moving forward... I don't know what's "Failed" since it's just getting started
DragonKnight  +   556d ago
@lifeisgamesok: "Even the launch titles are some of the best games I've ever played and Microsoft admits those were even rushed products."

Games that were supposed to be on the 360 and instead were moved to the Xbox One, having at least 3 years of development, constitutes rushed now?

"E3 will show us the true power of Xbox One."

Just like the dGPU, DX12, and Cloud were supposed to?

@truefan1: "Right on life is games, it seems a select group just wanted new interior hardware with no innovation."

A camera and advertisements isn't innovation.

"In terms of games right now it's not even close and the future looks brighter for XB1."

You're right, the PS4 has had so much more games of better quality than the XB1. Since the XB1 has hit rock bottom, the only place for it to go is up right?

"It seems like MSFT is taking chances bringing new ips, while sony played it safe. Sony has focused on multiplat exclusive content, indie games, and rehashes (infamous, kzsf, mlb, tlou, and soon uncharted). MSFT has already given XB1 gamers several new ips including Ryse, Titanfall, and Later this year Sunset Overdrive and Quantum Break. MSFT is bringing the games."

MS delayed development of 360 games so they could make those games be available for the Xbox One. Sony didn't. If you really think Sony are "playing it safe" then you're blind as well as ignorant to history. You can write off indie games all you want to but the fact remains that each indie game on the PS4 is a new IP and Sony is investing in the FUTURE of games and gaming while Microsoft couldn't care less about that.

"I also agree DX12 and cloud processing will be shown at E3. I still think think the ambitious strategy will pay off, there are several wildcards left and we are only 6 months in. I love the additional media and now with Phil Spencer in charge this will be a nice ride with a ton of great games."

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AceBlazer13  +   556d ago
If the launch titles, on either console, were some of the best you played, you sir need to play more games. Get your standards up man.
randomass171  +   556d ago
that's how it is for early adopters. You just get a few games that are great for fans, but not necessarily the masses, and then the cool stuff comes a little later.
Muzikguy  +   556d ago
I can't wait until E3. Not because I believe the "true power of Xbox One" will be shown, but for other reasons. I'm anxious to see their next "vision" they 180 and I'm also wondering when they will patch in an update to unlock what was set aside for the Kinect. I know that's not going to be good for fans and I just wonder what the reaction will be. Also, I'm wondering more about VR and games not shown yet
ziggurcat  +   556d ago
@ lifeisgames:

"E3 will show us the true power of Xbox One"

Still clinging onto the delusion that MS is playing possum, are we? Where are the goalposts going to be moved when E3 doesn't yield any secret sauce?
Chevalier  +   555d ago
Irony is they talk about this advanced camera, but, go on to mention non game related features. Where is this game that proves kinect is for hardcore? Right after 3 years it doesn't exist. So few games on 360 that now a couple exclusives on Xbone and it's raining exclusives. Also remake of TLOU which was one of the highest rated games ever is bad, but, Halo remake is somehow awesome?! Way to move goalpost and flip flop. Also framerates and lower resolution don't matter, but, last gen all we heard was look how awesome 3rd party stuff on 360 was superior? Somehow there are larger gaps this gen and none of it matters anymore?!
kenshiro100  +   556d ago
You seriously believe that?


That's all I have to say.

If Microsoft hadn't pull that DRM crap in the fist place and not flip-flop like idiots, they would have done better.
memots  +   556d ago
"MS has brought a healthy stable of great games"


you cant be serious?
Neither console are doing that "great"
But saying that MS did is completely preposterous, Look at the ammount of game playable right now on their console vs other consoles ... yeah ..

"Have you seen TITANFALL !!!!?" Yes i did on my PC
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geddesmond  +   556d ago
I love how people say a great selection of games for the xbox one. If they were so great then why isn't everyone rushing out to buy 1 then. Fact is both consols have good games but Xbots have nothing else to use against the PS4 so they magically turn to saying it's the better choice for games lol. How many are still playing Titanfall? Why is there so many used copies of Ryse available in the shops I go to. Forza 5? My brothers a huge racing game fan, he traded in forza 5 for need for speed and never looked back.

Oh right your talking future releases? Well for Sony that future looks a lot brighter. Just like every E3 Xbots have all these games they think will be announced and then after E3 the internet gets filled with articles and videos on how disappointing their conference was. At least with Sony you know they have the first party devs and the more powerful machine.

In all honesty, I hope MS catches up with Sony because right now I feel Sony have stopped trying to win fans, and the larger that gap gets the less they will try which equals us gamers loosing out. Also my word Xbots does not go out to fans of the X1. It goes out to the X1 fans that say dumb crap like better selection of games without bringing anything up to back that up. And the ones that use metacritic are even dumber than the ones bringing no facts. It is what it is. My comment offended you because you can't handle the truth.
randomass171  +   556d ago
What exactly is wrong with saying that Xbox One has a promising future? I think both consoles have promising futures. They both have a lot of games on the way. Since Microsoft is phasing out Kinect, it can only make competition even more heated for both companies.
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miyamoto  +   556d ago
This kind of comments iz why Xbox One failed in the eyes of the masses! When will this stop?
DoesUs  +   555d ago
LMAO Terrific to see another classic MPOG meltdown! And of course the usual XB1 supporters out in force. Keep the 180's coming fellas!
Montrealien  +   555d ago
Looking at agrees and disagrees, we still got a bunch of Xbox haters on this site. Man they must all be in there late teens by now after 7 years of N4G console enthusiast extremism.
Godmars290  +   556d ago
It was too focused on them making money over providing any consumer need and too obvious in going about it.
XiSasukeUchiha  +   556d ago
Their ambitions was too extreme for the average gamer too skeptical and don't forget DRM and all of its BS, that's why MS plans failed!
Godmars290  +   556d ago
Then they should have presented better, direct, examples as they talked up policies, instead of doing closed door demos for developers while not really talking about their policies at all.
randomass171  +   556d ago
Not only did they misread the market, but I think they completely underestimated the power of the general gamer.
Cueil  +   556d ago
DRM is still there.. anyone who thinks that these console ever didn't have DRM are just ignorant.
xJumpManx  +   556d ago
It was a bad plan and Mattrick was an idiot choice for head of xbox. Now all that has changed they have Phil Spencer in charge who is by far the biggest gamer of all the people in charge of any of the big 3 game companies. I love my X1 and it is my choice for lead platform this generation. Sony made a huge comeback in my opinion and made the choice much tougher this generation compared to the no brainer decision for 360 last generation.
djplonker  +   556d ago
Ok a few things

ps3 outsold the 360 worldwide even though it released a year later.

Your choice for the xbone to be lead platform is a wierd one because the ps4 is outselling the xb1 2:1 so developers are going to use the ps4 as lead most likely!

How do you know who the biggest gamer out of all 3 companies is?
HacSawJimThugin  +   556d ago
Why knock someone for choosing Xb1 as their lead platform? Not everyone is enthralled by Sony contrary to popular opinion, and when did sales become the barometer in console preference? Smh...
Adaminy  +   556d ago

what? do you even know what a barometer is?...
chobit_A5HL3Y  +   556d ago

you're so jaded lolz x]
xJumpManx  +   556d ago
Really I own all 3 consoles and support all 3 but Microsoft is my lead platform. Do you own all 3 and support all 3. By the way leet speek was played out a few years back ashley.
chobit_A5HL3Y  +   556d ago
you're a fanboy and you don't even know it... smh. or maybe you do~ idk lolz either way, your comment is extremely biased. like wtf was that comment about spencer? you must really have a hard-on for ms lolz

and please. don't even TRY to be condescending to me x] like, you're criticizing the way i write? that's rich. guess when i made this account? YEARS ago. sorry i can't travel back in time and add kewl x's to my name like you XD
djplonker  +   556d ago
Tv is best watched on a dedicated device and it's getting pushed out by streaming services it was never going to work as an "all in one" device and compete with a console for built specifically for gaming.

It has got a power disadvantage and people have voted with their wallet and they didn't like where it was going... Imagine they didn't drop the drm and online only!
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incendy35  +   556d ago
I don't think they miscalculated it, I think they just didn't quite deliver the experience they wanted. The implementation is awesome, but it is also buggy and at times slow. They have the right idea, and I love using it but it needs to be tuned up.

80% of my friends list every night has a status of Watching TV. That fluctuates based on big game releases such as Titanfall but overall that is about what it is.
randomass171  +   556d ago
Wouldn't all of that count as a miscalculation? I think they started off very badly, but they're getting themselves on track again I think.
incendy35  +   556d ago
I just mean, they didn't miscalculate that their audience would like those features. They have the right idea, just didn't pull it off very well. It is definitely getting much better though.
mochachino  +   556d ago
Because it was stupid thinking that plugging a cable box into another box was going to revolutionize TV.

They should out-Netlfix'd Netflix with a comprehensive streaming service.
Cueil  +   556d ago
it's actually pretty awesome... if you bing search not only do you get apps that have movie/tv, but you also get tv channels they play on when they are on as well... super useful for people who are look for specific episode especially
Illusive_Man  +   556d ago
The Xbox One is constantly evolving and changing, and receives updates monthly. I am not sure how a claim as such could be made when the console has not been out for less than a year.
#8 (Edited 556d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(12) | Report | Reply
Summons75  +   556d ago
Because, surprise surprise gamers want games and not another cable box to be attached to their cable box IF they have it
TKCMuzzer  +   556d ago
It just proves no matter how big you are or how powerful you are as a company, market research is key. Microsofts business strategy will be used in universities around the world in years to come, on how not to launch a new product.
They made a mistake and in reality it's a mistake they should have never made,why? because they had the opportunity to see Sony make similar mistakes with the PS3. The history was there, I'm amazed it was ignored.
#9.1 (Edited 556d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
kingdip90  +   556d ago
They thought they could preempt the market and jump ahead of the curve, it's sad really.

The article shows leaked microsoft documents where microsoft themselves show they didn't have a AXA gaming machine focus and powerful hardware was second to media features.

So now we have a machine that was designed for gaming first vs a media machine designed for gaming second that has shifted from its media focus in direct competition for the gaming market.

It's a no brainer for me, how people still defend the xbox one is beyond me.
ITPython  +   556d ago
Those who fail to learn history are doomed to repeat it. MS seems to fall under this category all the time, as every other OS they release is an epic failure. It's like they have a super short term memory. They think because their last OS was a huge success that they can release whatever they want and the masses will gobble it up. Then they realize that isn't the case and become humbled, so they pull a 180 and release a new and improved OS which is what everybody wanted in the first place. Then they do it all over again on the next OS release, rinse and repeat.

Just like with their OS's, MS was arrogant due to the 360's success and thought they could push whatever they wanted and we would gobble it up without question or hesitation.

It just goes to show how disconnected they were (and still are). Even the majority of gamers with no real experience in business could see the writing on the wall clear as day.

I really wouldn't be surprised if MS releases an XB2 in the next 2 or so years (and if they are smart, it would have full backward compatibility with XB1 games). It fits in well with their OS deployments, just look at Vista (which failed) and Windows 7 (which succeeded). Only two years between releases. And Windows ME (failed) and Windows XP (succeeded), only about a year or so in-between releases. And Windows 95 (failed) and Windows 98 (succeeded). About 3 years in-between releases.

I also expect a Windows 9 out pretty soon to replace the failure of Windows 8.
jmc8888  +   556d ago
Because media devices are more prevalent then criminals on Wall Street, or idiots in political office, or black hair in China.

People have so many media choices, it's hilarious that a console maker would focus on the one thing that has lost all barriers to entry and is, if anything, vastly over-saturated.

As I said in the beginning.

I have a remote control, I don't need voice anything. If it's there, great, if not, SO WHAT? If it's there, I'm still not going to use it very much. Remote control is 10x faster, if not 100x. The only time voice it even equals out is if you know exactly what channel you want to go to, and it hears you the first time. Last I checked, you really only need a $2-10 microphone to make this all work too.

The usefulness of voice control is only shown rarely, when your remote is either...
a) lost
b) broken
c) dead batteries

They forget that many people can switch between stuff with a remote. They forget this isn't the 1970's-80's-90's anymore. You CAN hook up your PC to Any TV without any special adapters. HDTV's are now PC monitors. Most PC games are on your couch now, and you don't even need Big Picture mode, which is there too. A PC connects just like a console. Same plug.

They also forgot what does media on Xbox One do differently then on Xbox 360? Hmmmm?

If you say anything other then NOTHING, you are a moron. If you think it adds anything new to a console, you are a moron.

The simple fact is, media on consoles, isn't the next big thing, it's looked at like a Solitaire game on Windows. A small nothing that is supposed to be base level stuff on your console by now. Microsoft Window 9 Solitaire Edition. Does anyone care? Nope. So why would they about media and console? Xbox Netflix edition. Who cares!

Media is not a selling point on a new console, it's an old standard feature on yesterday's consoles, a whole lot cheaper...or a 10 year old PC, which is where Netflix started out on (and didn't need to pay for Live Gold).

To center your console around yesterday's news, well that's idiotic. But that's what Microsoft did, those rank amateurs.

To center your console around yesterday's failed dream, motion gaming, well that's idiotic. How many attempts by Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony showcase that motion gaming was dead? All of them. Where was the killer motion gaming app after Wii Sports? Nintendo never got another, while Sony and Microsoft never even had one. Motion gaming as a mainstream thing, is dead. Not to mention due to the realities of space-time, controller based games will always be faster, more fluid, more responsive...by far, then ANY motion game, even if the device added 0 MS lag. Because the motions are hella slower then pressing buttons.

There will be niche products which will use it, great for those people, and Microsoft will sell you a kinect if you are one of those FEW people. The way it should be. But everyone knew it was a niche product, except Microsoft. What morons!
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jmc8888  +   556d ago
To center your console around privacy invasive features by a company long known to be in bed with various gov't agencies and forcing an entire fascist vision which sure corresponds with our fascist gov't, well that was not just bad luck, but utterly stupid. You mean...we screw people's privacy over by the hundreds of millions and are in bed with gov't and we want to force the most advanced spy device and mandatory online? Dumb as a bag of dog....

Worse yet, they ask all of that, and not even give a reason to buy one with, you know, and actual AA or AAA game or three at launch for Kinect? What morons.

Sure SNAP is good. But Alt+tab on windows is better. SNAP is basically ALT+Tab for consoles. Alt+tab plus window resizer. But was this feature worth the DDR3 when most people that care to do things that 'snap' generally have a PC anyways. Use your remote to switch inputs, and a PC can do everything you want without needing to screw up the design of a console. So basically I have snap on my 360, PS4, Wii U, PS3, and PC...how, it's called my remote control, and it only takes a second.

Console are for gaming...1st..2nd..3rd..4th..A ND 5th. That's why you buy them. You don't buy a media machine. You buy a video game console.
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jmc8888  +   556d ago
I'm still amazed how badly Microsoft designed the Xbox One. It's like it was designed by morons who had never seen a TV, a PC, or ever played a console before. It's that bad. They gave people what they already had in a new way and said this new way, which in almost every case is inferior, is the reason to buy a new, most expensive console with all these asinine restrictions which have no reason to exist...but with actual games it's quite a bit inferior then a PS4, and will actually be the 3rd best version of most games.

They've backtracked on a lot of stuff, which is why, once there are more price cuts and IF they come out with worthy games that can justify a purchase, I would buy one. But none of that changes the fact that their vision was more blind and deaf then Hellen Keller except with the honesty of Bernie Madoff backing it all.

The only thing worth buying an Xbox One is for future exclusive games. That's it. I see a dearth of studios, and this limited number cannot provide an amount to justify a console purchase. Especially if ANY are distracted by Kinect, which means in reality they need MORE studios then Sony to properly support both.

Perhaps they will add more studios to the fold, perhaps we'll see this E3 that they've done so. But, I will wait and see. Prove it. But remember once they do, it'll take 2-3 years to actually produce these games. So I don't really expect to have a decent slate of 1st party games and studios pumping out games until well after Halo 5 releases. So if you are waiting like I am in the way I describe, you'll most likely be waiting until 2016-2017 before purchasing an Xbox One.

I'm not taking anything on faith, especially to a company which is notorious for being scumbags. Fascist from top down. Trust them at your own peril. Fascism begets Fascism. Fascist corporate vision = Fascist console. We just got a look at what Microsoft's vision truly is, fascist to the core. Now will they really change? Probably not. Supposedly the change occurred with Mattrick leaving. Anyone with a brain knows the rot goes to the top within Microsoft. Starts with Bill Gates, and filters all the way down.

The focus of a console needs to be on games, everything else doesn't matter because it's standard. Microsoft screwed up the gaming aspect, and now they need to focus on games, because really, that's it. Only games can save them, and by saving, I mean, allow the unit to survive to make another console a few years from now.

...oh and please hire some people who don't act like complete morons in front of the camera...which so far is everybody that speaks for Microsoft in front of a camera.
Gamer666  +   556d ago
What is very clear this generation is that gaming is no longer about new IPs and new sequels to games. It has become about recycling PC indie titles and recycling games already released (Rayman Legends, Tomb Raider, Metro, Last of Us, GT6, and probably Uncharted and Halo).

It is really a sad state that gaming is in.

Add to that microtransactions replacing online passes and season passes now costing almost as much as a game... Makes me walk away from gaming. The golden age of innovation is over. And gamers have nobody to blame but ourselves... Gamers ignored innovations like Kinect and Move. And they continually bought used rather than new making devts and pubs find different ways to make sure they get the money they need.
jmc8888  +   556d ago
Kinect and Move WERE supported, especially Kinect. What happened was, they found out the dream was flawed.

1. You can't flail your arms around for 4-8-12+ hours.
2. Motion games are laggy..due to the time it takes to do the motions PLUS any built in device lag.
3. Few games came up with fun ways to use motion controls.

Your 1st point has to do with Wall Street and goes back to whole creation of Silicon Valley.

We saw all the pictures of small unknowns going the Wall Street route and getting rich. But there was a cost. This isn't the only way to do things. It may appear like that now, but there was a time in America where you could build a company and get rich and not sell out to Wall Street.

We can sort of blame Apple, because they became the poster boys and without them would we even of had a 'dot com' bubble? Wall Street latched onto tech like a squid and has been sucking the life out of all tech ever since. As it progress, the pressures, solely placed on it by the Wall Street way, created the 'need' for microtransaction, and season passes, and all this sort of crap.

People really don't know how evil Wall Street is. It's British Empire ideology taking over America. Learn your history. Wall Street, isn't American.

Now I don't mind buying expansions and such, and I can understand some of these things in F2P games. But in paid for games. Where even if you buy a season pass, there are games where even season pass stuff, doesn't cover everything. It's really bizarro world where a season pass doesn't get you everything.
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lameguy  +   556d ago
Just curious: Had the xbox one came in at the exact same power as the PS4, and also had some dedicated hardware to process Kinect (so it wouldn't dip into GPU resources), would Kinect and $500 changed things up to this point?

I'm going to go out on a limb and say yes, it would have changed what we're seeing today. There would've been no resolution gate or questions of 3rd party support going forward.

I think the Xbox one vision (w/Kinect for system commands, Skype, Twitch) was great -- they, however, don't have the hardware to back it up :(
Jdoki  +   556d ago
The main problem was that Sony forced MS' hand.

MS thought they had another year before the next-gen started. In that time they could have developed the media functionality (especially for markets outside the US). They could have actually shown some games and titles to prove to us that the 'always online' strategy was viable and the future.

Maybe it would still have failed, but MS was caught with its pants down and have been scrambling ever since. It's pretty amazing that they had such a strong games line-up at launch.
Destiny1080  +   556d ago
ms are left trying to sell a 50% weaker console for the same price hhhmmmm, them xbox exclusives better be good and tasty
Zenith4k  +   556d ago
Okay serious question here, once MS remove the kinect will they also be changing the name of Xbox 'one' because as I understood it the name (ONE) encompasses all the aspects of the console and removeing one aspect (the kinect) surly means that MS must also change it's title so to speak, what do yea think.
D-riders  +   556d ago
i don think MS was ever going to catch Sony and there is a few reason why. But they can figure that out. Ive said it before , but MS has their own agenda and its turning into a hard place for them to be in
Adaminy  +   556d ago
it's because they tried to force it on people rather than letting people adopt it on their own. having the kinect as an option from the start would have been a smarter move and probably would have been more successful as well. their pr spins it like they did the right thing from the start but they didn't. that's a crock. plain and simple, they messed up and have given up a good bit of ground because of it. they shouldn't have been so cocky coming into this gen.
TheTwelve  +   556d ago
Microsoft placed greed over customers near the middle of last gen. This came out in an explosive way with the original version of the X1, two 180s ago. They were losing favor while Sony was silently gaining it back and here we find ourselves today. All the Kinects and clouds and UIs in the world won't work without the right attitude towards potential buyers.
HollywoodLA  +   556d ago
I wonder how much money was spent on R&D for that piece of shit Kinect lol... it had to be hundreds of millions of dollars. Pardon my French...

That is mind blowing-ly awful. The hole that the xbox consoles have dug for Microsoft is just unbearable to think about. Billions and billions of dollars spent to saturate the market.

I never much cared for Microsoft - it was obvious to me that the company as a whole has no clue as to what people want in gaming or entertainment, but the disgusting aspect of a corporation having seemingly unlimited funds to saturate markets - this is just disturbing at it's core. It's not competition if you're just staying alive based on nothing but willingness to spend money, while your competition actually have to compete to stay in business.

Microsft's strategy is to engage in a war of attrition against a Sony or Nintendo. You're seeing this occur now. Nintendo is posting losses, although they have much desired handheld hardware/software, and Sony is posting losses and struggling as a company, although they are ruling the home console market on every front. Microsoft is losing on all fronts, yet they still have more money than the invisible, imaginary floating man.

I can't see any person with any integrity supporting a company like that. Capitalism is great, but not like this.
S2Killinit  +   556d ago
i cant agree with you more. Right on the nail
RandomDude655  +   556d ago
What's ambitious about trying to copy Apple?
lemoncake  +   556d ago
I want to be able to play my own music, videos etc stored on my nas and other devices. If the Xbox one contained plex or xbmc or something similar then i think it would have been a huge media box success.

If i want to listen to music i already own on my x1 i have to pay for an xbox music subscription, says it all really.
S2Killinit  +   556d ago
Because they tried to bite the hand that fed them?

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