Did We Just Get Another Hint At Mass Effect 4?

An image released by industry insider Shinobi could be hinting at the next Mass Effect.

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XiSasukeUchiha1073d ago

Mass Effect 4! (Crowd from E3 Cheering)

geddesmond1072d ago

ME4 will release in October of 2015. Mark my words.

F4sterTh4nFTL1072d ago

My most anticipated game simply because BioWare will try extra hard after the Mass Effect 3 ending debacle.

Summons751072d ago

I don't think so, they are making the same promises for Dragon Age 3 that they made and broke for Mass Effect 3.

We could all be surprised but DAI is looking quite ify right now.

Roccetarius1072d ago

Yeah, DA:I currently smells like another ME3.

DOMination-1071d ago

DAI sounds pretty good so far imo. What are your concerns, specifically?

TrollingKoala1072d ago

I think everyone wants to know whether it is a prequel or a sequel, i mean after the events of ME3 we all want to know that :D

Menkyo1072d ago

That article is a joke.

wtopez1072d ago

Google image search will show that this has nothing to do with Mass Effect.

Lon3wolf1072d ago

Google image search just says what it is i.e. the milky way, doesn't mean the image is not game related.

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