Mario Kart 8: Is it the Wii U's killer app?

Polygon: "Mario Kart 8 is a couple weeks from launch. We already believe it's one of the best games in a fantastic series. But will an excellent kart racer boost sales of the troubled Wii U console?"

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BoneBone1434d ago

I think it's a killer 'gateway' (app?)

People should see beyond Mario Kart 8 not only as the perfect time to jump on a Wii U, but also to now gain access to all the other top games it has now (including any Wii games people may have missed) and the ones coming soon, too.

(troll warning - don't make me list the dozens of 80+ scoring Wii U games on metacritic; the thirdparty games; the eShop exclusives; virtual console games; or the games coming soon - it isn't worth your trolling efforts.)

Lightning Mr Bubbles1434d ago (Edited 1434d ago )

I loved Mario Kart, miss the Super Nintendo, N64, and GameCube. Mario Karts and Super Smash Bros were 2 of the franchises that would make me buy a Nintendo console back in the day. But now Nintendo has been dead to me since this whole Wii fad crap. This whole Wii stuff is finally going under, and 10 years too late if you ask me, hope Nintendo makes a real console again someday.

So I can go back to caring about games like this.

randomass1711434d ago

This was an oddly resentful comment.

Benjaminkno1433d ago

Your loss. Innovation doesn't suit everyone.

darkstar181432d ago

rofl..have fun missing out bro ill let you know how amazing this game in a few weeks ;)

weekev151434d ago

It will shift some units. Timing of it is pretty good. If they nail e3 with a few Megatons it will give people a lot less reasons to stay away. I just want to play the damn thing now. Come on May 30th, why you so far away?

randomass1711434d ago

29th for the good folks in NY. I'm very excited as well. :)

g-nome1434d ago

Does not need it , the Wii U is already dead..... / ;-) no hate ... i like my U .

BullyMangler1434d ago (Edited 1434d ago )

neh, u more confused than a pigeon awake during an Eclipse :)

because you refer to the wiiU as dead but wiiU only has like higher quality exclusives over any other nextGen consoLe < fact hoh

but wiiU so crap nobody wants one . < haaaaaaa

wiiU peripheral ?

even Nano Assault is worth a wiiU purchase < fact

now marioKart 8 <<< duh . killer app . .

nintendo MK 8 DLC please thanks

vid: "The blue shell feels more of a welcome item now as EVERYONE will suffer, not just 1st place, unless u got one them horns"

nintendo thanX

Th3o1434d ago

Your argument would prob get less disagrees if it wasn't so glittered and plastered with "fanboy" all over it.

Make a construct and less smug comment.

There are plenty of reasons why the Wii.U will do just fine.

Fact of the matter is that most of it's titles are very late blooming.

The console has it's dedicated fan base.

The console appeals to people of all ages.

It's got stellar exclusives (but to be fair there are some amazing exclusives on both the Xbox and Ps4 either out or coming).

It remains the number one source of Mario and platformers on the market, let's not forget an amazing collection of games that most people experienced a taste of when they were younger.

There is a market for every console, and all 3 going strong.

Even the Vita is doing great(though Sony could pay a little more attention to it). It's got some strong games that is heavily under appreciated. It's also a hard sale due to the memory card issues we've been experiencing.

Let's give these consoles more time.

randomass1711434d ago

So... you love the Wii U but it's dead to you? I don't get it.

Benjaminkno1433d ago

He's saving face for his n4g buddies.

DoggyBiscuit1434d ago

MK8 will improve sales of the Wii U but I don't think it will out sale the PS4 or 3DS

Eonjay1434d ago (Edited 1434d ago )

MK8 is a great game and we all know it. I think they should bundle demo disk with MK8 so they can give other game exposure on the hardware.

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