Official Japanese Vampire Rain: Altered Species Site Opens, First Screenshots

SCRAWL: "The official Japanese website for the upcoming PLAYSTATION 3 title Vampire Rain: Altered Species has opened today. The new website contains the first PLAYSTATION 3 screenshots, which we will have in a gallery for you once we get them in high-resolution, game system information (in Japanese), along with a section titled "Altered Species" giving you a background on the game.

We must say though, AQ didn't lie when they said they are improving it. The graphics from the pictures we see look much better than the Xbox 360 version of the game (screens for 360 here). Judge for yourself though."

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Meresin3463d ago

Does it really matter how much they improve the graphics, given how bad the 360 impressions of the game were? The PS3 version of that game is going to have a *lot* to prove if they expect people to buy it.