Saving Steelport – Returning To Saints Row IV

IM PLAYIN returns to Saints Row IV after the lack of Games with Gold on the One and the fact that there's still a little wait for some new games on the console.

"Kailios has previously written about this game, but I’ve recently found it in my closet, (no jokes please), and felt overwhelmed to write my thoughts on it. I really enjoyed Saints Row III, like … really enjoyed it. So much that it became a part of my entity. A game that I spent easily 50 hours playing, with quality humour oozing through it all, it deserved the huge reception it had. So when the sequel was announced, I knew I had to play it and thus pre-ordered the Commander-In-Chief pack immediately. Now, I started to play this game immediately, obviously, but August to November was a ridiculously busy period of my life, and for some reason, Saints Row didn’t fit into the schedule as much as I would have liked. One of the first choices in the game sums up this title to me … ‘The Low Road’ – Punch a Dickhead or ‘The High Road’ – Punch a Dick in the Head!"

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BattleN1438d ago

Downloaded this game to give it a chance I ended up having to delete it it's very perverted haha!

Mugen901438d ago

I wouldn't recommend this game to anyone