The last of it: Naughty Dog on bringing The Last Of Us to PS4

The Last Of Us for PS4 isn’t the first 1080p remake for the new generation of consoles, but it might be the most difficult. Other developers have had something of a head start, thanks to the combination of having already created high-quality PC versions and the PC-like architecture of PS4 and Xbox One.

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GribbleGrunger1400d ago (Edited 1400d ago )

A very good interview and I recommend that people read it. But the take away comment has got to be 'We are working on two brand-new experiences.' We know they are working on Uncharted but what is the other one? TLOU2? Crash? J&D? Or something completely different?

GamerXD1400d ago

Savage Starlight will kill it. ND Sci-Fi is the end of Destiny and Mass Effect.

Just kidding lol. But seriously if Savage Starlight becomes real I'm gonna be crazy over it.

danny8181400d ago

Tlou 2 forsure. They already showed a sketch of what elie may look like. It was a prototype but it seems as if they are making progress on that game. When they finish uc4, it'll be a year before they tease Tlou 2 and then 2 years after uc4 they will release tlou2

Myze1400d ago

If you are talking about the picture of her playing the guitar sitting on the rock. Well, that was just fanart by TLOU concept artist. He said it was just how he saw her and what he thought her story might be like in the future, but it was just fanart, not official and not a prototype.

While I don't doubt they could be making a sequel, you can't really base it off of the fanart. Although the story the guy came up with for what the picture meant actually seemed pretty darn good.

GribbleGrunger1400d ago

Although the guy responsible for that concept art made a follow up Tweet stating it was only 'fan art', I think there's more to it than meets the eye.

medman1400d ago

That sketch was fan art not official ND artwork.

danny8181400d ago

I understand it was fan art. However, tlou sold very And they are a Business. It would only make sense to continue with that franchise.savage starlight may possibly just replace the uc franchise. Which makes sense. They may very well still be in early stages with that game

GamingSinceThe80s1400d ago

I think the sequel mite be set in the same world but with a new cast.

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Myze1400d ago

I would say the best chances are that it will be something completely new. Which is what I, myself, hope for. As much as I love TLOU, Crash and JD, I would rather see them create a new series. If it does have to be one of those three though, I would hope for TLOU. Well, really, I just hope they make whichever game they feel most passionate about, because that is definitely the most likely way to make something great.

johndoe112111400d ago

Well, they said brand new experiences so i'm hoping it's new ip's. What I also gathered from this article is that bringing the last of us to the ps4 was almost like recoding the entire game. It sounds as difficult as if they had to start form scratch with just some of the basic code to start with. I can see why it's taking so long.

Crazyglues1400d ago (Edited 1400d ago )

I think the second game is TLOU 2 and I would welcome it with open arms... LoL

I really loved TLOU and what they could do in a part 2 especially on PS4 could just be simply Amazing..

One thing that comes to mind is a whole new Multi-player where you try to survive for days in a hug open world.. Like DAY Z and ZOMBIE U - Really would be amazing to have an online like that done in TLOU world..

Where you could fix a car up and drive to a town, get trapped in building full of zombies and call your friends to come help you get out.

Best thing in COD Black Ops zombies was surviving wave and wave of zombies, now picture that in an open world were you have no idea when too many zombies could show up... If it's done right it could be the best Multi-player ever..

||.........___||............ ||

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OhReginald1400d ago

all i wanted to know from this interview. Druckman, "This game runs in 1080p 60 frames per second. "


chrissx1400d ago

With that grown up ellie drawing, there would most def be a TLOU2. Naughty dogs are veterans on great games

SuperBlunt1400d ago

Between watch dogs and this i dont know which one im more hyped for. Good thing i hate my wallet

ahmedghoula1400d ago (Edited 1400d ago )

Someone from Naughty Dog just leaked the name of the next uncharted...

Uncharted : The Battle of Gravelines


Weird name.. they maybe attempting a reboot or something like what the Killzone people did, to encourage people who did not play the first three games to jump and play this without feeling that they are missing something.

ShAkKa1400d ago

There's no way the Unchated series is going for a reboot.

ahmedghoula1400d ago

It doesn't necessary have to be a reboot like TombRaider, maybe a new story... Like how the Witcher 2 was, i played it and enjoyed it with out playing the first game...

GribbleGrunger1400d ago (Edited 1400d ago )

Have you actually read what it says? The next Uncharted will use a redesigned MOVE controller with the new Morpheus VR headset. Now call me cynical but I can't for the life of me see how you'd get a game like Uncharted to work well with VR. Don't believe this ... and that title just doesn't feel right at all.

ahmedghoula1400d ago

i don't know, i think it's plausible, maybe it's true, maybe it's not.. we'll know in a month.

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