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Todd Howard teases new Bethesda game for Next Gen consoles and PC

Bethesda's Todd Howard teases a new game - “We’re really excited about it”. Watch the video below: (Bethesda, PC, PS4, Xbox One)

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Hellsvacancy  +   511d ago
You don't need to watch the video just read the title
Lukas_Japonicus  +   511d ago
There are *no* other games that i am anticipating more than Fallout 4. Literally none.

When they announce that i am going to loose my mind. Just thinking of them working on it as we speak makes me giddy.
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Anthotis  +   511d ago
The Fallout franchise has overtaken TES for me.

I used to be mad about the TES until Bethesda ruined it. Now, i just want Fallout.

I just hope that they don't dumb down Fallout 4 as well, and that the game can be all it can be.
Stapleface  +   511d ago
@Lukas I'm right there with you man. Fallout 4 is the one game I'm looking forward to more than any game. I really want to hear some info about it. I have a few other games in mind that are pretty close to having me as excited, but they are new IP's so I have nothing to go off of. Fallout 4 as nothing but fantastic previous installments.

@Anthotis Same here. Still love TES, but Fallout just has my preferred game setting. Love the post Apocalyptic world that Fallout is. I can only imagine how good the next Fallout map will be.
G1L  +   511d ago
+1. My most anticipated game as well, miles ahead of every game else.
gaffyh  +   511d ago
Fallout 3 was my first real Bethesda game, and I absolutely loved it. It made me go back and play Oblivion, which I also loved and therefore loved Skyrim, but still prefer Fallout overall. Can't wait until it is announced, it is BY FAR my most anticipated game.
G1L  +   511d ago
Btw how big is Boston aprox(square km)? Just to think about the map :)
Nineball2112  +   511d ago
I'm definitely going to get Fallout 4 as well. That is my most anticipated game this generation so far.

I absolutely loved Fallout 3.
lemoncake  +   511d ago
Fallout 4 is the game i want above all others.
devwan  +   511d ago
War. War never changes.
rivencleft  +   510d ago
Your entire posts describes my feelings about it to a tee, so definitely same here, there is no other game that I am most excited about, it would have to be in order Fallout 4, new Elder Scrolls game, then Mass Effect 4, the idea of a new Fallout game makes me childishly giddy as well.
Rickgrimes95  +   511d ago
Fallout 4?
Ausbo  +   511d ago
Hopefully fallout 4. I wouldn't be opposed to a new ip either
Stapleface  +   511d ago
I'd love to see a new IP. Just as long as they are still working on Fallout 4..
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bienio  +   511d ago
Fallout prolobly but we never know it might be a new Ip...
DealWithIt  +   511d ago
I'm waiting for TES 6 and Fallout 4

and they both better be single player......enough with this online crap
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KonsoruMasuta  +   511d ago
If they release a new Fallout, I hope they keep all the choice we had in New Vegas. I loved all of the choices we had and how they all affect narrative at the end.

I felt like I was in control.
wheatley  +   511d ago
Oh ya big tease, Todd.
die_fiend  +   511d ago
I'd lap up another Elder Scrolls to be honest. Was 2.5 years ago that Skyrim dropped and it's been a while. The Witcher 3 will probably scratch that itch though so maybe Fallout 4 is ripe
aLucidMind  +   511d ago
They don't release TES games but once every six years. That's the only reason why TES games are so great, a shorter dev time would likely break TES.
die_fiend  +   511d ago
Skyrim took 3 years to make, not 6. They made Fallout 3 in that time remember?
DealWithIt  +   510d ago
technically, they DID release a TES game this year (2.5 years after Skyrim). too bad it was online MMORPG :(

I doubt we will see another TES for next 3 years at least
aLucidMind  +   510d ago
A company has several teams making different games, it isn't just one team making one game after another. One team makes TES, another makes Fallout. Skyrim had a team of 70 people on it prior to Fallout 3's release, then it was revealed that the number of people went up to 90-100 after Fallout 3 was completed.
AnEwGuY  +   511d ago
TESVI and/or Fallout 4, or GTFO.

EDIT @ below...

Skyrim came out over 2-1/2 years ago, so no it's not too soon to announce the next one. And yeah, you know I meant 4.

But I know it won't be TESVI, because they'll want all of the focus @ E3 to be on promoting their garbage MMO that nobody asked for. In fact, knowing Bethesda, it's probably not Fallout related either. It'll probably be another gem produced by some flunkie dev, like Brink or Rogue Warrior. ◔_◔
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aLucidMind  +   511d ago
Way too soon for TES6... and Fallout 3 is already released =p

I share this sentiment though. I don't care about any other game they might have up their sleeve; I want Fallout 4.
Heisenburger  +   511d ago
Come onnn! Cooooome onnnn!!

GreenRanger  +   511d ago
Hopefully it's the next Elder Scrolls game. It's more likely to be Fallout 4, though, which isn't a bad thing.
ndesh94  +   511d ago
i hope they announce dishonored 2 :/
RondoMachete  +   511d ago
How much time will the fans need to keep telling Todd Howard that all we want is Fallout 4. I'm not bothered what Bethesda does until we get Fallout 4 and that's the bottom line.
bloodybutcher  +   511d ago
Hmm,question to everyone: never got to play Fallout Vegas.Is it good? I mean,better than F3, which i loved. Maybe i still should get it,if it's worth it.And ot: F4 would be great announcement, certainly worth getting ps4 for(not xb1, prefer ps brand,plus not as much time to play games as i used to have)
URtheWalrus  +   511d ago
New Vegas is definitely worth playing if you loved Fallout 3. A lot of people don't like it because of the desert color palette, but I don't mind it at all. I love that it shows you what's happening on the west coast and they added a lot of new weapons, perks, locations and all sorts of new stuff! All this talk about fallout 4 made me want to go back and play through it again.
rivencleft  +   510d ago
I absolutely loved Fallout 3, it is definitely one of my most favorite games of all time, but Fallout New Vegas was almost too broken for me to play it, it wasn't just me experiencing that too, so many game breaking bugs for me, freezing constantly, choppy gameplay to where it came to me just quitting, never finishing the game, which sucks because I love the Fallout series, I preordered both Fallout 3 and New Vegas special editions day one, and bought the Fallout 3 game of the year edition game and collector's edition strategy guide, still have all of the collector's stuff, but it almost seems that Bethesda isn't quick to fix issues people are having with the Fallout games, hopefully if you play New Vegas you won't have any of the issues I had, I even bought it twice over the course of 2 years just to see if anything was fixed and unfortunately it seemed like it had not, but I absolutely cannot wait for Fallout 4, easily my most highly anticipated game ever.
rawshack  +   510d ago
Download the patches my friend it should be fine after that
vickers500  +   510d ago
I platinumd fallout new Vegas on ps3 with maybe two or three crashes. My friend did as well. The bulk of the problems lie with the dlc, so if you're willing to pass on the dlc, you should have a pretty good experience. The game, even without the dlc, is amazing. Ultimately it boils down to a few questions: did you like fallout 3? Do you want to play more of the same type of game? New Vegas is not just fallout 3 in a desert system, the new faction system is incredible deep and complex, the gameplay is better, there's a ton more weapons and armor, and it just gives you this awesome western sci fi tone/theme/atmosphere.

I've only played fo3 and new Vegas of the fallout games, but one of my most memorable moments from the franchise is from new Vegas, you're tasked with infiltrating a seemingly innocent albeit creepy group/faction/club in order to find a person who went missing, there's a bunch of really fun investigating and conspiracy illuminati type stuff going on and is one of the most interesting missions I've ever played in a game. I won't spoil it for you, but if you do get it, it's the white glove society questline.

Buy the non dlc version and you should be fine though, or create a separate save file just for the dlc. The game does slow down after like 5 to 8 hours of continuous play, but all you need to do is restart your ps3 and it goes away.
Lperry1991  +   511d ago
Playing fallout new vegas now, great game hoping for fallout 4 soon!
martinezjesus1993  +   511d ago
Please let it be Fallout 4!! Im going to be so pissed if its Dishonered 2, dont get me wrong its a good game but i need more Fallout!! Im sure many people are with me with this.
jegheist2014  +   510d ago
i could never get into fallout i didntu nderstand crafting bullets etc in either 3 or vegas forget which one i was young bloke at time also..

was used to more jrpg genre now i played fewo pen world western rpgs i might grasp the games now.

but i got backlog so amass fo4 would be out by then i might just buy that then learn from there go backwards
Demoa  +   510d ago
i'm going to blow my lid if it isn't fallout 4
feraldrgn  +   510d ago
Hope it works day 1 without any gamebreaking bugs.
qzp  +   510d ago
good man always support pc and modding
modesign  +   510d ago
i hear theyre making a ps4 exclusive; Glitches, when you put the CD in it glitches.
MAULxx  +   510d ago
I suppose it would glitch or simply not work if they put whatever game they're working on an a CD for PS4.
I would love to see someone go pick up their Fallout 4 game with over 95 CDs to install.
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aLucidMind  +   510d ago
I want Fallout 4 for N64 =p
hooba93  +   510d ago
well if they can actually release a game without a shit ton of bugs for once then i'll be ecstatic.
aLiEnViSiToR  +   510d ago
Come on im in need of some FALLOUT !!!
kingduqc  +   510d ago
can't wait to see mods on pc!!
CEOSteveBallmer  +   510d ago
As much as i want a new fallout, I also want a new TES VI game sooner and not wait for several years since bethesda spaces their games release. Oblivion was in 2006 and skyrim 2011. it took 5 years. I love skyrim but in my opinion guys, I just don't feel the whole "Nordic/Viking/barbarian setting". i like the snow forests, tundras, the landscapes. but compare the nine holds of skyrim to oblivions cities like anvil, bravil kvatch, it felt more epic and makes you feel like you want to be knight in shining armor. unlike in skyrim, the only good looking armors are daedric ebony and steel plate. The rest are with furs and horns.
Skate-AK  +   510d ago
I will be pissed if if they do another Elder Scrolls before Fallout.
MAULxx  +   510d ago
Whether it's Fallout 4 or TES VI it's going to be a preordered game for me regardless.
I have a strong gut feeling they've been working on Fallout 4.
GeisT  +   509d ago
Forget lame Fallout games. Give us more games like Skyrim.
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