Todd Howard teases new Bethesda game for Next Gen consoles and PC

Bethesda's Todd Howard teases a new game - “We’re really excited about it”. Watch the video below:

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Hellsvacancy1435d ago

You don't need to watch the video just read the title

GarrusVakarian1435d ago (Edited 1435d ago )

There are *no* other games that i am anticipating more than Fallout 4. Literally none.

When they announce that i am going to loose my mind. Just thinking of them working on it as we speak makes me giddy.

Anthotis1435d ago

The Fallout franchise has overtaken TES for me.

I used to be mad about the TES until Bethesda ruined it. Now, i just want Fallout.

I just hope that they don't dumb down Fallout 4 as well, and that the game can be all it can be.

Stapleface1435d ago

@Lukas I'm right there with you man. Fallout 4 is the one game I'm looking forward to more than any game. I really want to hear some info about it. I have a few other games in mind that are pretty close to having me as excited, but they are new IP's so I have nothing to go off of. Fallout 4 as nothing but fantastic previous installments.

@Anthotis Same here. Still love TES, but Fallout just has my preferred game setting. Love the post Apocalyptic world that Fallout is. I can only imagine how good the next Fallout map will be.

G1L1435d ago

+1. My most anticipated game as well, miles ahead of every game else.

gaffyh1435d ago

Fallout 3 was my first real Bethesda game, and I absolutely loved it. It made me go back and play Oblivion, which I also loved and therefore loved Skyrim, but still prefer Fallout overall. Can't wait until it is announced, it is BY FAR my most anticipated game.

G1L1435d ago

Btw how big is Boston aprox(square km)? Just to think about the map :)

Nineball21121435d ago

I'm definitely going to get Fallout 4 as well. That is my most anticipated game this generation so far.

I absolutely loved Fallout 3.

lemoncake1435d ago

Fallout 4 is the game i want above all others.

devwan1435d ago

War. War never changes.

rivencleft1435d ago

Your entire posts describes my feelings about it to a tee, so definitely same here, there is no other game that I am most excited about, it would have to be in order Fallout 4, new Elder Scrolls game, then Mass Effect 4, the idea of a new Fallout game makes me childishly giddy as well.

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Ausbo1435d ago

Hopefully fallout 4. I wouldn't be opposed to a new ip either

Stapleface1435d ago

I'd love to see a new IP. Just as long as they are still working on Fallout 4..

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