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The Japanese Oculus Rift game where a cute girl steps on your face

In Japan (where else?), an Oculus Rift game has been developed that allows you to receive the full aural and visual experience of submitting before a virtual lolita master. (Dogelus2, PC)

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ritsuka666  +   97d ago
Hmmm... I need this. love BDSM hentai.
Kraftwerk  +   96d ago
I smell a weeaboo
Mrgolden79  +   96d ago
I hate that term weeaboo and those that use it. You think that makes you look cool by insulting others? No, it just makes you a hater.
majiebeast  +   97d ago
Japan please never change.
fenome  +   96d ago
I prefer a girl to sit on my face rather than step on it, but whatever floats your boat :p
bleedsoe9mm  +   96d ago
Japanese developing for widely available VR is going to be entertaining as hell
muttsurini  +   96d ago
The 2nd vid was very weird.
tanookisuit  +   96d ago
After seeing that...

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goldwyncq  +   96d ago
Lol Japan.
Lucas22  +   96d ago
thats hilarious
Jonny5isalive  +   96d ago
Thats not really a game is it? How many hours is it and is it 60FPS? Is there also a ball stomping mode or is that gonna be DLC?
quantumofmalice  +   96d ago
Could they do a bonus round where you lie under a glass table and the girl takes a dump on the table? This is a real thing so........

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