MGS4 Meristation Review

Hideo Kojima concludes the story of Solid Snake on a PlayStation 3 exclusive signing a forceful narrative exercise that shows excellent production values and improving their own conventions playable within the espionage tactics. A clear contribution to film and video games are becoming increasingly close.


Rumor: The review also says MGS4 runs at 720p native as opposed to 665p as rumored.

*******BEWARE OF SPOILERS**********

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RonDeMuerte3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

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@Ron: que paso boricua...

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resistance1003645d ago

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sonarus3645d ago

I had no idea. I would have put spoiler in the title. I didn't read the review just skimmed through

ajeben8093645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

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poos33645d ago

MWRISTATION IS APLAYSTATION SITE ALL ps sites are giving it 10/10 ofc they wuould they gave haze a 9/10 also mgs4 got a 9/10 and it was said it s the same as all mgs games haha meaning mbg3.5 kojima is never original .

Jumper10803645d ago

This game is going to get a lot of perfect scores

Presentist3645d ago

This is one game I can see near perfect scores, but after the whole GTA4 bulls**t, I won't believe any reviewer that gives a game a perfect 10.

In this day and age, any game that gets a 10 is generally overhyped and overrated.

pwnsause3645d ago

"La cámara es totalmente libre, controlándose con el stick analógico derecho. En cuanto a resolución, el título corre a 720p de forma nativa con reescalado a 1080."

720p native 1080p upscaled confirmed

sonarus3645d ago

Yea i noticed that too. But like i said before if its 665p or 1080p i really don't care as long as i get to play this game and can finally move on with my life lol

pwnsause3645d ago

same here, this game is going to pwn

Varsarus3645d ago

Who came up with 665p?, resolutions such as that can only be done through software scaling on the PS3 since it doesn't have a hardware scaler, and software scaling takes up system resources, and did you also know it takes up a whole SPU? why would Konami do that?, it's 720p native, end of story, so is GTA IV, COD4, Dark Sector.

PirateThom3645d ago

MGO Beta runs at 665p.

As far as I'm aware, they specifically downgraded the graphics/resolution for the online to keep it running smoothly.

Varsarus3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

Don't take Beyond3D's word for it, the 360 has this fairly good hardware scaler that can do ANY resolution.

665p is just ridiculous, and like I said that kind of resolution can only be done through software scaling, which DOES take power away from running the game, if Konami didn't do any software scaling, MGO will run at 720p, that's a simple fact...

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