We Strive for Legitimacy, But "Gamer Girls" Hamstrings Us

While some of us work hard to establish the gaming industry as a legitimate, mature form of entertainment, trash like “Gamer Girls” sets us back years.

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KingKelloggTheWH863d ago

I'm just shocked that the thing is real....

Summons75862d ago

Are you shocked that playboy, maxim, and porn exist too? This is the same thing just directed toward the gaming industry. If you don't like it then ignore itimple as that. Personally I don't care what people do to their bodies or if they allow others to post exploited pics of them. I'd never touch this either, its legit and this kind of thing has been going on for decades. Its no problem when other industries have something like this but as soon as its gaming related then the torches fly... hypocrisy basically.

justSumDood862d ago


EVERY other facet of society uses sex to sell. This is no different.

Off topic: that brunette can hamstring me anytime.

Anthotis862d ago (Edited 862d ago )

As expected, here comes a week load of articles from feminists and Kotaku about this non-issue.

Expect phrases like "a big step backwards" and "lessons need to be learned" to appear multiple times, along side buzzwords like "privilege" and "sexualised".

MysticStrummer862d ago

Yup. This doesn't set gaming back at all when this kind of thing is everywhere. If anything it's another sign of gaming becoming more common, and that an older audience is taking part in it. I won't support this magazine, but it doesn't surprise or bother me either.

Sex sells products to humans. That's just how it is.

cleft5862d ago

Every where you look there are people are trying to find ways to earn a little money. It isn't surprising to find people will to make magazines like this and do these sorts of things.

However, this would not exist if it wasn't for the fact that there are people willing to buy this stuff. I find the idea of selling this more radical than anything else, with so much free porn on the internet one wonders why people would even bother to buy this at all. This is just people behaving like humans, nothing shocking at all.

elninels862d ago

Sports illustrated has a swimsuit issue; is SI any less legitimate as a result?

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LordMaim862d ago

I'm shocked they bothered with the concept, which is only a smaller sub-market of the one for Playboy, Maxim and porn, which are already established and do it much better. Its just a bad idea business-wise.

Any other objections should have come behind that one when launching a product. :)

3-4-5862d ago

Playboy & Maxim have VERY interesting articles in them to read.

You can look at nude pics ANYWHERE online now a days, so they need substance to them.

They learned this years ago.

People buy them for the good articles & stories and tips, and the nude women are the bonus.

* This magazine is trash, as it's all show and no substance whatsoever.

* I'm all for good looking women wanting to wear less clothing, but this doesn't lend credibility to the gaming industry.

This is the kind of BS people like Nancy Grace pic up on and then associate it with ALL of us.

incendy35863d ago

Then stop giving them exposure lol.

Naga862d ago

Right? I didn't know this existed until I saw all the articles of outraged feminists start popping up.

cyguration862d ago

Hmm... come to think of it... same here.

Funny how that works.

Oh well, thanks for the fap material.

TheGrimReaper0011863d ago

Does the girl come with the vita? :D

Bathyj862d ago

Ha. I guessed what the first video was before I watched it, and I thought to myself, yes, that's the joke.

CrowbaitBob862d ago (Edited 862d ago )

"While some of us work hard to establish the gaming industry as a legitimate, MATURE form of entertainment, trash like “Gamer Girls” sets us back years."

I thought the definition of MATURE entertainment was basically porn. Adult bookstores are porn shops. What's more mature than adult?

Edit: I love seeing all the faux outrage by the white knights as they take a break from xnxx and pornhub to post a comment on N4G bashing a skin mag directed at gamer nerds.

kingdip90862d ago

The part I find funny is that it's not the women who are exploited in these situations.

The women in these pictures likely get paid to do them, if there wasn't something in it for them they wouldn't do it, the men who ogle them however are exploited because their desire and lust full nature is being used to make money by these women and the websites they are connected to.

Yet the white knights jump to the defense of the women who most probably benefited from the situation (it would be illegal to force them). It's kind of funny to me

JusticeSoulTuna862d ago

Yeah, like incendy35 said, stop giving this attention. If you just ignore this stupidity and move on it won't be as important as people are making it. Let it fade away and disappear as we talk about actual games and industry stuff. By writing even more articles about it and letting it get bigger, you're making it more infamous that it needed to be. There's so much to talk about even just today; The Division getting delayed, Halo 5 announcement, Xbox One's lack of Kinect etc. So giving this the time of day isn't helping anything.

KonsoruMasuta862d ago (Edited 862d ago )


Edit: Just looked it up. NOOOO!

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