New Slimmer PS Vita Coming to Australia in June

Sony Computer Entertainment Australia confirms the new PlayStation Vita Wi-Fi model will be launching in Australia this coming June.

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Mikey32230715d ago

is that dock in picture available in the US for the new slim vita??

kingdom18714d ago

I don't know about it, doesn't look very stable.

Elimin8714d ago

haha. Strangely enough everyone seem to notice the dock first. At least it's the first thing I noticed. Despite the VITA sitting on it.. It does look nice though.....

XiSasukeUchiha714d ago

That dock, that dock damn is it available in the USA?

rivencleft714d ago

I read the title and thought, DAMN they're releasing an even slimmer one now? My bad. I have the original stainless steel looking dock for the Vita and I think it looks nice, the new one looks pretty damn good too.

Skate-AK714d ago

I don't see any reason for a dock but that's just me.

kingdom18714d ago

Does the Vita 2000 still have the mystery port on the top?