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Only 115k Xbox One's sold in April - The true reason for the dis-Kinect

"The NPD figures for April have revealed many interesting figures. Whilst the continued domination of the PlayStation 4 is not as big a surprise, what [is] really surprising is simply how low the sales were for the Xbox One console." (Xbox One)

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majiebeast  +   106d ago | Well said
No way you are telling me they didnt do it because they had too many games to show at E3 *gasp* /shocked

Only a blind bat thought that, the writing was on the walls and the release date of diskinect is on the day of Microsoft's press conference.
MightyNoX  +   106d ago
This. The fact that some thought Phil did it out of the kindness of his heart is hilarious in a 'hey, look at this poor thing' kind of way.

I would have loved to have been invisible when Phil broke these numbers to Stephen Elop in his office. I'd imagine it was the latter's idea to scrub the Kinect after he gave him an earful but let Spencer take the credit (as Spencer was one of the most vocal champions of DRM and Kinect)
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mikeslemonade  +   106d ago
May will be even lower with 3 more weeks until the new sku comes out. Less sales because why would you buy one now.
HyperBear  +   106d ago
Actually, I don't think Phil ever spoke to highly of the DRM policies they originally had in place. I believe that was one of things he would of changed initially, but he did bring up Kinect a lot, and still does...but in any case.

OT: Ouch, yeah those numbers aren't amazing at all. I guess now is a great time to release a $399 sku. But even then, how long will that last until they have to do an official price drop on both models.
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u got owned  +   106d ago
We'll see if the kinect-less move works for MS. If this doesn't work i can see them spinning off the division.

Does anyone knows PS4 numbers?
georgeenoob   106d ago | Trolling | show
UltimateMaster  +   106d ago
VGchartz said otherwise, they said 60k X1 sold per week.
I guess they'll need to revise that...
aceitman  +   106d ago
@mikeslemonade , yes u are correct that was a very dumb move , they should of just announced it at e3 and said starting today we have a 399$ Kinect free x1 for sale , or at least 4 days before .very dumb move y y y . now they will sell even less until that time and watch the sales the next few weeks. and npd for may ps4 will dominate big time. they should get rid of who said to do it now. and on that someone said besides sales they think that the Kinect would not be able to support the counties there launching in September is another reason y there separating Kinect .
tuglu_pati  +   106d ago

Announcing the Kinect less sku early could mean two things, either MS will have a kick ass showing prepared for E3 or they are just really dumb.
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UltimateMaster  +   106d ago
I remember Phil saying. "Xbox is kinect, Kinect is xbox. One cannot work without the other."

It's kinda sad really, because kinect "even tough at first in was dragging their sales down" it was their Ace in the hole.
It was the thing that made the Xbox One different from the PS4.

Obviously, not everyone wanted to pay an extra 100$ for the kinect. However... this also means that developers won't be supporting the kinect anymore. So, it's glorified paperweight now if you ask me. :(
sonarus  +   106d ago
yea vg chartz was way off
aceitman  +   106d ago
I bet sony sold about 200,000
GameNameFame  +   106d ago
@ Desperate George

Sony released actual sold number of 7 million to consumers.

MS released number of sold to retailers.

Sounds pretty wimpy and unprofessional to me. Who care about regions when you have entire world sales.
choujij  +   106d ago | Well said
I need to take a minute just to comment on how pathetic VGChartz reported numbers actually are. Here's what their numbers were for the same time period:

USA Weekly (Week Ending)
April --5th - Xbox One 50812 - PS4 67463
April 12th - Xbox One 59386 - PS4 55050
April 19th - Xbox One 55756 - PS4 57261
April 26th - Xbox One 52355 - PS4 51528
May --3rd - Xbox One 50092 - PS4 48257

In total, they reported the Xbox One selling approximately 218,000 units in the USA for the month of April, when in fact it only sold 115,000 as reported by Microsoft.

So either they're just Xbox fanboys spewing lies, or they're a bunch of idiots who love to pull numbers out of their ass. Either way, they're fools.

Stop referencing VGChartz for reliable information!
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morganfell  +   106d ago
Nox makes a great point. Spencer hasn't been some savior in waiting. He was a champion of Kinect.

And choujij I wish they would ban vgchartz once and for all but the mods refuse to discuss it. Why? Smells like money.
n4rc  +   106d ago
Considering vgc tries to predict worldwide sales and ms said it was 115k in the us (not worldwide) I don't see what the issue is here
morganfell  +   106d ago
Try reading choujij's post above and get back to us. If you cannot see why it matters then do not bother.
choujij  +   106d ago

The issue here is that VGChartz provides made up sales figures.

If you took the time to read my previous comment above, you would see that the numbers I quoted from VGChartz are NOT their worldwide sales numbers, it's their *USA* sales numbers.

Simply put, their sales numbers have no merit and should never be used.
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n4rc  +   106d ago
Fair enough.. Didn't notice that..

Don't get me wrong.. I know vgc is bs..

But the charts posted are always (it seems) worldwide and ms stated na (or was it us only?)
Ballsack  +   106d ago
@georgenoob you really are one of the most hardened fanboys Ive ever seen ...you talk made up facts..you conviently miss out correct facts regarding the ps4..you troll ps4 articles...Ive never seen someone get so angry that their piece of silicone abd plastic is not doing as well as anothers...

you say Sony don't release numbers and its wimpy ...same can be said if Microsoft only releasing SHIPPED numbers to avoid embarassment
TheSaint  +   106d ago
Lol, did anyone really think that though? Pretty funny if they did.
DragonKnight  +   105d ago
georgenoob, why isn't Microsoft calling out Sony for lying if Sony was lying hmm?

Face the facts, Xbox One is behind and is going to remain behind for the foreseeable future.
Charybdis  +   105d ago
Wait: "the Xbox 360 has never sold as little as this" but according to Microsoft 76 percent more x1 units sold in the first six months (compared to 360).

One month of sales is not a reason. More like the sales untill the recent numbers of april (115.00) have resulted in a big sales gap between ps4 and xb1. Therefore a reason for the early 'dis-kinect' might be Microsoft trying to diminish the gap. Some people attribute this game-change of attitude to Phil Spencer.

With all the recent announcements pointing to the date of 9 june, the change of leadership and 180 change in policies this makes the e3 2014 feel like a relaunch of the xb1, hopefully with a more gamer friendly minded xbox devision.
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user1439414  +   106d ago
trancefreak  +   106d ago
PS4 All the way through and through.
Bhuahahaha  +   106d ago
a blind bat or georgie
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aceitman  +   106d ago
wow look at the numbers vgc had on there 217,000 X1 for april 102,000 off and ps4 212,000 ,
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tuglu_pati  +   106d ago
made up numbers... N4G should ban VGchartz
Bathyj  +   106d ago
So Fantasy:Reality was about 2:1.

I wonder how far the PS4 numbers were off.
Boody-Bandit  +   106d ago
It doesn't make any sense at all why vgchartz hasn't been banned long ago. They over tracked MS by over by nearly 2 to 1 in MS's favor yet again. It's nothing but pure fodder to drum up traffic to their site and N4G allows it for that very same reason. It's pathetic.
JohnRKlein  +   106d ago
The strange part of that site is that the WiiU and PS4 numbers were almost spot on but the XBoxOne numbers were doubled.
karl  +   106d ago
damn thats a huge difference.

never thought the problem was soo big

that clearly has an impact in peoples opinion of this console race..

i wish your comment was getting more attention, VGc cant be let keep on going like this
Aquariusgamer  +   106d ago

is "diskinnect" the new meme/derogatory nick name for the xbone??????
ThanatosDMC  +   106d ago
I dont know who coined it but it's damn good.
Aquariusgamer  +   105d ago

Yes it is!
ITPython  +   106d ago
I am really interested to see how many are going to jump aboard the XB1 train. No doubt MS will try their hardest to make the pre-orders/sales numbers of the kinect-less version public at E3 (hints their "coincidental" release date).

Thing is, if the pre-order numbers for the dis-kinect version are anything but insanely good (I'm talking at least 200-300k), then this might truly be the beginning of the end for the XB1. This is essentially a brand new launch for the XB1, and if it doesn't get incredibly good numbers from the pre-orders, then that pretty much means it is done for later on (since sales per day/week/month gradually drop over time after the initial burst of release sales).

If the dis-kinect version doesn't bode well, MS may have to suck it up and drop the price another $100. Cause let's face it, the XB1's worth sits at just about $300 (not from hardware costs, but it's true worth in comparison to the more powerful PS4). At $300, people would be Ok with playing multiplat games at lower resolutions and weaker performance, it would basically be the 'economy' version of next-gen gaming consoles. But at $400, it just isn't worth it. The XB1 will have very few decent AAA exclusives in it's lifetime, it will always struggle with multiplat games, and it really offers no other worthwhile features over the PS4. It absolutely must be less than $400, and $300 seems to be the perfect spot for it.
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SniperControl  +   106d ago
I still want to get one, but over here in the UK it is only £40 cheaper than the TF bundle, on some online retailers it is the same price(£350).

MS are trying to pull a fast one, in there thinking, kinect is only worth £40???

Anyway, i believe that the "dis-kinect" will be around the £300 - £320 by Christmas, which i think is the right price.
I will pick one up then.
3-4-5  +   105d ago
* Nobody wants to move their body when they can just move a finger and it takes less effort and less time to do so.

Using motion controls takes gaming back to about 1982, because it's LESS precise than NES controller.
Starbucks_Fan  +   106d ago
*grabs popcorn*
danny818  +   106d ago
kudos to Microsoft for addressing the situation. its prolly still selling better than the wii-u but its good they fixed the problem while its hot
zeuanimals  +   106d ago
The Wii U is probably going to do better than the X1 for May. Mario Kart 8, the X1 has no exclusives for the month, and a lot of people are probably waiting for the Kinect-less SKU if they're looking to buy an X1. I think it'll beat the X1 quite handily.

I'm not sure if it'll beat the PS4, but it's not impossible, might even be highly probable.
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uth11  +   106d ago
That would be interesting. :)
TheGrimReaper0011  +   106d ago
Maybe nintendo should dis-kinect that useless gamepad

Sorry to the nintendo fans, but what games have used the gamepad in such a way that you couldn't just put it on my beautifull HD TV?
danny818  +   105d ago
Tbh the game pad makes it unique. So it somewhat stands out. Now if they drop the price a tad more and come out with good games that's make use of the game pad, and with alot more 3rd party support I'll definitely get it
Bonkerz  +   106d ago
A good or bad E3 next month can flip everything upside down. Next month is the true decider on what console will do better.
trancefreak  +   106d ago
Please! This generation is all PlayStation.

We all know how Sony started their strategy plan a few years ago and it is paying off for gamers, developers and Sony.

I don't thinnk I need to write a story on how MS fumbled out the gates this Gen. There have been many articles since the announcement of the One.
Predaking77  +   106d ago
I have been hearing that since last year.
ITPython  +   106d ago
Unless MS can pull out about 3 dozen heavily hyped AAA exclusives out of their hat releasing in 2014/2015, there is no doubt that the PS4 will dominate all generation.

Don't forget, the PS4 has the performance edge, exclusives edge, AND the multiplat edge. The only way MS has any hope is to re-take one of those categories. And since performance and multiplat games are out of the question, the only thing they could possibly to do help their situation is to best Sony in exclusives. Thing is, they have no chance. Sony has the exclusives department locked down tight.

MS has no chance this gen, and aside from giving the XB1 away for free, they have no hope of getting ahead or even getting close to the PS4's sales. MS would be wise to start planning for a XB2 release around mid 2015 (with full reverse compatibility of XB1 games) if they plan to stay in the game.
Speak_da_Truth  +   106d ago
Wow!!!!! there ya have it xbox ppl the real reason behind the kinectless xb1 LMAOOO!!!!!!
DaGamingKing  +   106d ago
I have complete confidence that MS will rebound and sell hardware. Its only been 7 months since launch, its already shifted close to 5 million units and getting the new sku less the kinect to give people a "choice" is a great move forward.

2014 will be an important year, lets see how it goes but with E3 around the corner, games on the table, lets see what goes down in the showdown.
SoapShoes  +   106d ago
No it has shipped 5 million but they stuffed the channels like they did the 360 when they got to 10M and then took forever to surpass that. That's why they are slowing down production of the X1. But they'll do fine just not what they wanted.
gigoran  +   106d ago
7 months since launch... and here comes a new model.

If THAT isn't the sign of failure I don't know what is.
doolin_dalton  +   106d ago
Kind of like when Sony removed a major feature of the PS3 (backwards compatibility) and chopped $200 off the price after less than a year. I guess that was a sign of failure too.

EDIT - Here's an article from September 2007, 10 months after launch:


I know you have to bash the console that you hate, so it's easy to let silly things like facts and history get in the way.
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gigoran  +   106d ago
Oops... you're a little off with your math there. Don't worry. you have to defend your console so I understand. It's easy to make a mistake when you're all excited.
ziggurcat  +   106d ago
it's not really a new model, though... it's the same model, just without the kinect.
DaGamingKing  +   106d ago
@gigoran - Thats not a sign of failure. Was the 3DS price cut a failure? Was the PS3 revised SKU a failure?

For the 150th millionth time, a Price cut is when the exact same item is sold cheaper. Removing hardware and offering an alternative is a new SKU, not a price cut.

I get it if you just wanna hate on Xbox, thats fine, but please make sure you understand the difference here otherwise you just look silly.

@doolin_dalton, I was going to say the same thing but you already did, and I agree.

What astounds me is the number of disagrees on my original comment.

So per my comment people "Disagree" that "give people a choice is a great move forward" and "2014 will be an important year, lets see how it goes"

Wow, just wow.

I think we need a new button in addition to "Agree" and "Disagree", its called "I just wanna hate" button :)
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F4sterTh4nFTL  +   106d ago
I guess the soccer moms don't like Kinect as well.
DxTrixterz  +   106d ago
Did anyone really think it was all about giving us a choice? How naive. Its obviously just to get more X1 sold and more $$$.
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hellzsupernova   106d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(4)
veegeeeffex  +   106d ago
Now I need to get a handy chart of reported NPD Xbox 360 sales since November 2005. I don't know, the idea of the 360 never ever dipping below 115K sounds a little iffy. Believable but I'd love to see it myself.

Also, the months before E3 is typically not great hardware sales period anyway.
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S2Killinit  +   106d ago
What i dont get is why would they announce it a month in advance?? I dont know anyone who wants to get one, but if soneone did, why would they buy it now?
veegeeeffex  +   106d ago
Because they were trying to get ahead of any leaks. It's hard to hide something like this because the new packaging and SKUs start appearing in retail databases.

Besides, you can pre-order the new Kinect-less units right now.
OrangePowerz  +   106d ago
Thats the big mystery. Mainstream media wont report on it they only cover E3 and the casual people don't go to gaming sites. For people who read the news it will kill the sales until June since they are not going to buy one now. On top of that they told Sony in advance what they are going to do.

it reminds me of the horrible release date announcement. All they did was send out some cheap press release instead of announcing it at the GamesCon.


What would the leak really do in that case? Nothing, the announcement on the other hand will kill a good amount of their current sales for the normal 499 bundle. The announcement now leads to minimal consumer information with a maximum sales decline. Going out at E3 and announce that from today forward there is a 399 version will get you into the mainstream media and a lot more people will know about it, you don't kill part of your sales 3 weeks earlier and in general you maximize your profits because you sell more of the current bundle and the pre order doesn't make them money. It is very likely that whoever pre orders the new one now would have gone out on the 9th or 10th to buy it.
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Lord Maim  +   106d ago
It's to explain low May NPD numbers next month.
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kingdip90  +   106d ago
Next month they will give pre order number of the new sku instead of sales numbers.
OrangePowerz  +   106d ago
With the 115K sold last month they will fully phase out the current bundle in a few months and only sell the 399 version. There is really no point in spending the money on packaging for both SKUs.

For May they can be happy if they don't end up behind the Wii U not that they announced the Kinect free bundle people will be even less inclined to buy one this month.
corvusmd  +   106d ago
Well, this is all speculation to a point, true if MS saw that making the Kinect bundle mandatory hurt sales, they would un-bundle it, but I'm not sure this is quite as dramatic as people think. MS had been hearing it for a while, and considered it, and did it...but at the same time, while I haven't seen the numbers, all indications point to the fact that PS4 didn't sell that much better in April than XB1. The ONLY mention that I can see from a legit source that even hints at PS4 sales is that both systems sold less in April because they didn't have a huge system seller game like Titanfall or inFamous release. It's easy to compare April to March and say "oh god what happened to sales" but really XB1 is still selling 76% better than 360 did at the same point in it's lifespan. We haven't seen the numbers yet, but if PS4 maintained 300k or more sales in April and XB1 knew this, then yeah...this title statement is true...and it's a smart business move at that point.

Although, I'm sure if Sony crushed MS by that much they would have said so by now...MS hasn't hidden their numbers at all. I'm sure both companies planned well ahead that numbers would shrink in April/May before E3 and after their system seller launches. It's also worth noting that Xbox One did very well in software sales, having 8 out of 10 top selling titles between their 7 and 8 gen systems...and ironically one of these games was Kinect Sports Rivals...so Kinect can't have been THAT huge of a sore spot in their eyes.

As far as the massive amounts of trolling on this page, it appears that you guys are getting really far ahead of yourselves and claiming "victory" long before it's over. It just seems like you guys are setting yourselves up for massive amounts of disappointment, and while Sony gaming is an awesome company, MS isn't some lame underdog. If one system "loses" so do gamers, so I'm not really sure what you're rooting for? If Xbox fanboys were stupid last gen, I'm sorry... I wasn't one of them, but it was just as dumb back then. The truth is that all the consoles are awesome, and they all have great games. XB1 is my personal favorite, but that doesn't stop me from liking the others as well. Be a gamer, not a fanboy, fanboys only kill the industry that gamers love.

@hellzsupernova HAHA sorry to call you out bud, but you actually ended up making his point with your link about dedicated servers...true, they have some...but read the article a little closer and you'll see why it actually proves his point and kills yours.
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thricetold  +   106d ago
MS as a company is a cancer to the gaming industry and THEY need to die and be replaced by a true gaming companies like Nintendo, Sony, Sega, Valve. Competition IS needed, but not by the slimy hands of a company like MS.

All ANYONE has to do is check MS' s track record to see what kind of company they are and how they have treated their consumer's to determine what their priorities are and gaming ain't nowhere near the top, its all smoke and mirrors to grab new market share, at the expense of the old.

You reap what you sow and I can't wait for the bottom to fall out for MS and all their naive supporters.
DaGamingKing  +   106d ago
Bloody good reply. I like this part.....

" Be a gamer, not a fanboy, fanboys only kill the industry that gamers love."

Amen to that.
KNWS  +   106d ago
lot of people are happy with the 360. There is no reason to upgrade to next gen when most games just come out the for 360 and PS3 anyway. Why buy another console to play the same game with just better graphics?

last gen game development needs to stop before people will buy a new console. And lets be honest xb1, has more games, but not enough games to warrant buying a new console for.
S2Killinit  +   106d ago
What do you mean xb1 has more games?
GribbleGrunger  +   106d ago
You really must stop following Microsoft's PR, it'll make you say stupid things like this. I can't believe you bought the whole 'people are enjoying their 360 so much they're not upgrading to the XB1' line. Come on fella, learn to think for yourself. I'll also add that the XB1 has LESS games than the PS4, by quite a margin actually. It's been proved over and over again.
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L0YD  +   106d ago
It will sell even less in May since kinect-less XBONE launches in June.
PrinceOfAllSaiyans  +   106d ago
Yep that's the only reason they removed kinect because they're getting killed. But Xbox fanboys think they did it for the fans.
Izzy408  +   106d ago
Xbox One sold 115,000 units (IN THE U.S.ALONE) in the month of April. This is why reading comprehension is so important.
#17 (Edited 106d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
OrangePowerz  +   106d ago
Apparently that's the worst for an Xbox console in many many years since the 360 never went that low in April since its launch. To be precise, MS never did that bad with the 360 in the US. The console that is fully designed for the American market is consistently outsold in the home country by the PS4 (with the PS3 being the worst selling console in the US last gen). But you keep spinning until you get dizzy because that is a big blow for MS. All they had last gen was the US and UK, now they don't even have those markets anymore.

The US is their biggest and main market, what do you think how they do in other countries if they only sell 115k in the US?


Sony didn't need to extend the warranty to avoid lawsuits. There is a difference between an electronic device failing because they sometimes fail and an electronic device failing with a pretty much for sure because it was designed wrong. The 360 was on the same level as the launch PS1, badly designed and most likely to break. Difference is Sony had not experience with consoles at that time, but MS made already the second one and testing processes improved a lot during that time. My friend has a used game store and the MS sales rep warned him about that when he got his demo unit that it might stop working and that he needs to shut it down and just let it sit there for a while before turning on. They knew exactly what was up with the 360 and continued to deny it for a long time.


You are a tool (fact)
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MMEHTA  +   106d ago
I don't think so, i read the npd analyst started both consoles sold twice as much as the last gen in the same month/time period. Not sure if true but that was the stated by ign.
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RosweeSon  +   106d ago
115,000 between how many million Americans 330 million? And yet this is an American console? If you guys don't want why would anyone else?
Izzy408  +   106d ago
Right, because every American is a gamer that only buys xbox hardware in April? -_-
#17.2.1 (Edited 106d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(6) | Report
jkendrick  +   105d ago

Please lets not go there. Im a huge Sony supporter and an American, I think that's a bit too much.
Flamingweazel  +   106d ago
And that is terrible what's your point
patrik23  +   106d ago
There is no RROD to boost xbox one sales
AussieBadger  +   106d ago
Patrik23 you are a flip. Get a life. You do know ps3 had overheating issues don't you. So naive.
RosweeSon  +   106d ago
Really so Sony had issues on the scale of the RROD of death as I must have missed that, you'd have been better saying the disc drive on a ps1 would wear out after a year or 2 to the point you'd have to use your console upside down, or the ps2 would just pack up after a while, ps3 even if it did have overheating issues would have been in the smallest of numbers compared to xbox 360 and their RROD issues that's just moronic, they replaced so many millions of consoles were not talking a couple here and there, MILLIONS, if I alone had to one console back 3 times alone and i had original white, black elite and a Star Wars edition (still have that one) but there consoles would fail almost the day you got them, I sent one into xbox with a faulty drive (just kept saying open tray and insert disc) sent it off for repair they send it back Monday works til Friday when it gets RROD! 5 days after there repair, xbox had serious issues last time i know I was there from launch, same with ps3 that lasted a couple of years 360 was lucky to last a few months in the first year or 2 but if you wanna gloss over that that's your choice, just lucky Microsoft haven't got the same issues again, chances are it'll be a month or 2 after your manufacturers warranty run's out ;)
AussieBadger  +   106d ago
They did have overheating issue and you are a fool if you think otherwise. They didn't have the same problem as the original x360 and rrod but they still had issues. I myself lost a ps3 through these issues but it was covered by warranty the same as alot of x360 were as well. If you think warranty covered consoles are added to sales charts you seriously have issues yourself.
RosweeSon  +   106d ago
In the US ALONE!! Only their biggest market!, but sure we all know xbox is failing because Sony sells their console in another 25 countries, pfft! They missed out Japan on launch and are still wiping the floor with Microsoft at the moment, I don't wish them Microsoft failure at all but seriously people need to open their eyes, the whole argument about people not wanting to upgrade from xbox 360 but they all do from ps3, absolutely laughable, I've still got my ps3 sure I still bought a ps4 tho, the free ps+ games alone are paying for any loss I'll have when the console have a price cut but oh wait it hasn't had and isn't likely to have any form of price cut this year yet Microsoft have knocked £80 off, now there dropping kinect and expecting the same price which will never happen, sure a few will buy but most will wait to see the price of that bundle show the fact theirs no games or kinect included at the current price it doesn't show anything has been helped just things taken out for barely the same price? £299 and xbox may start to sell but they need a really, REALLY good e3, they need games and exclusive innovative ones that people want their console for as it's stands nothing id rather play free indie games on vita/ps4 over any of the triple A xbox one games, not saying the ps4 ones are much better, apart from killzone and infamous their pretty rubbish, infamous isn't exactly a 9/10 but ps4 will get the games and if people can't see at this early stage that ps4 is gonna be the preferred platform of choice for developers then all I can say is enjoy your games at 900p or whatever they can stretch out of an xbox one if they are struggling now i dread to think how they will cope will sony step it up a notch or 2, even wii u can do 1080, come on xbox pull your finger out and your chequebook, it's your only hope, get some GAMES! Stop moaning about the competition, it's selling better for one reason, it's Better!!
RosweeSon  +   106d ago
Xbox only did so well last gen in selling 80 million xbox's as most people had to replace theirs once at least if not twice, myself 3 times over 7/8 years since they first came out, my NES/SNES outlasted that haha, but their first console barely did 20-30 million xbox 360 80 million and counting but once you take into consideration all those duplicate consoles, xbox live profiles would be a better indicator but then how many people make 2nd and 3rd accounts for call of duty you sad people, one profile and one profile only for me, if you can afford a month of gold, go solo, but back to the point I think xbox one is gonna struggle to clear 30 million consoles this time, specially as there seems to be no major RROD incidents this time around, but seriously ps4 is selling this well now without any games, ps1+2 both cleared 100 million easily ps3 is around 80million+ and still going, can't see why sony won't continue to sell ps3 until they clear the 100 million mark and then they do the same with ps4, until the original Wii sold 100 million (home consoles) no other company managed this, except Sony, Twice, there gonna do it again with ps3/4 sony are back! And if you have a side dish of Wii U and 3DS from Nintendo it's a great time to be a gamer, cheap too with all the free games too, mario kart 8 and a free game! Ps+ people who have bought xbox one on launch have been skanked plain and simple, they keep listing all these games yeah we've got dead rising 3 forza and Ryse, will the be on the list of best games in a year or 2 years time you better hope not but of course you'd buy and play those games if you've gone and bought an xbox one what else is there to play at the end of the day but it was nothing that ever excited me or made me want an xbox on day one and I've had an xbox 360 for 7 years 180K gamerscore but sorry Microsoft not even remotely interested with your gaming offerings currently or even on the horizon (no not forza)
sckipt  +   106d ago
Im thinking about getting an xbox one in college for exclusives and such for when its like 350$ with a game
Longshot28  +   106d ago
MCTJim  +   106d ago
Oh look another article on Kinect and MS bashing..that makes 11 in less than 24hrs.....is there no gaming news today?
Spotie  +   106d ago
...it's NPD time, MS just dropped Kinect, and we see abysmal sales for the month in the brand's strongest market. What do you expect?
Drasill  +   106d ago
I'm retarded.
#24 (Edited 106d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
JohnRKlein  +   106d ago
#24.1 (Edited 106d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Gamer-40  +   106d ago
I don't care about the sales.
The Ps4 does not impress me, cheap effect, and the exkulsive games does not impress me, official available in my country, but I not buy yet.

I will wait for the E3 and then I choose which machine I buy.
quenomamen  +   106d ago
Watch chu talking bout player ? them PS4 exkulsives are pretty hot !
Now gimme some bro love !
jkendrick  +   105d ago

Well you actually just chose wouldn't you say?
Dlacy13g  +   106d ago
Duh...and good on them for quick course corrections and undoing the crap pile Don Matrick left behind.
pulpsmith  +   106d ago
Im not being funny but how does this person know its fact thats the reason they dropped the kinec? its clearly speculation! Because of a month of bad sales. I read in feb they was all ready considering dropping kinect to reach gamers who cant afford there asking price (which yes was deffo over the top) but do you think they just went bad month everyone drop the kinect! Unlikely. Might of been a helpful factor in making the final desition but with xbox fans all ready complaining since after e3 last year about they wont upgrade to next gen till a price drop. ps4 $100 cheaper. It made sence to drop it. I think one of the reasons is they will anounce a bunch of games at e3 which will catch aaa gamers eyes dont forget the casaul gamer doesnt even know what e3 is the casual gamer is mostly happy with fps like cod. Major gamers wouldnt even look at cod. We will on the other hand pay close attention to new ips and well known games such as halo. Now with an optional choice to get the xbox $100 cheaper its just that little more tempting for the major gaming community (which really is another demographic to the casual gamers) to buy one. also how many kinect only games at e3 will they showcase? Probs not many. They still might have ideas for kinect but nout amazing enough at this E3 to be able to say... This is why you should pay the extra $100. Thats just a thought but to say this is WHY (like its fact) they really dropped the kinect because of abad month is stupid.
glennhkboy  +   106d ago
The decision of un-bundle the Kinect has to be made months ago. I guess this may even be the 1st major strategic decision made by Satya Nadella. Introducing a new retail package means that you need to design, print, deliver the packaging materials, than re-package the non-Kinect XBone. This will take several months. So this decision must be made back at Jan or Feb this year.
#28 (Edited 106d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
quenomamen  +   106d ago
115,000 X1s and 71,000 360s. At this point they should go back to pushing 360s, gotta make that cheddar somehow.
ElementX  +   106d ago
Personally, I'd like to see Sony's numbers.
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