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Star Citizen Gets Stunning High Resolution Screenshots and Artwork, New Gameplay Video

You already know that Chris Roberts’ Star Citizen looks amazing, and today we get just another glimpse on all that visual glitz thanks to a new gallery of screenshots and artwork and a video released by Cloud Imperium Games. (PC, Star Citizen)

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aLiEnViSiToR  +   445d ago
WOW this is beautiful :D
3-4-5  +   445d ago
For certain gamers, this is going to be the best game they ever play, or the game they've been waiting since the 1980's to play.

* At the same time, there is NO WAY this game is going to live up to the hype.

It's passed the Realism-Hype Barrier, where in no matter how good a game is, it will never be as good as we imagined it to be.

It still looks like a really good game though and it is beautiful.
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aliengmr  +   445d ago
Except this isn't a "traditionally" developed game. If it were, I might agree.

By the time its actually "released" many thousands will have already been playing it. So by that time anyone who hasn't will (should) know what they are "realistically" buying. Hype needs expectations that heightened by mystery and there won't be that much mystery here.
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rivencleft  +   445d ago
Bubble up for 'Well Said', couldn't agree with you more, this game is truly gorgeous, and LOVE your avatar photo.
zeroskie  +   445d ago
so when's this coming retail?
Abriael  +   445d ago
From what I know, it won't. The only physical editions are for backers.
dogdirt2000  +   445d ago
The current expectations are 2016 for the 'full game', so that's both the Squadron 42 single-player episodes as well as the 'persistent universe' together.

The first of the Squadron 42 eps is expected early 2015, and the alpha and beta of the PU to occur after Squadron 42, although we don't know how far after - probably nearer the end of 2015 than the beginning though.

This is based off of select quotes here and there as discussed on the RSI forums.
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starchild  +   445d ago
Looking forward to it.
Bathyj  +   445d ago
Man I want a new Colony Wars...
Stapleface  +   445d ago
@Abriael I think he/she? means when will it be available for purchase outside of the crowd funding program they have going on now, or what is the release date. Same question just asked differently I think.

edit: Was supposed to be a reply above and I don't know how this got down here. lol But this game look beautiful. The finished product is going to be crazy.
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Abriael  +   445d ago
I'm actually not 100% sure, as they didn't give any firm dates.
modesign  +   445d ago
i wouldnt donate a nickel until i see a 100% definitive release date.
masterfox  +   445d ago
I have to say that was very impressive, still I feel the developers don't have a real direction of where this game is aiming at.
dogdirt2000  +   445d ago
I'd tend to disagree with you there.

There's a substantial amount of info to be gleamed from all the 'Wingman's Hangar' and '10 for the Chairman' videos CIG puts out on a weekly basis, and certainly enough to stave off doubts on where Chris Roberts is trying to go with the project.
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elhebbo16  +   445d ago
Developing for games take time, You cant just go from the concept board to a finish game in one day. especially when its an open project and the deadline is not 100% sure.
masterfox  +   445d ago
So how much this game has been in development ? almost all the time they show only travels in space. They already have more than 40 million bucks in their pockets, I think is time they show more than just some space maneuvering.
aliengmr  +   445d ago

What else do you expect them to show at this early stage?

What? You think $40+ million means they should be finished?

Destiny is creeping up on $500 million and they haven't shown anything more that running around and shooting. But how dare we pre-judge them.

Why do gamers hold these devs to such high standards and act like $40 million is like some hyper-budget that entitles us to instant completion and a solid release date?

Publishers waste vast amounts of money all the time then stick you with the cost by means of MT and BS DLC, but CIG, they're the ones that have to be held to the highest standards. Damn them for their transparent development of a game whose genre was largely abandoned by those publishers.

I'm really tired of the insinuations that they are pocketing the money and taking off. If that's what you think, by all means move right along. Just keep letting the investors for the big publishing companies tell you what you want to play and release those games unfinished, but never forgetting to charge you for it. You will pay for those horrible experiences and like it.

I'll take being part of the process and watching a game grow over time than buying a pile a garbage and hoping it will be fixed. I choose knowing that when this game is finished, it actually will be.

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TH3BR3W  +   445d ago
I'm am patiently waiting...

I just want my dogfighting module to keep me going until alpha/beta.... *cry*
slivery  +   445d ago
Everything in this game looks stunning but the combat looks so dated and boring. I hope they can do something more interesting with the weapons other than the lasers I have seen.

I just don't get why everything in space has to shoot "pew pew" lasers. So much going for this game, I just think they could get a little more creative in that department.
elhebbo16  +   445d ago
Hopefully by the time is out I'll by a rift and another graphics card. my body isn't ready yet.

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