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Submitted by Abriael 637d ago | news

Sony Reacts to April NPD "Victory" for PS4; inFAMOUS: Second Son Best Selling Next-Gen Game

Sony Computer Entertainment commented on the latest North American NPD figures that saw the PS4 beat its rival, the Xbox One, for the fourth month in a row, saying that it "won" NPD and that infamous was the best selling next gen game of the month. (inFamous: Second Son, PS4)

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MightyNoX  +   637d ago | Well said
Outselling the competition almost 2:1
Infamous outselling Titanfall.

I said, goddamn...that's brutal.

Congrats to Sucker Punch. Brilliant game and you deserve these sales.
corvusmd   637d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(16)
imt558  +   637d ago
Where did you get PS4 outsold Xbone 2 : 1?

Well, i know that on GAF are some news about.

Anyway, InFamous outsold Titanfall on Xbone is quite surprising.
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JoGam  +   637d ago | Intelligent
He never said PS4 outsold Xbone 2 : 1. Reread slowly.
mikeslemonade  +   637d ago
Worldwide it's almost 2:1. Since vgchartz updates the sales to more accurate numbers and then they deflate PS4 by around 100,000 units the PS4 should approaching 8 mil while the X1 is still at 4.6 mil and that's possiibly just shipped numbers.

Right now on vgcharts it's 7.6 mil and 4.6 mil. Don't give the BS about their not being not reliable. It's close and ball park. But you just have to consider they deflate the PS4 sales by about 100k and then you can forcast for PS4 today. So they should be at 7.9 mil today currently.

7.9 mil divided by 4.6 is 1.71:1 ratio. So essentially it's about to 2:1 eventually. Regardless the it's same story. PS4 is outselling and widening the gap of the X1, and the X1 will not even be competitive this generation in terms of sales. I don't care if you say PS4 has X amount of countries. That will matter very little because once PS4 launches in China they will buy the PS4 since they indentify with Sony more.
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xHeavYx  +   637d ago
Not really that surprising. Most people got it for the 360, that's why the Xbox One's numbers haven't gone up
Septic  +   637d ago
A single player game like Infamous outselling Titanfall is truly surprising. But the meagre sales of the X1, a mere 115k put things in perspective.
Why o why  +   637d ago
Can we please banish vg chartz from this site please. Real gamers and worthier gaming sites have been ban for less. Vg have been fudging numbers for yeeeeeears now. What do they have over love to know
Triella  +   637d ago
Well it's almost 2:1 NPD numbers PS4=215K XBO=115K
GribbleGrunger  +   637d ago
So ... can we now please stop calling Sony fans delusional when they question the American numbers on VGC. I'll repeat, for the '6TH' month running, they've been right. I do not expect anyone to question the validity of their doubt this month, which, by the way, is once again being overtracked for the XB1 and undertracked for the PS4.

The difference is almost 2:1 with the XB1 being 112k and the PS4 being 'almost double' so my guess would be 210k - 220k
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GameNameFame  +   637d ago | Funny
Stop it guys. You guys gonna make georgenoob cry.
morganfell  +   637d ago
Damn Triella, I was off by more than 10K in my prediction. Still a great deal more accurate than vgchartz.

@Why o why,

When you you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth So it has to be money. That's the only reason that fits. Payoff.
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GameNameFame  +   637d ago

PS4 7 million sold to consumers
Xbox One 5 million sold to retailers. Count the fact that 1 million is sitting on shelves. This is number given off by MS themselves in Dec.

that is 7 vs 4 million.

Also, desperate fanboys need to drop the attach rate. Lol. they are near identical. PS4 gives out free games to every months and have F2P games.
NewMonday  +   637d ago
Axios2 has disappeared as predicted

@Why o why

mods told me they will not
Boody-Bandit  +   637d ago
I have a feeling Sony will announce they are at or closing in on 9 million sold at E3. Sold to consumer and not sitting on retail shelves. Meanwhile MS will keep spinning their numbers as they did this month with software sales while combining the 360 with the X1. Funny how MS aren't talking about their worst April hardware figures in a decade. I wonder why they dropped Kinect and lowered the price to $399.99. /s

All the while not a word of how they are doing this generation vs Sony in both hardware and software sales. Spin away MS, spin away.

I am a gamer but even I am shocked Infamous (an SP game) has outsold TitanFall (a multiplayer game geared for the xbox crowd) on the X1 for the month of April. Boy I bet EA is dying for a mulligan. It's odd we are not seeing articles talking about how poorly EA miscalculated backing the wrong horse entering this generation.

Than again is it odd or telling?
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DragonKnight  +   637d ago
I'm waiting for MS to post the following types of numbers.

"In the month of April, Xbox One gamers shot down 300 million Titans and parkoured their way atop building 587 million times."

You know, because that's pertinent information we all need to know.
morganfell  +   637d ago
New Monday - vgchartz is mobbed up. Its the only upside of protection money.
Charybdis  +   637d ago
Microsoft seems to be happy with their software sales but are trying to put spin on xb 1 sales comparing it only the x360 sales in same period of time. With Sony selling twice as many consoles it however is surprising to see the xb1 doing so well. Sony should be selling twice as many games as xb1 if they have same game attachment rate.
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Triella  +   637d ago
Actually PS4 did not sell 215K which was an estimate from a GAF insider, calculated from the revenue figures published by NPD, but 199K.
Darkstares  +   637d ago
Many of you seem to forget how Sony used to spin the numbers last generation or refused to comment at all. So it's not an uncommon practice. Nintendo does the same thing regarding Wii U sales. I wish Sony would give exact figures for PS4 sales but the good news is it's becoming quite easy to find them for sale.
TAURUS-555  +   637d ago


Whiskeyjacked87  +   637d ago
@Georgeenoob you are all bass ackwards! Sony alwayd releases milestone figures. Last I can recall from MS was 3.9 million shipped.
Farmassy  +   637d ago
I don't think infamous outsold titanfall. It outsold titanfall that month.

Titanfall was released March 11th and infamous was released at the end of march. No wonder it won april
medman  +   637d ago | Well said
The excuses roll right off the tongues of these Microslop bozos, don't they? LOLOLOLOLOL!!! Arses kicked, yet again!!!! Beaten soundly in hardware and software, yet again!!! This is getting embarrassing for dat der over son, game over!!!!
Chevalier  +   637d ago
A multiplayer game that is heavily advertised should not drop of within a month and lose to a single player game. Titanfall should have expected groups of people buying it continually for at least 3-4 months.
kenshiro100  +   637d ago
Oh c'mon...that's not a very good argument.
Eonjay  +   637d ago
But Titanfall on Xbox was supposed to have legs.
Where is you know who...
VgChartz failure is complete.
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Ck1x  +   637d ago
Titanfall is currently outselling Infamous SS each week. The sales for that game have dropped way off, even Pokemon X/Y Are Tracking Higher Than Infamous at the moment.
onyoursistersback  +   637d ago
@ corvusmd & GREENSHIT/georgeenoob


TitanFall got its a55 handed to you/them....

i agree 100% with Lukas_Japonicus

coming here with there crap...
Chevalier  +   637d ago
Corvusmd has the gall to claim he has a PS4, but, won't list a PSN name. What a joke.
jessupj  +   637d ago
TITANFALL DOMINA.... o wait...
insomnium2  +   637d ago
dale_denton  +   637d ago
Where's all the bots at? Crying somewhere i guess.
Haki1112  +   636d ago
Maybe playing games? Also before anyone spout some Fanboy shit Look me up Hakirshiro PSN name I have a PS4 and Xbox one Goku Ruk XBL
Ashlen  +   637d ago

It's so true.

I really hope people start calling this type of stuff out for what it is.

You can add Metacritic to the list of questionable sites as well. They are cherry picking reviews to give almost every single Xbox One multiplat a 1 to 2 point higher meta score even when the the game has higher frame rates and resolution on PS4.
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GribbleGrunger  +   637d ago
Don't get me started on Metacritic. I've been keeping a close eye on how they distribute reviews between the consoles and it's starting to look a little suspicious. It's gotten a lot worse since Amazon announced they'd be including Metacritic scores with their game sales. Make of that what you will.
Not-A-Cat  +   637d ago | Funny
I only come here for georgenoob comments

Where is truefan1?
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adorie  +   637d ago
Oh----.... Lol.
dantesparda  +   637d ago
Or Axios with his constant spamming of "Titanfall still selling" crap.
ovnipc  +   637d ago
Im guilty for one of does ps4 and infamous ss. Infamous ss great mage finished it in 3 days as an infamous. Being the good guy in that game kind of boring being an infamous way funner.
scootscottskeet93   637d ago | Personal attack | show | Replies(1)
Flames76  +   637d ago
PS4 numbers wasnt even posted by the npd.This is the second month in a row they havnt showed the PS4 numbers.The reason is the X1 outsold the PS4 in march and april.As far as second son it sold 1.1 million and titanfall sold 1.7 million.So not sure how infamous is the number 1 selling next gen game?
strickers  +   637d ago
You really don't know how any of this works, do you?
aceitman  +   637d ago
@flames sony sold 375,000 in march and ms sold 311,000 and as far as sales wise titanfall didn't sell a million on its own yet that 1.6 million is sold total with bundles and retail copies ms has not stated it has passed a million and has yet to mention what the ratio of the 2 are how many sold with bundles how many sold separate it is rumored that only 900,000 has sold to retail copies infamous has sold on its own not free 1.6 million copies 1.2 to retail and 4 mill on digital. and as far as april it looks like the numbers are out and sony sold a little over 200,000 in us compared to 115,000 x1
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KinjoTakemura  +   637d ago
@The reason is the X1 outsold the PS4 in march and April.

You made that up didn't you?

@As far as second son it sold 1.1 million and titanfall sold 1.7 million.So not sure how infamous is the number 1 selling next gen game?

Titanfall is on 3 platforms. Infamous is on one. Titanfall's 1.7 million number is for all platforms.
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No_Limit  +   637d ago
Man, those are terrible numbers for XB1. No wonder MS announced the Stand alone bundle 2 days before NPD. I think initially they were going to save that announcement for E3 but with number like 115k, I think they have to announce it ASAP to gain some some excitement for the console. I expect the PS4 to continue to lead in sales every month this year unless Halo 5 make it in November this year.
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jnemesh  +   637d ago
They just announced Halo 5 for "Fall 2015". Why didn't they wait until E3 to announce this? Desperation. They want to give people SOME reason to buy an underpowered console...even if they have to wait 1 1/2 years for it's release!
xer0  +   637d ago
I'm not shouting for a medal or cookie but i bought 3 copies of this game. The other 2 were for some really close friends.

Well deserved!
dantesparda  +   637d ago
Can I be your friend? Btw, my birthday is coming up buddy. Lol
MasterCornholio  +   637d ago
Infamous outselling Titanfall is what surprised me the most. The PS4 outselling the Xbox One didn't really surprise me because the Xbox One didn't outsell the PS4 in the month that Titanfall came out. So what game in April would boost Xbox One sales?

Anyways after reading several articles I just realized that VG charts bias towards the Xbox One is a lot worse than I thought.
WilDRangeRrfc  +   637d ago
Well it shouldn't X1 user base 4 million PS4 nearly 8 Titanfall on X1 has over a million sales on X1 alone so I don't know where you PSN4G fanboys get your logic from,TF over 75 awards and counting highest metacritic next gen game so far,attach rate on X1 is 1 in 3 Infamous 1 in 7 so please enlighten me fanboys how TF flopped and ISS is a success,oh I have both consoles and both games nearly completed ISS on both Karmas then it will be traded,just bought season pass on TF the greatest MP game I have ever played,I will play it til TF2 so which game is better and has most value and replayability??? Jealousy me thinks Titanfall is a gem dealwitit
cfir  +   636d ago
There are at least 6 games on ps4 with the same or better metacritic score than Titanfall.

Glad you like Titanfall. Personally I got tired of it after a couple of weeks. Never was a big fan of the twitch shooter.
Gamer1982  +   637d ago
But VGchartz said Xbox One has been clearly winning all month!
Kidmyst  +   637d ago
Sucker Punch deserves it, great game Infamous SS was. Hopefully they walk away with some awards this year.
TAURUS-555  +   637d ago
xbox1...RIP ¡¡¡
XiSasukeUchiha  +   637d ago

Agreed and Congrats Sucker Punch for outselling Titanfall!
nowitzki2004  +   637d ago
Georgenoob really must not have any games to play on his x1 considering he only has 1 bubble but still manages to post more than anyone on n4gs ps4 section.
nosferatuzodd  +   637d ago
lol I don't usually do this but you sir or an idiot
denawayne  +   637d ago
Yay! We win...
majiebeast  +   637d ago | Well said
Titanfell, so much hype but no legs. Yet people wonder why EA doesn't want to give any numbers, here is your answer.
#2 (Edited 637d ago ) | Agree(91) | Disagree(14) | Report | Reply
DVS-Zev  +   637d ago
EA must hate themselves right now lol.They decided to back xbox as it turns into a sinking ship and Sony/ubi/acti are all best friends lol
majiebeast  +   637d ago
Yeah funny to see it backfire.
Bonkerz  +   637d ago
Umm, Ubi, and activision are multiplat devs so it doesnt matter whose friends with who lol. In the end Titanfall was exclusive to MS and Sony lost an amazing MP title.
iamnsuperman  +   637d ago
I think EA really needs to take more risks. EA has effectively given Titanfall a false start. They clearly didn't want to pump too much money into it and so looked for exclusivity dealings (Microsoft stepped up and funded a good portion of that game) and by doing this limited the impact Titanfall could have had.
OrangePowerz  +   637d ago

I'm sure they expected originally that the Xbox would be the leading console. Many expected that MS have a much better start, until they revealed the console. I don't think that MS paid them enough money for the exclusivity of TF and PvZ to cover the lost sales.


Ubi does have a better track record with Sony given that games are mostly shown at the Sony conference and the extra DLC. Activision is currently playing both sides with CoD stuff for the Xbox and Destiny stuff for the PS.

I played Titanfall, it's extremely overrated. It's a decent and ok MP shooter that got a lot of hype because of who developed it.
#2.1.4 (Edited 637d ago ) | Agree(40) | Disagree(1) | Report
Farmassy  +   637d ago
I honestly don't think its because it was on xbox that it hasn't done as well as expected. I think it is because it wasn't the game everyone thought it would be. I really enjoyed it but it got old fairly quickly. There just wasn't enough content to make me play it more than a couple of weeks.

Insanely fun but gets old fast
hellzsupernova  +   637d ago
I am enjoying it to be honest. EA have done some very bad things for us the consumer and I refuse to buy there games now.
BG11579  +   637d ago
It's well served for EA. They made really a bad choice with that one.
TheNotoriousNiceGuy  +   637d ago
Is you still playing infamous ?
#2.2 (Edited 637d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(60) | Report | Reply
Bruce_Wayne  +   637d ago
Yeah, got to get past evil story and platinum it. School keeps me busy, you know?
Silly Mammo  +   637d ago
Yes I is!
JoGam  +   637d ago
Is you? WOW.
Clunkyd  +   637d ago
Fuuny how I put in more hours on infamous than TitanFall which is Multiplayer only.
TitanFall was just plain Overrated.
ape007  +   637d ago
don't celebrate yet, titanfall will boost sales after the system became 399$

they should diskinect before titanfall launch though
Bruce_Wayne  +   637d ago
That's a harsh statement. Have to wait until E3, because if Sony announces more attractive games, people might hold off on Xbone.

Halo only sells within people who already have an Xbox One. And you can't speculate based off of sales from last gen. So your sales argument is dismissed. How many Xbox supporters said "When has Infamous sold a lot?" And look at it now. First week sales were greaer than the combined sales of Infamous 1 and 2, during their first week, let alone the fact that PS3 had a way larger fanbase. And I think GT is a better-selling franchise than Halo. GT7 probably won't release this year, for you brought up the sales argument, and you brought me to it.
#2.3.1 (Edited 637d ago ) | Agree(36) | Disagree(2) | Report
ape007  +   637d ago
^^^^^^ everyone wants halo, more than any other sony game can do

i hate the fanboy war but u brought me to it , there u go

come on people disagree with facts :)
#2.3.2 (Edited 637d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(82) | Report
GrandpaSnake  +   637d ago
@ape what if they announce metal gear solid phantom pain as a ps4 exclusive? you never know how well destiny will be, or even how much halo wont really help if its being outsold by a great margin.
fenome  +   637d ago

I don't want Halo. Why don't you try speaking for yourself instead of 'everyone'?

I'm way more interested in Destiny, that's just me though.
#2.3.4 (Edited 637d ago ) | Agree(36) | Disagree(3) | Report
ape007  +   637d ago

we were talking about sales bud
AceBlazer13  +   637d ago
WTF are you talkin about ape? Gran Turismo is a better selling franchise than Halo. A quick google search can do wonders. You played the fanboy game and lost.

OT. inFamous is Outselling XB1 version of Titanfall. Funny thing is VgChartz had XB1 version top of the charts entire month.

Sony Nation Domination.
S2Killinit  +   637d ago
They already had xbone for 449.99 including kinect and titanfall i think. That didnt help them outsell PS4. Now they will have no kinect, and 399.99 plus 69.99 for titanfall, that's 469.98(without kinect)
#2.3.7 (Edited 637d ago ) | Agree(28) | Disagree(1) | Report
HappyWithOneBubble  +   637d ago
@ape007 "everyone wants halo, more than any other sony game can do"

That's a lie buddy. I never wanted Halo. Don't care for it at all.
Inception  +   637d ago
"everyone wants halo, more than any other sony game can do"

Speak for yourself. I finished Halo: Combat Evolved on PC. It's a good game but it's not a system seller for me. I prefer Wild Arms, Gravity Rush, or Freedom Wars. Heck, i even much prefer nintendo games like Metroid, Zelda, or X over Halo.
DragonKnight  +   637d ago
@ape007: Gran Turismo says hi.
aceitman  +   637d ago
don't think to big on halo , remember the original halo guys bungie will take a piece of that pie some people feel that they are making a true halo continuation with destiny(without masterchief and stuff from halo)but it will have that halo feel. they are the original halo makers and will have there followers. so it will be another dumb move if ms launches halo 5 this fall.
TOTSUKO  +   637d ago
jnemesh  +   637d ago
"The ESRAM will save the XB1, oh wait, I mean, the power of the cloud will save it! Oh, I mean Titanfall. Oh wait, I mean a price drop. No, I mean a price drop with a system sold without the Kinect! Oh just wait until Halo 5 comes out, THEN the XB1 will ROCK!"

Do you guys even know how foolish you sound? Admit it already! XB1 is a failure!
kenshiro100  +   637d ago
So Halo will save the XB1? What happened to Titanfall?

shammgod  +   637d ago
Well said my friend. Ron Swanson's voice reasonated in my head when I read that quote
memots  +   637d ago
i don't understand all this obsession over TF ,

Its a multi plat game that is playable on PC and Ms console. There is so many Multi plat on PS/Pc only and no one mention those and surely don't count and are being treated as exclusive somehow.
DynDasE  +   637d ago
But, TF is a flagship title for Xbox 180 right from the start. Multiplat PS4/PC are not Sony exclusive. Sony can differentiate that real "exclusive" will be only on console. Unfortunately, the fact that Xbox One allows multiplats in the beginning means that MS already lose faith on Titalfall.
VforVideogames  +   637d ago
don't worry about TITANFELL , INFAMOUSE will sink faster than the titanic.
#2.6 (Edited 637d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(15) | Report | Reply
5eriously  +   637d ago
But SS wont sink as fast as Titanfail (wink)
MysticStrummer  +   637d ago
So, you think a game on three platforms will sell more than a game on one platform…

Look out Pachter, there's a new sheriff in town!
ape007  +   637d ago
so glad seeing SP games sell well
Kayant  +   637d ago
Damn was not expecting that since it dropped out of the top 10 but against all the multiplats and X360 install base that would be a difficult fate.

Well deserved and quite surprising. In UK it's the opposite because TF bundles are counted in the charts.
#4 (Edited 637d ago ) | Agree(13) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Brazz  +   637d ago
We need numbers sony!!!
kneon  +   637d ago
It's too close to e3, I expect they want to stay quiet until then so that they have a new big number to announce.
Brazz  +   637d ago
hey! This realy make sense!
Anon1974  +   637d ago
They just gave us numbers. They announced they surpassed 7 million sold through as of April 6th. Usually we get updates every quarter. That's how it's been for years with Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo (although there have been quarters where MS skipped 360 updates in the past).
GamersHeaven  +   637d ago
Congratulations Sony best selling next gen console and game keep up the greatness.
WilDRangeRrfc  +   637d ago
Yeah keep up the greatness Sony and you'll be bankrupt within 5 years!!! Oh well you Sony fans can always get a WIIU ;)
T2  +   637d ago
"ohhhh your teaars they are delicious" cartman.

came to this thread for the usual crying, wasn't dissapointed. MS should pray that the kinectless xboxone sells well, because 115k a month leading into a looonnggg summer with no games is going to get ugly. August could be 80k easily at this rate.
kenshiro100  +   637d ago
You fanboy and your sad 'bankrupt' arguments. No clue on how businesses work huh?
iamnsuperman  +   637d ago
But how much did it sell? I am generally interested since I want Sony to make another one (big infamous fan) so I want it to sell well but not too well that Sucker Punch become complacent because Infamous: Second Son had areas that really needed to have been better than they were
Abriael  +   637d ago
They didn't say, and NPD doesn't provide numbers to press, only to interested parties, and Sony didn't share.
Boody-Bandit  +   637d ago
Think Sony is saving it for E3? So they can say we are the fastest selling console in gaming history with x amount sold.

That's the only thing that makes sense to me.
Sevir  +   637d ago
Well it sold a million copies world wide in 9 days... So that's a pretty good indication... For it to have outsold MS's TF on XBO in the US is crazy.
McScroggz  +   637d ago
The inFamous games have never sold exceptionally well (respectable though), and while inFamous: Second Son sold very well early on I don't think it is going to sell a whole lot more going forward. If I had to guess it will end up selling 4 million - completely a guestimate though.
Boody-Bandit  +   637d ago
Both Sucker Punch and Sony would be elated it Infamous:SS sells 4 million units.
Anything over 1 million is excellent.
incendy35  +   637d ago
Congrats Sony! You are like the Justin Beiber of next gen consoles!! The hype and sales cannot be stopped.
MRMagoo123  +   637d ago
except Sony has kinda nothing like justin beiber.
incendy35  +   637d ago
Sales say otherwise man... The sales say it all :D
Spotie  +   637d ago
I haven't actually listened to his music, but I doubt Bieber can claim the quality and market longevity that Sony can. fact, Microsoft seems to be the one that rode a wave of hype to prominence.

pwnsause_returns  +   637d ago
More Like the PS4 is like the NAS of game consoles.... Yes, NAS to me is like the best rapper alive...
#8.3 (Edited 637d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
dale_denton  +   637d ago
HAHHAHAHA you mad bro? have fun playing kinnect crap rivals.
Clunkyd  +   637d ago
Funny how M$ spent so much paid hype into TitanFail and bundle it with every Xbone that it still couldn't beat a Playstation Exclusive.

FYI: TitanFall had more hype than Infamous SS. Sony hardly even marketed the game, It sold itself.

Get owned!
Codey47  +   637d ago
Completely agree on the hypemetre/meter
Even after all that 75 awards piffle....and all the devotees could go on about, prior to the Kinectless Xbox One,of course........................ .......and still will.

Was Direct SauceX.
True_Samurai  +   637d ago
Where the numbers Though? Bold claim
Ninver  +   637d ago
where your bubbles tho? oh that's right just another troll account lol
MRMagoo123  +   637d ago | Funny
Its not a "bold" claim lol they wouldnt lie about it you douche, its a fact. I am sure MS can make you feel better by bringing up numbers about how many kinect voice commands happened this month or how many more zombies where killed in deadrising or maybe how many turns of a steering wheel have been made in forza.
Clunkyd  +   637d ago
LOL that was hilarious, XD
WilDRangeRrfc  +   637d ago
🐎🐎🐎 28014;🐎
Ashlen  +   637d ago
I laughed =)
Kayant  +   637d ago
"Bold claim" - It's a fact from NPD not a claim expect you want to disclaim MS's boast of X360+XB1 selling the most software.
MasterCornholio  +   637d ago
Just to quote Greg Kasavan,

"If the numbers bother you just imagine them higher"
Ninver   637d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
RandomDude655  +   637d ago
GAF has ps4 estimated at 190 to 225k Edit: close to 2 to 1 like January
#11 (Edited 637d ago ) | Agree(25) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
AussieBadger  +   637d ago
I couldn't care which games outsell which. Alway's happy when a game sells well as it's great for the developer. More games please.
S2Killinit  +   637d ago
Aaahhh so refreshing ^___^
Gamer777  +   637d ago
Do the people that complain about Vgchartz overtracking Xbox One in US, not realize that Vgchartz tracks for North America?
Spotie  +   637d ago
What does that have to do with NPD's reported numbers?
jebabcock  +   637d ago
It is funny that people want to nitpick the minor flaws in a game like infamous SS but are quick to justify any downfall of titanfall. I'm sure the game is good but just like ryse and all the other amazing exclusives for x1, no one wants to buy them! Why? Please explain because I am struggling țo make sense of that... All i can come up with is that the games just aren't really that great... These games had about every possible advantage going for them. From a massive marketing campaign, high initial review scores, shoot ms even paid people to only say nice things about these games.. A good game sells itself yet worldwide knack has higher sales than any AAA exclusives ms has to offer except for titanfall...
-Foxtrot  +   637d ago
I'm not saying this isn't a good is but I kind of wished inFAMOUS 2 sold as much as that was a much better, bigger and longer game in every way compared to Second Son.
windblowsagain  +   637d ago
I actually think Titanfall is the most advertised game ever made. I've seen it everywhere. Every site. Pops up all over the place,lol.
Father__Merrin  +   637d ago
you sir are correct, in fact I'm sick of titanfall adds it ruins your internet experience pop up all over

in fact the game made me install add block on chrome,
zeuanimals  +   637d ago
Excessive advertising can actually make me not want to buy what they're advertising.
Father__Merrin   637d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
Speak_da_Truth  +   637d ago
I went to Gamestop yesterday to buy my brother's Ps4 and the lady kept asking me are you sure you don't want the 399 xb1?? its funny and ppl tell Gamestop is neutral. Neutral my A$$. yet the ps4 continues to outsell the xb1
Ninver  +   637d ago
nothing beats the wisdom of a well informed gamer/consumer. thank goodness for the internet and the immediacy of information.

oh and free adult films lol jks
#18.1 (Edited 637d ago ) | Agree(20) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
DefenderOfDoom2  +   637d ago
I was at GAMESTOP the other day and the store manager told he moved the XBOX1 KIOSK (display model that you can play)right next to the checkout registers to help sell more XBOX1's . But 3 employees from that same store bought a PS4 and 2 of 3 of those employees first bought a XBOX1 and then traded it back for a PS4! But good news overall for the PS4 in USA!! INFAMOUS SS will be first game i buy when i get my PS4!
clonerz  +   637d ago
@Speak ive seen it countless times over the years at my local gamestops there are 2 within a quarter mile both the same pushing xbox. I think it might have had to do with all the extra things you need to buy when you purchase 360. a recharge kit , live gold, ms proprietary hard drive this made gamestop more money no doubt
DragonKnight  +   637d ago
They're doing that because no one wants an Xbox One and they lose money if the XB1s they have don't sell. It's not a bias towards MS, it's a bias towards money.
Chevalier  +   637d ago
Sorry man some stores are just shitty. I work at EB Games and mine is the top out of 9 in my city and we aren't like that at all. We were pretty high in North America for PS4 preorders ranking.

You know the funniest thing our head office company email was about Sunset Overdrive. The end says "...... that's right Xbone exclusive! Maybe this will convince people to buy Xbones"

What a joke they think Sunset Overdrive to sell consoles?! Wtf. After the reveal of big games we get excited people in preordering. Sunset Overdrive has had no people even mentioning it to us and it's quieter than crickets chirping. They somehow forgot how shitty Fuse and the last Ratchet game were.
josephayal  +   637d ago
supreme sucker punch victory
MultiConsoleGamer  +   637d ago
Good news!

Maybe we'll get some actual solid numbers to back their claims.

Oh wait...
zeuanimals  +   637d ago
If these claims are false, Sony can get sued by stockholders. So I don't think Sony would lie about this, but I do want some numbers too.
#20.1 (Edited 637d ago ) | Agree(16) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
MultiConsoleGamer  +   637d ago
Sued? No my friend. Just no.

But you're right, we do need to return to the days of solid numbers. We used to get these numbers all the time during the glory days of the PS2. That was a fun time. Even the smallest games would have data.

Well, on a positive note, I'm very happy about the success of Infamous SS. It's a reason to own the PS4. I've been crowing about it ever since I saw it at E3. Sucker Punch deserves all the success.
zeuanimals  +   637d ago

Yes, Sony can be sued as long as these claims are from Sony themselves and if it is indeed a lie.
Gamer-40  +   637d ago
"inFAMOUS: Second Son Best Selling Next-Gen Game"

Ok. But where is he?

April 2014 NPD.
Software, the best-sellers list.

1. Titanfall (Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC)
2. Call of Duty: Ghosts (Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Wii U, PC)
3. NBA 2K14 (Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, PC)
4. Minecraft (Xbox 360)
5. Lego: The Hobbit (Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One, PS4, 3DS, Wii U, Vita)
6. The Lego Movie Videogame (Xbox 360, 3DS, PS3, Wii U, Xbox One, PS4, Vita)
7. Lego Marvel Super Heroes (Xbox 360, PS3, DS, 3DS, PS4, Wii U, Xbox One, Vita, PC)
8. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (PS4, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U, 3DS)
9. Grand Theft Auto V (360, PS3)
10. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag (Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, PC
#21 (Edited 637d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(34) | Report | Reply
pwnsause_returns  +   637d ago
""inFAMOUS: Second Son Best Selling Next-Gen Game"

Ok. But where is he? "

they Meant PS4 vs. X1 software sales...where Infamous:SS has outsold the x1 copy of Titanfall....

sometimes, you need to read it at the deeper meaning...
#21.1 (Edited 637d ago ) | Agree(29) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Gamer-40  +   637d ago
Ok. Once again.
This list the best-sellers list. Top ten. April 2014 NPD official.

Where is inFAMOUS: Second Son?
Where is the number?

Somebody lies.
Magaman  +   637d ago
I was just about to post this also, how come every NON-Sony and every general interest news site that has posted the numbers make NO MENTION of Second Son. So how exactly is it a top selling anything if it doesn't even make a top 10 list?
mkis007  +   637d ago
Notice how the titles in the list that are on next gen are all on multiple consoles?

This means that if you take the next gen versions of this game Second son outsold all other games. NPD is a combination of every version of that game...

This is why no one has mentioned it...because they understand how the npd includes all consoles.
JohnRKlein  +   637d ago
Simple Logic

Titanfall (Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC) > inFAMOUS: Second Son (PS4)

Titanfall (Xbox One) < inFAMOUS: Second Son (PS4)
Gamer-40  +   637d ago
Yes, I know, and I understand. Not too complex. But this is not correct. Why?

Best selling next-gen game say Sony PR, but the game is not in the first top ten sells.

This is not correct. Simple PR lies.

Best selling Sony game. That's the correct.
#21.3.1 (Edited 637d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(36) | Report
DragonKnight  +   637d ago
@Gamer-40: What you're not understanding is that Sony said that Infamous: SS is the best selling next gen game. This means that, removing PC and last gen consoles, Infamous SS has outsold all other next gen titles on next gen consoles.

Your list is a blanket list of the best selling titles across all platforms for April, Sony isn't talking about ALL platforms. They are talking about PS4, Wii U, and Xbox One ONLY.

So that means that I:SS outsold Titanfall on Xbox One, it outsold CoD on Wii U, Xbox One, and it's own console PS4, and so on and so on.

Do you get it now?
ftrain  +   637d ago
@Gamer-40 This guy says "Yes, I know" but he clearly doesn't understand. Don't nod your head and say you know when you clearly don't.
mkis007  +   637d ago
Single sku dude... the other ones on the list there are all 3+ skus...
CBaoth  +   637d ago
Ya know sometimes when I come to N4G it feels like I'm in a goddamn episode of the Twilight Zone.

This is one of those times.
fluxmulder  +   637d ago
Wow Infamous didn't even make the top 10.
Flutterby  +   637d ago
That's because this is the top ten list of combined platforms it's not that hard to see.
nix  +   637d ago
you make idiots look better.
jnemesh  +   637d ago
Gamer-40, don't be ignorant. The top 10 games are all multiplatform. EVERY...SINGLE...ONE. Infamous: Second Son is only on ONE platform, the PS4. It was the best selling game for "Next Generation" consoles...yes, it outsold Titanfall ON THE XBOX ONE alone! Titanfall still outsold Infamous, as did the other 9 titles, because they are available on multiple platforms with a larger user base (Minecraft for the 360 being the lone exception..but the install base of the 360 dwarfs that of any of the next gen consoles).

Do you get it now?
HacSawJimThugin  +   637d ago
The 5 ppl I play Titanfall with daily all bought it digitally except for me...does NPD track those too?
SpinalRemains138  +   637d ago
Yes, I believe they count digital sales nowadays.
holdmyown83  +   637d ago
Such a shame since Titianfall is the better game. Infamous was cool but not nearly as good as the other two. IMO
strickers  +   637d ago
When was the last time you played the other 2?(3? Festival of Blood ). They don't stand up to SS controls. Especially 1. Cole was also a pretty 2D character but I have a feeling nuance may be lost on swathes of N4G members. ;-).
I love the Infamous games , and SS is a bit light on content, but what do you expect on early new gen?
So many people on here seem to comment with zero knowledge of the subjects of games, NPD, development. Like children.
SpinalRemains138  +   637d ago
inFamous games are just pure F U N.
S2Killinit  +   637d ago
I have to disagree with you. Infamous is the funner game of the two. Not that it was perfect, it felt like something was missing from an otherwise great game. But it sure was more fun than titanfall while it lasted.
#24.2 (Edited 637d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
SoulSercher620  +   637d ago
No surprise. Infamous is the best next-gen exclusive out there hands-down.
HappyWithOneBubble  +   637d ago
Flawless Victory
MerRoids  +   637d ago
Hmm, I am impressed. However, for a single player game, on a larger install base, who is surprised? The thing is; TitanFxxx ( you fill in the clever wording )is a lot like COD which will continue to sell games long after the release date, obviously for the online gameplay.

Even with Infamous in the lead over TitanFxxx on Xbox One, it is EA and Microsoft who still take the crown.. TitanFxxx on three platforms is a win for both companies, even if the flagship console is on the bottom of the totem pole in terms of actual sales. I am not hating, or trolling, but these are valid points.
#27 (Edited 637d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
shinrock  +   637d ago
Where is it on the list?
trywizardo  +   637d ago
TF sold 1.6 on X1 alone , and SS sold less than 1.5 , sony lies
but selling 2:1 (ps4:X1) is true ....
Flamingweazel  +   637d ago
Proof to back up your garbage?
JohnRKlein  +   637d ago
Just Wow.

Sony is only repeating what NPD reported.

MS and every single other major player in the gaming market sees the exact same NPD numbers as Sony.

Don't you think MS (Or any other company not in bed with Sony) would quickly refute Sony's "Lie"?

Please take the tin foil hat off.

Edit: LOL, I mistakenly Agreed his post.
#29.2 (Edited 637d ago ) | Agree(19) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
ftrain  +   637d ago
You're the one that's a liar. It happened, get over it.
kenshiro100  +   637d ago
Need tissues?
gamejediben  +   637d ago
I can't understand what all the hooplah is about Titanfall. The user reviews on MetaCritic are saying it's very average whether you buy it on PC, 360 or XBone. Do you guys know how many Mechwarrior clones are out there? What's so special about Titanfall? Graphically, it doesn't even compare to Hawken and that game is free to play!

Why would anyone spend $60 on Titanfall much less try to use it as a measuring stick for other games?

Am I missing something?
Bhai  +   637d ago
Hey, its just a straw MS and xbots are hanging at from drowning...
It was the biggest part of the billion dollar investment which MS and EA are seeing drowning...
If xbone can't fight with PS4 technically and visually... why not try something with fake hype?
HacSawJimThugin  +   637d ago
Unless you have played the game...silence. Graphics have nothing to do with gameplay in this regard. Your making assumptions based off of other peoples opinions so that in turn invalidates your opinion.
T2  +   637d ago
and yet your opinion of how great tf is couldn't boost xboxone sales .. funny how opinions work.
HacSawJimThugin  +   637d ago

TF is the top selling game according to NPD for the last two months...funny how facts work huh? I make just as much money off of console sales as you...nothing. Carry on troll. Nothing to see here.
memots  +   636d ago
Exactly , I've been saying he exact same thing for a couple months , I do not understand how overhype this game as been, it seems very artificial and bought, just look at ign it was plastered everywhere over there. Getting 10/10 or 5/5 at a lot of site.

Everyone says the same thing it's very fun but for a few hours, has frame rate problem, is not even a next gen game ( was started as a 360 game) and yet here we are all talking like it's some big revolution in gaming.

Whatev me and my friend decided we will pick it up when it's about 25/30$ on origin since that should have been the right way to price this game.
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