Microsoft on April NPD Results: Xbox Leads U.S. Software Game Sales

"April NPD Group figures released today showed that Xbox One continues to lead in software sales with the most cumulative units sold for any eighth generation home console platform life-to-date. Combined, Xbox One and Xbox 360 held eight of the top 10 spots on the generation eight and generation seven console game lists in the U.S. And, Xbox One continues to outpace Xbox 360 sales in the same historical time period by selling over 76 percent more units in the first six months on the market.

Xbox One sold 115,000 units in the U.S. in the month of April and has outpaced Xbox 360 sales by 76 percent in the first six months on the market.

Xbox 360 continues to grow its install base with 71,000 units sold in April in the U.S., more than any other seventh generation console."

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ape0071194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

TitanFall in my humble opinion is the best online game i played since CoD4/Mw2 and the best "nextgen" game yet along with SM3DW, the game is just amazing, flows like magic, vintage old IW/Respawn

Second Son is too an good game, glad to see SP game sell well

no matter how i love online, im an Old School SP guy

a great SP > great mp but online is awesome

Septic1194d ago

Interesting that the X1 is leading in software but not hardware.

"Xbox One continues to lead in software sales with the most cumulative units sold for any eighth generation home console platform life-to-date."

Bonkerz1194d ago

Xbox One has better games which leads to more software sales. Only thing that is really worthy atm on PS4 is Infamous, and its only a SP game so the used copies probably killed it. MLB is a complete mess, horrendous MP, load times are a joke, its just not good.

Kayant1194d ago

Not surprising they do have more retail exclusives and big TF sales. Probably will continue for a while.

I do wish we could get by how much it is leading by.

georgeenoob1194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

It's great MS recognizes how vibrant and supportive their gamers are. That's why they're so confident in putting gamers first.

Congrats Microsoft. Well deserved.

Septic1194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

I have to say, for all those that tried to downplay Titanfall and how it benefitted the X1, if anything, this shows just how crucial and instrumental it has been in making the Xbox One appear competitive in these tough times.

Imagine if it didn't have Titanfall and got merked on hardware AND software.

If MS continue to bring on the games in this strong fashion, THIS combined with the Kinectless Xbox (now we definitely know why they dropped it), we might see a bitter fight for hardware domination, at least in the USA, at the end of this year.

All speculation though. The question is, has Sony gained too much momentum in the meantime?

tbone5671194d ago

Xbox 360 hitting beast mode right now. 9 out 10 best sellers. Too many people are currently satisfied with their 360. Will move to X1 in the future.

izumo_lee1194d ago

I think the reason for this is that many PS4 gamers may be taking the digital option. Alot of PS4 games are only digital.

I for one have downloaded more games than i have bought physically on the PS4. Dead Nation, FF 14, towerfall, Warframe, Outlast, etc some of the games i own digitally.

Also downloading these games are extremely fast for the PS4, some even you are able to play when it has downloaded parts of the game.

04STIBluByU1194d ago

@ Septic:

Please stop saying games...It was 1 game TF... not many games...just TF...which is a SHOOTER...those tend to sell very well on XB consoles. So just hope you get more shooters I guess.

aceitman1194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

@bonkers not correct ,ill leave this right here 4 u.

MysticStrummer1194d ago

"Xbox One has better games which leads to more software sales."

darthv721194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

Not surprising Septic. When you think about it...that is all anyone can do on the xb1 is "buy" games.

On PS4 they "give" you games with PS+. many of those games on both lists are 8th gen specific? Certainly not Fez, flower or Rayman legends......

kreate1194d ago

I'm pretty satisfied with the 360. just wish there was more new games to play. so I'm playing old ones, which is also great.

NatureOfLogic_1194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

From Neogaf:


April 2006 - 295K

April 2007 - 174K

April 2008 - 188K

April 2009 - 175K

April 2010 - 185K

April 2011 - 297K

April 2012 - 236K

April 2013 - 130K

Xbox One:

April 2014 - 115K

Correction: This is Xbox worst April since they discontinued the original Xbox.

KwietStorm1194d ago

I'm not making any definitive statement, but realistically, you could buy a PS4, not purchase a single game, and still have like 10 games to play, especially if you include PS+. Maybe that's where a chunk of the difference is. All these people who keep saying PS4 has no games, DON'T EVEN OWN A PS4.

Bathyj1194d ago

Given the popularity on online shooters, its no surprise the TF is leading. TF is very much a game catered to Xbones demographic.

But even given that popularity, and even without a huge mega-selling game, more gamers are preferring PS4.

I dont think the NPD results for software OR hardware are surprising to anyone, or at least to me.

ma1asiah1194d ago

@ aceitman and MysticStrummer,

Now take out the mutiplat titles and indie or arcade games for both platforms, then see if you still stand by who has the better games especially Triple A titles wise

MysticStrummer1194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

@darth - "how many of those games on both lists are 8th gen specific? Certainly not Fez, flower or Rayman legends…"

You "forgot" Titanfall. Much of the list for both consoles is cross gen, so I'm not sure what your point is.

@ma1asiah - They're all games man. If you have to start excluding games to make your point then how much of a point do you really have? Last gen several of those allegedly non-games were legit GotY candidates, and some even won the award, so please let's drop this "Only the games I say are games are actually games" argument.

darthv721194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )


Where is the April 2014 360 numbers? You list every year but this one so lets see if what MS says is true or false.

It's the best April for the XB1 so far. How about we just go with that???

@mystic, my point is people buy a new console to play new games. Not ones that are old and made new again (Fez, Flower). New games released on the 8th gen first. If they were released prior to the 8th then they shouldnt count.

but hey, you like the list so go play with your list. I'm going to go play with games.

Skips1194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )


From that list...

Retail PS4 games that can't be played on Xbone:
Final Fantasy XIV (87)
MLB: 14 The Show (83)
Infamous Second Son (80)
Injustice (80)


Retail games that can't be played on PS4:
Titanfall (86)
Forza 5 (80)
Dead Rising 3 (78)
Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare (77)

lol not sure what your points is, PS still beats Xbone in scores for retail. And not to mention in numbers WHEN adding in indies, and downloadables.... XD

Biggest1194d ago

Did you guys not read the releases? Infamous, not Titanfall, was the leader in software sales for current generation consoles. Titanfall sold the most software when combining 360, PC and Xbone.

Muerte24941194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

IF you look at the report. The Xbox 360 is actually leading in software. Everything next gen has PS4 outselling Xbox One, generally.

Also "-Infamous was the best selling next-gen game. (As in, in terms of only counting sales of games on XB1/PS4/probably Wii U, this game sold the best if you ignored all other sales.)"

So.... yeah, there's that.
Funny thing is VGChartz, that people keep posting so much, had Xbox One taking April in America +50k. Just more evidence of how off their numbers continue to be.

ma1asiah1194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

@ Skips

My point is that the number of critically acclaimed games comes down to being relatively the same - meaning neither console is winning any type of war based off of the games you actually buy these type of consoles for. The score next to them is kind of subjective as they are "one" persons opinion in this particular case i.e. gaming journalist etc. So don't carry the same weight at the end of the day as you either agree or disgree with their opinion which no matter what your own opinion would be well neither answer would be incorrect.

I asked to take out multiplats as these appear on both consoles and outside of graphical differences the game you play is pretty much still the same.

I asked to take out indie and arcade titles simply because even though they may offer the most unique and innovative experience, they are not the main reason you buy a four or five hundred dollar console for.

I am yet to find someone who says "man you have to buy console "x" for Rosogun or Max The Curse of Brotherhood etc. Normally the games we get most hyped for etc are the Triple A blockbuster titles that you can't play on an Android, IPad or Tablet.

One thing I will add in respect of your list is your inclusion of "Injustice" yes it is exclusive to the PS4 but at the same time it is a visually retooled port of the Xbox 360 PS3 game for the most part so I am not really sure it actually counts.

MLB The show is a sports game, not really what I personally would consider a Triple A franchise in the same way I don't consider Madden or FIFA, NBA2K etc Triple A franchises. Yet hey everyone to their own, plus to be fair I probably wouldn't consider Plants vs Zombies GW a Triple A game.

AceBlazer131194d ago

Safe to assume a lot of ps gamers are buying digital.

DoubleM701194d ago

It's been that way for a very long time @septic. Xbox owners buy games. Everybody I know have KI, DR3, TitanFall. Not to mention all the multiplats.

OrangePowerz1194d ago


Lol MS putting gamers first, that's the best joke for today so far. You always crack me up just like Truefan1 or powerofgreen. You just should get a youtube comedy channel :)


all the sales numbers are retail so it doesn't include any digital sales and that counts for both platforms. Out of 18 or so games I have 4 retail games and the rest are digital games.

Prime1571194d ago

Does anyone know if npd takes into account digital sales? Xblive vs psn sales would be interesting to see if they aren't in npd.

DaGamingKing1194d ago

Tells me XB1 is where the games are at. Those others out there just need to realise that. Perhaps now its cheaper folks will. One can hope.

ma1asiah1194d ago

@ Prime157

No only sales from retail, so ALL digital sales are not reflected in these figures.

SilentNegotiator1194d ago (Edited 1194d ago ) did Microsoft push so much software in April?? /s

alexkoepp1194d ago

Xbox has the best games, no surprise. You find a much greater quantity of -$ony fans on this site because M$ fans are busy playing all those great games they buy.

BG115791194d ago

These number are showing something funny.
When MS pesented their vision of gaming, they wanted to force their costumers to go all digital. They public reacted negatively and MS kind of changed their policy.
Wirh Sony, there was nothing of that. They said, you either play from the bluray or the disk.
Guest which of the compagnies sell more digital content? Weird right? Sony seemed to have actained tge perfect balance between digital and physical content sales.

Death1194d ago

It's funny how so many assume Sony sold digital games to make up the differance yet ignore the fact Microsoft sells digital too. I bought Titanfall digitally since it's online only.

NewMonday1194d ago


XB1 has more retail games, but PS4 has about twice the games tatal with PSN games that don't get tracked.

as for Titanfall it's actually about people over-hyping the game and saying it will make XB1 the top seller those people are proven wrong, those who disagreed are proven right.