The Classic But Oft Criticized Mega Man IV Comes to Nintendo's 3DS eShop

Nintendo released Mega Man IV for the 3DS's Virtual Console today, which was the fourth installment in the series and originally came out for the NES in 1991 for Japan, 1992 for North America and 1993 for Europe.

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Jag-T10001343d ago

If these NES games were $2, I would buy a bunch of them. At $5 it's too much for an NES game. These games are over twenty years old and Nintendo still wants a lot for their games. More people would buy these games if they were $2.

meganick1343d ago

This is a Gameboy game, and it's 3 dollars.

Donnywho1343d ago

This is Gameboy Mega man 4.

Ninja_G_Aidan1342d ago

Just rom it all on PC! Should be no more than two quid. They ask for premium prices for a simple megabyte.