Three Mario Kart 8 Details That May Drive You Insane

Mario Kart 8 is one of Nintendo's biggest Wii U titles of 2014, but there are three important details fans should know about Nintendo's new racing title.

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InTheZoneAC1466d ago

it's mario kart. If I didn't care for the first I'm not going to care for the 8th

Flo-con1466d ago

Well, thanks for the input.

Kevlar0091466d ago

What an astounding general statement that could be applied to anything you don't like

Dravidian1466d ago

The first PC's, cars, and phones kinda sucked...

CAB18021466d ago

it's the Playstation, if i didn't care for the PS1 i wouldn't care about PS4

InTheZoneAC1465d ago

I'm sorry you feel that way. What about ps1 didn't you like?

Mario Kart was ok on the snes, but an arcade kart racer is only fun for a little. I just prefer racing games with cars and if I wanted destruction I'd play twisted metal.

deafdani1466d ago

What a closed minded person you are, then. It seems you don't believe things can change for the good (or bad).

Ol_G1465d ago

Just seems butt hurt the game is so good so he has to make a snarky comment that didn't come out too well

3-4-51465d ago

Great Logic:

* Food - If I didn't care for that food, I won't care for any good.

Grand logic you have.

BullyMangler1465d ago

give it a try . MK 8 already looks more skills than infamous Second Son . .

deafdani1465d ago (Edited 1465d ago )

Dear God, how in the damn hell is Mario Kart related to friggin' Infamous?

Please shut up. You have one bubble too many. Ugh.

rivencleft1465d ago

Yeah I didn't care too much for the Model T car, so I guess I shouldn't care about the 2015 Camaro..

WiiUsauce1465d ago

Then why are you here commenting? You cared enough to click on the article lol smh

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we4201466d ago

So you can only talk to your friends, but you can't even invite them.. Makes perfect sense /s

DryBoneKoopa851466d ago

The only detail that's driving me crazy is the fact I have two more weeks to wait! I'm just going to have to hope this weekend holds me out till the 30th.

Neonridr1466d ago

all things that can easily be changed in updates. Can't fix a bad game, but you can tweak an exceptional game.

Gamesgbkiller1466d ago

I got to be honest.

I was surprised about how much beautiful the game is.

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The story is too old to be commented.