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Three Mario Kart 8 Details That May Drive You Insane

Mario Kart 8 is one of Nintendo's biggest Wii U titles of 2014, but there are three important details fans should know about Nintendo's new racing title. (Mario Kart 8, Wii U)

InTheZoneAC  +   441d ago
it's mario kart. If I didn't care for the first I'm not going to care for the 8th
Flo-con  +   441d ago
Well, thanks for the input.
Kevlar009  +   441d ago
What an astounding general statement that could be applied to anything you don't like
Dravidian  +   441d ago
The first PC's, cars, and phones kinda sucked...
CAB1802  +   441d ago
it's the Playstation, if i didn't care for the PS1 i wouldn't care about PS4
InTheZoneAC  +   441d ago
I'm sorry you feel that way. What about ps1 didn't you like?

Mario Kart was ok on the snes, but an arcade kart racer is only fun for a little. I just prefer racing games with cars and if I wanted destruction I'd play twisted metal.
deafdani  +   441d ago
What a closed minded person you are, then. It seems you don't believe things can change for the good (or bad).
Ol_G  +   440d ago
Just seems butt hurt the game is so good so he has to make a snarky comment that didn't come out too well
3-4-5  +   441d ago
Great Logic:

* Food - If I didn't care for that food, I won't care for any good.

Grand logic you have.
bullymangLer  +   441d ago
give it a try . MK 8 already looks more skills than infamous Second Son . .
deafdani  +   441d ago
Dear God, how in the damn hell is Mario Kart related to friggin' Infamous?

Please shut up. You have one bubble too many. Ugh.
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rivencleft  +   441d ago
Yeah I didn't care too much for the Model T car, so I guess I shouldn't care about the 2015 Camaro..
WiiUsauce  +   441d ago
Then why are you here commenting? You cared enough to click on the article lol smh
we420  +   441d ago
So you can only talk to your friends, but you can't even invite them.. Makes perfect sense /s
DryBoneKoopa85  +   441d ago
The only detail that's driving me crazy is the fact I have two more weeks to wait! I'm just going to have to hope this weekend holds me out till the 30th.
Neonridr  +   441d ago
all things that can easily be changed in updates. Can't fix a bad game, but you can tweak an exceptional game.
Gamesgbkiller  +   441d ago
I got to be honest.

I was surprised about how much beautiful the game is.
Dchops  +   441d ago
Did this REALLY warrant an entire article? It seems rather pointless, especially considering that the IGN review was posted on N4G yesterday.
Jag-T1000  +   441d ago
Can you steer with the D pad or do have to wave the game pad around to turn?
bass4g  +   441d ago
You can either use the gamepad like a steering wheel or use the analogue sticks, not sure if you can use the dpad though.
Th3o  +   441d ago
THere is just 1 detail that drives me insane, and that is that it's not in my hands right now so I can play with GF get mad when I get blue shelled and lose to her at the last second, and eventually throw out my Wii.U to save what's left of my dignity.
NiteX  +   441d ago
I'm thinking they will patch that in later on.
TRS_Gear  +   441d ago
Okay, this is going to come across kind of brutal. So let me start by saying I am an avid Nintendo supporter, I have owned every one of their consoles and nearly every handheld... yes even the GBA Micro.

With that being said, how are limitations to the online side of things even considered newsworthy? Nintendo has given no reason thus far to show they can be taken as a serious contented when it comes to online interactions. The advances made to the WiiU are nice, but still never the less these should not be considered reasons to knock the game.
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deafdani  +   441d ago

1. The jump in online capabilities from the Wii to the Wii U is a BIG one; because of this, we expect more from Nintendo in this area. Sony and Microsoft have already been going seriously at online for 7-8 years now, so it's high time we demand Nintendo to make an extra effort in this area.

2. On top of that: since the DS entry, the Mario Kart series has set the standard for online play on their respective consoles/handhelds. Because of this, people has pretty high expectations from Mario Kart 8's online component, probably higher than any other Wii U game so far.

So, I don't understand your post. Are you saying that we should be conformists, and not demand better experiences from Nintendo? No, thanks.
TRS_Gear  +   441d ago
"So, I don't understand your post. Are you saying that we should be conformists, and not demand better experiences from Nintendo?"

No, I am not saying that at all. I am saying Nintendo has done very little in their past to ensure users that these features should be expected. The three listed features are commonplace one both PSN and XBL, they are built into the OS of the console, not something that the game itself is expected to offer. Thus leading me to the conclusion that the lack of the listed features should not be a hit on the game, but instead a hit on the console.
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scissor_runner  +   441d ago
Chatting online with other fans is not a better experience. I liked it better when we all typed to talk to each other. I have both cod Bo and ghost and have played lots online.... I don't miss chat. Just want silky smooth online play.

Also I don't want bandwidth wasted on something I want.
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Ol_G  +   440d ago
I'm sick of people claiming they're Nintendo fans just before they start bitching please shut up and leave we don't need your worthless opinion
TRS_Gear  +   437d ago
I am sorry, you do not seem able to make cohesive sense of what you read. I clearly and rather blatantly explained that the game 'Mario Kart 8' should not receive a black eye because of the limitations of the hardware it is running on. I in no way bashed Nintendo, I in no way insinuated anything that isn't true. Nintendo has had a very shaky transition into the online gaming realm, and has always been a step behind the competition. This being a well know fact, I don't feel it warrants article titles such as the one listed above. For what is said to otherwise be a fantastic game, I prefer news on my news websites not some guy crying about the lack of functionality that was never a guarantee to begin with.

There are two sides to this story. Nintendo fans who can see the faults of the company and still support them. And there is the blind fanboy who can't take any criticism. Be a realist, calm down, and stop characterizing me as whatever you have me painted as in your head. I'm not that guy, I merely speak the truth. I admit my original comment may have been a bit brash, but I feel it was justified with my personal experiences.
OtakuDJK1NG  +   441d ago
Friend Chat only in Lobby not a big deal.
Maybe there no game invite til the game launches.

They have a REVIEW COPY not retail.
AusGamer  +   441d ago
I think the best way around this problem is simple, unless your friends are in other cities/countries, invite them over in real life, like we did back in the old days :-) Just make sure they remember to bring their controller! lol
Broburger  +   438d ago
Who gives a shit it's mario kart

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