BF4 Community Test Environment Improves Server Tick Rate, ADS Sensitivity, Screen Shake, and More

MP1st - Battlefield 4‘s Community Test Environment has been open to Premium Subscribers on the PC for only a short period time, but already we’re learning about some exciting test results from participants.

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Majin-vegeta1470d ago

Cant wait till they roll this out,BF4 is gonna feel like a whole new game :D.

Crazyglues1470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

I hope so, hopefully this will lead to the game finally fixing a lot of problems which still seem to haunting the game.

I have the digital copy on PS4 and I have re-downloaded it twice, because I just could not believe the game could work so badly..

But every time it's the same problems, "you have lost connection to EA" when joining a game for a good 10 times before I can get in a game.

hit detection, completely broke - I'll run up on a guy who does not see me, start shooting and he will turn and kill me in one to two shots.... ridiculous

just awful problems that make the game feel like a glitched up mess fill with bugs..

I hope this leads to a fix, I often hear people with the disc copies say they are not getting these problems.. / but who knows, seems strange the download copy would work different from disc?

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Majin-vegeta1469d ago

I have the disc version and I hardly have problems the only thing I have problems with are with lag and rubberbanding due to foreigner joining in U.S server but other than that the game has been so good to me.

Do you play on wireless or wired connection??

Crazyglues1469d ago (Edited 1469d ago )

@ Majin-vegeta

yeah i'm wired and on FIOS 83mps down / 36mps Up so nothing ever lags, just battlefield..

No other game ever has problems.. BF3 fine, Bad company 2 fine, BF4 awful...Titanfall fine, everything else I play works fine, I've checked my connection a million times..

It has something to do with the download copy, because My friends have the disc and have no problems, but I don't get how this can be download only problem, it's the same game. -But I guess only DICE can answer this..

venom061470d ago

yes.. it will.. and this will good for this game as well as future Frostbite games as well.. BF4 really is an AWESOME game..

xKugo1470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

Game is SOO much better now than it was just 3 weeks ago. Marked difference in hit detection(though I am still dieing despite being the first to shoot VERY often) and the best part, I haven't lagged AT ALL since they rolled out the high-performance servers. If by some miracle they could return Grand Bazzar to this game, I would probably never stop playing. My favorite map of all time.

r3f1cul1470d ago

really? i guess aim sensitivity is a thing on pc... because i know for damn sure its not on the console... i play on both and am accustomed to a decently high sensitivity and bf4 is super fast IMO at least equal to a 7 or so on a cod game other then that i welcome a higher tick rate and less screen shake but faster aim isnt needed IMO...

Kleptic1470d ago

its not 'faster' aim...

the CTE PC client gives users the ability to independently adjust free 'look' sensitivity (hip fire) and ADS sensitivity...before, there was a locked ratio between the two that was tied to FOV...

now you get a separate slider for ADS sensitivity...

its not something needed at all on consoles...but with a mouse, having a lot more control to begin with, its a huge improvement...and allows easier transition between sights of different zoom levels...

r3f1cul1469d ago

i figured it was a pc related issue, i havent played pc for shooters since css so im a bit out of the loop honestly lol either way glad to see them making improvements hope they carry over well to the console to so we can all have a more enjoyable BF experience

brainfart1470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

2 pac, I see death around the corner!!! Every game I've played in bf4 I die well beyond around a corner it happens quite often, but I will say I see vast improvements in bf4.

angelsx1470d ago

Are we gonna see this changes on ps4/xbone or that will be only on pc?

Kleptic1470d ago

some are PC-centric changes (like the ADS stuff as far as i know) well as improvements to 'network smoothing' adjustments, which i don't think the consoles ever had...

but the client send out rate being increased from 10hz to 30hz, is being discussed for PS4 and Xbox One as far as i know (and PC obviously, its running great on there in CTE currently)...

PS3 and Xbox 360 couldn't handle the increase, though...its unanimously agreed that 10hz client send out factor was entirely because of the Xbox 360 to begin with...Xbox Live's requirements do not allow more than specific bandwidth usage, and even at 10hz...BF4 was all over that near dial up like restriction...

Majin-vegeta1469d ago (Edited 1469d ago )

Yes we will.

Here's a list of stuff they're working on.

ScottyHoss1466d ago

The separate ADS/hip fire sensitivity would help so much on consoles!!

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