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A single game could save the Wii U, but Mario Kart 8 is not it

Dealspwn: "Mario Kart has always been the second game you buy with any Nintendo console, but rarely the first. It's the game that everyone who has a Nintendo console buys -- because why the hell wouldn't you?! -- but it's not the game that you buy your console for." (Mario Kart 8, Wii U)

DanManDantheMan  +   439d ago
It's a good start though. If Nintendo really wants the big bucks, they're going to have to make the most wanted game idea a reality: Open World Pokemon
FuzzyPixels  +   439d ago
Couldn't agree more. Iwata insinuates that the Wii U is waiting for its Pokemon moment...


For a company that has survived off of rehashing its well-worn (but exceptional) back catalogue, why the hell Nintendo haven't made that move is beyond me.
mikeslemonade  +   439d ago
There's not a single game that can save it. You would need 2 or 3 real Pokemon games on the WiiU. When I mean real it has to be either a MMO or in the same format as Pokemon GB,GBA,DS, and 3DS games but in 3D.
SharnOfTheDEAD  +   439d ago
I'd love a AAA Pokemon game but the series has changed so much from when I enjoyed it (Original 150) Not too sure how they would execute it, but i'd imagine it would be one of the most Ambitious games to date if they went all in!
sonypsnow  +   439d ago
Monolith Soft's X
GT67  +   439d ago
Nintendo has boat load portfolio of SNES games, can't see why they not using it.
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Deadpoolio  +   439d ago
It's not going to happen the Pokemon developers have said over and over and over and over and over and over and over again, that they personally feel that Pokemon really only belongs on handhelds and therefor will not make any main line type pokemon game for consoles
DragonKnight  +   439d ago
Well, seeing as how Nintendo owns Pokemon, they don't need those specific developers to do it. They can just use other developers to do it.
Bobby Kotex  +   439d ago
You people in your bubble think pokemon is universally appealing to gamers. Trust me, it's not.
DanManDantheMan  +   439d ago
Some guy named bobby kotex definitely speaks for all gamers.
voodoochild346  +   438d ago
Shouldn't you be selling feminine hygiene products right now?
3-4-5  +   439d ago
One game won't save it, but 6-7 will, and Mario Kart 8 starts that.
Sly-Lupin  +   439d ago
It's really not a good start at all.

A good start would be a unique experience you can't get anywhere else. Yeah, Mario Kart 8 looks great and all, but it's offering the same fundamental experience you can get on a Wii or 3DS.

Also, the whole premise of a single game "saving" a platform is fundamentally flawed. Japan is really the only market vulnerable to that kind of "killer app" thing, and even then, it's only with a handful of very specific, established titles.
DanManDantheMan  +   439d ago
Yeah, because there haven't been countless moments in history where a single game turned around the fortunes of a system. Unless you were born last year, I'm sure you were around for the 3DS turn around. Only took 1-2 games and then a steady flow of software afterwards to maintain the sales.

You're misinterpreting what Iwata means by one game to save a system. If you really think he betting the entire future of Wii U on Mario Kart 8 then you need to expand your thought a bit.

Also, if you'd attribute the PS4 and X1's sales to having software you can't get elsewhere, it'd make you a grade A hypocrite.
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Sly-Lupin  +   438d ago

I know it's futile to engage with fanboys, I do. So I'm only gonna reply this once:

1. Yes, you're right--there have NOT been countless, or even many, or even a couple of instances in history of a single game reversing a console's fortunes. Like you, yourself said, DanManDantheMan, the 3DS was able to turn around thanks to multiple games and a steady stream of releases.

If you look at platforms that floundered, only to manage to pick up steam later on--like the 3DS and PS3--you'll notice that they only did so after accumulating a large library. Alternatively, you can see that many of the platforms of the past that did not do so well--the Gamecube, the Xbox, the N64--did poorly despite having one or more big, "system-seller" games. Like I said, the idea of a "killer app" is a myth.

2. I'm not misinterpreting Iwata at all. He is hoping to duplicate the success the Wii had with Wii Fit, which appealed to a new casual demographic--a demographic which has long-since moved on. By focusing on trying to duplicate that "one-hit-wonder," he is effectively drawing resources away from what Nintendo should be doing to save the WiiU--focusing on delivering a steady stream of quality games.

And it's not like Nintendo doesn't know what to do. They were able to save the 3DS by very intentionally making sure the platform had at least 1 big release every month. The reason they haven't done this with the WiiU is because A) they're still chasing the specter of the Wii, and B) because development is more expensive and Nintendo was caught woefully unprepared.

3. You're the only one talking about the PS4 and Xbox3. But, since you brought it up, the success of those two platforms reinforces my point--they are selling well despite NOT having any "killer app" games. They're essentially selling because of the promise of one day having similar libraries to their successors.

4. Thanks for calling me a hypocrite. You really managed to nail the trifecta of fallacious arguments with that one.
andrewer  +   439d ago
Zelda! Or maybe Metroid...or even SSB. I would call it a 3-part plan xD
TheEnigma313  +   439d ago
Mario Kart is bigger than all those titles.
andrewer  +   439d ago
For some...for others like me they are all equally important, where ideally no Nintendo console should miss
crusf  +   439d ago
Alternate title "Mario Kart 8 is getting great reviews.... BUT don't get your hopes up remember Nintendo is still screwed financially!" Let Nintendo have a good moment for once
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Dchops  +   439d ago
I honestly don't think that the internet will allow for that anymore.
Vegamyster  +   439d ago
They plan on making a profit next year even with low expectations, wouldn't say they're not screwed financially.
caseh  +   439d ago
Its like Scrooge McDucks money bin out of Duck Tales over in Nintendo HQ. Iwata goes swimming in it every day.

Chrischi1988  +   438d ago
Funny, isnt it? I mean, Nintendo repeatedly brought a very very good game to the Wii U, a game many people love and even non nintendo fansite give it phenomenal reviews, but it still doesnt count, because of the power of the Wii U, even though the game runs at 1080p and 60fps. I know, that it is easy with this art style and with a racing game, but that doesnt change the fact, that it looks fantastic and that most people just have a 1080p TV and wouldnt be able to see much more than what this game is already offering, so maybe for once, people could stop hating and actually give cudos for Nintendo finally doing something right? Or is that impossible for haters to be neutral for once?
OtakuDJK1NG  +   439d ago
Oh more people trying to kill Mario Kart 8
Ck1x  +   439d ago
It's suicide if they jump in front of that train though!
Sincere0121  +   439d ago
Haters are hoping that Mario kart 8 isn't it more like, well lets wait and see. Furthermore lets see what happens at e3.
Th3o  +   439d ago
It's a terrible thing to be a Wii.U user on N4G.

Most of the user base are Sony fans, and a lot of those fans are completely biased (though there are truly some spectacular commenters on here once in a blue).

So in terms of N4G don't bother praising Nintendo realistically or figuratively because it just won't fly.

Proud owner of all consoles except Xbox One (which because I have PC and no more room).
SharnOfTheDEAD  +   439d ago
I own a PS4 and I admit I very much like it, but I gotta say many of the Wii U games look great and I do feel like i'm missing out on some great games. I'm just not sure about the tablet controller, it seems quite big/clunky are the other controller cheaper? Are they better to use than the tablet?
WeAreLegion  +   439d ago
Honestly, the tablet controller is very comfortable and light weight. You get used to it very quickly.

The extra width is nice, too. Easier to lounge around and play with.

I recommend getting a Wii U. LEGO City: Undercover is seriously the best LEGO game ever made.
uth11  +   439d ago
I agree. I upgraded from a Wii to a PS4. I was tempted by some of the Wii U exclusives, but in the end, the deal breaker was that gamepad (esp the added cost) and the fact that the Wii U looked destined to be an orphaned system. For $100 more, the PS4 looked like a much better bet.

My household has several GBAs, DSs and a Wii, I suspect I'm typical of the type of customer Nintendo missed the boat with on the Wii U here.
g-nome  +   439d ago
I have no problems playing with the tablet controller , it is in fact very comfortable. And remote play is flawless.
Th3o  +   439d ago
It definitely feels cheap and clunky at times, but after a bit you not only get used to it you end up loving it.

Remote play is much more accurate than the Vita's with my ps4 (for now at least...remember that's a secondary function for Vita while Wii.U it's built in).

The initial setup on the Wii.U was a pain...the update took about 2 hours to finalize...and having nintendo ID + club nintendo is annoying I hope they eventually just combine them.

Other than that...the games are super fun. I can't put down super mario world 3D:)
R00bot  +   438d ago
Luckily if you bought a new one now it wouldn't need the day 1 update, since it would already be installed. You might need a small update doe.
kwandar  +   438d ago
The gamepad is actually very nice, and EXCEEDINLY good for games where you have inventory to manage, or mini-maps.

I now prefer it to any of the other controllers, but I had the same hesitation initially.
WeAreLegion  +   439d ago
There may be more Sony fans on here, but most of them will trash Microsoft before they ever touch a Nintendo article.

I'm like you. I have a PS4, Wii U, and PC. I absolutely adore Nintendo. This industry wouldn't be around without them.

Don't ever say anything bad about them on N4G though. There is a huge Nintendo fanbase here now. There didn't used to be, but it's here now.

I once trashed Sony's Music Unlimited service because Spotify and Google Music offer a better selection and better features. You should have seen my inbox when I did that. Lost a bubble that day. Lol.

The same thing happened when I got mad about Mario Kart 8's battle mode. I just want a proper battle mode! But no. Everyone got mad at me for not praising the racing. It's wonderful racing. I'm sure this is the best racing we've ever seen in a kart racer, but I'm a battle mode kinda guy. I'm not trying to step on toes.

The point is...people will freak out because they are passionate about the things they love, even to a fault. I can't blame them. I love Sony and Nintendo, too. And Microsoft, sometimes. But we have to recognize faults. I had a PSP Go. I know faults well.
weekev15  +   439d ago
TBH I think people were getting more mad at your insistance that more points should be docked due to a weak battle mode given that the actual racing is universally praised. That being said I agree a lot of the Nintendo fanboys on here can be ridic at times.
WeAreLegion  +   439d ago
That's fine. I understand that. It's just a sore topic for me right now, as crazy as that sounds. I play Mario Kart for that, exclusively. That's why it upsets me so much. Lol.
Baccra17  +   439d ago
What's terrible is how you enablers allow Nin to get away with stupid sh!t day in and day out, but then call those who can see "haters." That's what's sad.
fonger08  +   439d ago
because that never (sarcastic) happens with any Playstation or Xbox articles, come on man get real.
marloc_x  +   439d ago
Nintendo is enabling my wallet..
Ck1x  +   439d ago
So what was it that they got away with yesterday or the day before? Fact is you guys can't give credit where credit is due and Nintendo has been delivering pretty solid news since the SmashBros direct!
RPGrinder  +   439d ago
It is that title.
SliceOfTruth888  +   439d ago
The spiritual successor to Mario 64 or Mario Galaxy would have people buy the system for that game alone. A full HD, magical mario experiance.....my mouth is watering. After playing the overrated Super Mario 3d world, yeah i said it, i just have to keep hoping it exists
rivencleft  +   439d ago
I already have a Wii U but if Nintendo released a spiritual successor to Mario 64 I would buy 20 copies and hand them out, in my opinion that was the best Mario to date.
FuzzyPixels  +   439d ago
And that's the thing...Mario Kart is the game that you buy straight away once you already have the console, but it's not the game that makes you buy the console in the first place.

And yeah, Ninty have botched Mario on Wii U -- two games out already, one of them is nearly identical to its Wii predecessor, and one of them is based on an admittedly brilliant 3DS game. That Galaxy successor can't come soon enough!
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AWBrawler  +   439d ago
Did you have memory loss or were you under a rock when Mario Kart 7 launched? The 3DS started selling a lot more after, and you can't say its the price cut, because that was done months prior with little effect.
AWBrawler  +   439d ago
Nintendo timed the release perfectly. One week later is E3, so something is bound to get the attention and sell consoles. but Haters gonna hate
FuzzyPixels  +   439d ago
I don't know about that. Dropping it just before Christmas would have been even better tbh. There's nothing like a bit of MK on Boxing Day.
weekev15  +   439d ago
Ah well need to settle for Super Smash Brothers instead. ;)
rivencleft  +   439d ago
Zelda Wii U OR Bust!
for we are many  +   439d ago
I can sadly tell you that even if Zelda Wii U is announced and is even perceived as the best in the series and it gets high praise everywhere, these articles will still pop up everywhere saying the same thing. It's a vicious cycle and it's well thought out it seems.
rivencleft  +   439d ago
I can agree with that, I remember when the PS3 just came out and it was doing horribly and everyone was talking about how much Sony was losing on each console sold, but look what happened with them, they at least made enough profit to produce the PS4, the fastest selling console in history (I believe), I've purchased 2 Wii U's already, first was the Zombie U Bundle with everything in it, which was awesome, 2nd was the Super Mario/Luigi U bundle, I've owned every Nintendo console they've released, my favorite being the N64, amazing console with great games, and if Nintendo released a new console tomorrow I would buy it, because it's what I grew up on since the NES we had 1989 at the ripe age of 4, they've got franchises most every gamer grew up on, so I'll always feel as if I should support Nintendo at any cost since they brought some of my most cherished childhood memories, especially Mario Kart on the SNES, remember playing that with my older sisters and saying my first curse word ever then getting slapped in the face by my mom, good times. Apologies for the long post.
for we are many  +   439d ago
A prime example of Negative Reinforcement Subliminal Messages, attempting to create a Self-Fulfilling prophecy by convincing people that MK 8 won't increase sales and etching that in their minds through repetition, even before the game is released and despite excellent preorders and high anticipation for this premium piece of gaming software.
Emanno  +   439d ago
MK8 can save the Wii U this year. Disagree with the title.
Grilla  +   439d ago
Nintendo really messed up with the wii u, you have a system that's going on 2 years old and they still haven't released a new mario or zelda game. Mario 3d world and zelda ww don't count, ones a remake and the other is a remaster, both great games but they aren't new. It all goes back to the fact that they didn't know how to make games in HD when the next gen started.
ritsuka666  +   439d ago
Agree. Nintendo REALLY is struggling with games in HD.
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gerbwmu  +   439d ago
I'm not sure how 3D world is a remake unless you are talking about it being 3D Land? They are very different, at least to me. Would be like saying SMB3 is a remake of the original Super Mario Bros
Grilla  +   439d ago
Yeah I'm talking 3d land. Of course they are different ones on a handheld and the other is on a console. It's different but the same. Sometimes I get them confused when think back or maybe I'm just getting old. Nintendo says it's a sequel.

I really wish they'd make something like mario 64, but instead nintendo makes a game they think casuals would enjoy. Apparently mario 64 was too hard.
deafdani  +   439d ago
Get out. 3D World isn't a remake, nor anything close to it.

Also, Wii U has been out a year and half, not two. And Nintendo has already released/published A LOT of great games for the console.

The problem is the lack of third party games (besides indie games, of course), and I honestly don't see that situation changing anytime soon, so game droughts will persist unless Nintendo cranks up their own game production to 11.
Dehnus  +   439d ago
OH ye of little faith....
Nodoze  +   439d ago
They need a near field pokemon game. Think skylanders with evolving pokemon figures.

They would mint money with it.
RiPPn  +   439d ago
These days a single game is not enough, you need a huge stable of games, but MK8 is a great addition to that stable.
Ghost_Nappa  +   439d ago
Smg 3 also, attach games to email adress and not system
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thebudgetgamer  +   439d ago
Will it have that stupid catch up AI?
deafdani  +   439d ago
Considering how every Mario Kart game in history has had it... I think that would be a safe bet. Cheap and infuriating AI is pretty much a staple of the franchise. :P
Grilla  +   439d ago
All this talk about this game or that game is gonna turn things around for the wii u is a pipe dream. The wii was a flash in the pan. Nintendo home consoles have been on a downward trajectory for a long time. Mk8, super smash or zelda u won't change that.

That's part of nintendo problem, always looking for the next big hit instead of putting in the work and doing things like better online, better 3rd party or building system that's more powerful then stuff that came out in 2006.
Skate-AK  +   439d ago
Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros and a Zelda will be the big 3 to boost Wii U sales.
Knushwood Butt  +   438d ago
It's practically going head to head with Watch Dogs.

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