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First Metal Gear Solid 4 Online Review - 9/10 - by HardGame2

HardGame2 writes (This story has been translated by Google translator pages):

" Mr Hideo Kojima, as almost always, it was the bar very high, but once again, has done what was promised. We find ourselves with a new Metal Gear Solid superb, you look where you look, with one of those stories that trap us from start to finish, our emotions, with enormous possibilities playable, with the great online mode and, above all, capable of offering sensations that few games can achieve.

Perhaps his only weakness is that, basically, it's really just a new Metal Gear Solid, an (great) evolution of what we had not seen so far, but not a revolution as was once the Metal Gear Solid of PSX.

The feeling that you have left once you've finished it played something big, very big, you can be engraved on the retina, but that if it were not for all their previous releases, maybe it would not have gone from being "a title most outstanding ". If you have not played any of the above, might not have just discovered all his greatness.

The best: The story, graphics, OST, depth playable, sound, includes a comprehensive multiplayer mode ... basically, almost everything.

The worst: The little bug that Konami has left us not count (it unveils the June 12). Graphically, it could be somewhere more refined. If you never liked the philosophy of Metal Gear, this is not going to make you change your mind. If you do not have the baggage of the previous games, might not know all appreciate his greatness. (Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, PS3) 9/10

Update It is the first online review of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. Not about Metal Gear Online.

Credit url: ps3.hardgame2.com
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Batusai  +   2737d ago
9/10, No bad. MGS4 will be my first PS3 game on 12 of june
Breakfast  +   2737d ago
Good first choice.
Im gonna leave this topic by itself...

...but, i do have one thing to say....conspiracy.
sonarus  +   2737d ago
lol conspiracy indeed. Spanish bastard rated it lower because of no spanish voice over...its not kojima's fault blu ray couldn't hold the data.
Nostradamus  +   2737d ago
@ butasai
This is not MGS4.
This is MGSO.

In case you missed it.
LenHart  +   2737d ago
this is not the review of MGS4

this is the review of MGO

metal gear online
LenHart  +   2737d ago
NOTE :- 1 point was cut off for not including a Spanish DUB in the build????
now thats just LAME

BTW How the hell did i lose a bubble?

people do give me bubbles?

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PirateThom  +   2737d ago
The best: The story, graphics, OST, depth playable, sound, includes a comprehensive multiplayer mode ... basically, almost everything.

The story?

The fact it "includes a compreshensive multiplayer mode"?
chaosatom333  +   2737d ago
Metal Gear Solid 4 Online
They are giving online a 9/10?

what are they going to give the game?

20/10. lol.
BulletToothtony  +   2737d ago
Actually they gave it a 9 because the game doesn't come with the spanish language
which isn't right... i mean i understand that they wanted spanish.. i knew i would if i hadn't learned english.. (i am spanish) but it's not a reason to bring down the score because you don't understand a game

If it was in spanish they would've understood the game batter and i'm sure they would've given it a higher score..

i also didn't like the nit picking.. saying that when they zoomed in into textures it didn't look very realistic... and i'm sorry but that video where hideo is playing the game and he zooms in the textures look better than anything to date. (killzone beats it but not out yet)

either way, like i said their biggest complain was the lack of the spanish language, so nothing we have to worry about
Bathyj  +   2737d ago
How can they review the on line portion separately? Its not a separate game. Surly if MGO got 9 by itself the whole package deserves better.
Imalwaysright  +   2737d ago
No this is the review of MGS Guns of the Patriots not MGO (i understand spanish). According to this website MGS4 is just as good as NG2........ interesting..........hmmm im starting to believe in those conspiracy theories!!
gambare  +   2736d ago
that 9 was because the spanish people LOVES translated games, if a game doesn't come with spanish translations then it demerit the game. I know because I lived in spain for 6 months, and they got almost all of their games and movies in spanish.

so expect that to be the only low score for MGS4.

"Lo peor: Las voces se han mantenido en inglés."

trans: The worst : the voices remains in english

that means the guy who review the game didn't liked the fact the game didn't have spanish voices.
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ikkokucrisis  +   2736d ago
The bottom line is this game is awesome
You can nitpick all you like, but it's still a great game, so buy it when it comes out.
jwatt  +   2736d ago
Based on what I've seen so far and Kojima's track record, this game shoundn't get under a 90.
resistance100  +   2736d ago

Don't be so sure, while it will average around 94 upwards it will get the odd low review, look at MGS2 gamespot gave that a 8.5
jwatt  +   2736d ago
yea your right.
vickers500  +   2736d ago
Are you people seriously f*cking disappointed that this game got a 9/10? 10 generally means perfect, and no game deserves a perfect score. Don't bring up gta 4, because I'm 90% certain that take 2 paid IGN for that review, and other sites followed(copied) in their footsteps+hype=perfect 10's all around. So don't imply that I think gta 4 deserved its 10's when I say no game deserves a 10.

Quit whining people, this game is apparently incredibly f*cking awesome, and a masterpiece of gaming bliss. There is no need to cry about a 9/10 anyway.
skynidas  +   2737d ago
This is stupid they gave it a 9 because of the translated spanish version and some textures that looked from a close range look a little blurry...and im not saying that this game will always get 10's but i would like to read some pretty good excuses to not give a 10 to this game
LenHart  +   2737d ago
This is the review of MGO
not MGS4 campaign

sorry apparently they took off one point just because the DUB is not in Spanish???

OMG are these people crazy or something
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sonarus  +   2737d ago
the spanish thing made me laugh the most. Considering the game is highly dependent on story, i think konami should have compromised a bit to fit some of those voice tracks. It sucks to watch a 40min cut scene reading text off the screen
Bonsai1214  +   2736d ago
sonorus, clearly you don't watched subbed anime. haha.

i can guess the reason why no spanish voiceover was included was because the voice acting was done with 7.1 in mind, and konami didn't have the time, patience, or resources to record it in every language out there.. plus the any audio track in that hq will be several gb per. hence the 50gb disk
Adriana Lima  +   2737d ago
this is of course, MGOnline
in before some idiot can't read.
Breakfast  +   2737d ago
nope...i was in before you.

...but wait...the multiplayer has a story?
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LenHart  +   2737d ago
It is the review of MGO not MGS4

They didnt talk about the story in full . read again
gregory247  +   2737d ago
they didnt talk about the story in full because

1. they dont want to spoil it for the reader
2. it is an overall review not story review
3. mult is included (online)

As you may know, one of the great attractions of Metal Gear Solid 4 is the inclusion of Metal Gear Online, a multiplayer option of Metal Gear universe, which promises to give much more life to the game once we have finished. Unfortunately, at this moment we have only been able to access the same public beta that many of you already have been able to enjoy, but imagine that the version that will appear in the final version will be similar to the beta.

Thus, we find a way online for a maximum of 16 players, which we will be able to edit our character and get into court battles classic, inspired by maps all deliveries of this saga and a gameplay that suffers an some do not take advantage of the component that it is in stealth mode campaign (except a mode where a player must have control over Snake and the other will have to find it).

Anyway, it is expected that once you've left the game, will be adding new modes, maps and possibilities that will increase even more, all the fun that already offers this entertaining online component."

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resistance100  +   2737d ago
9/10 and what looks like game of the month or editors choice award.

Looks like this will be getting great reviews from everyone, still reguardless of what reviews this game gets i will be buying it!

I think this is a review for both MGS4 and MGO as a package, as why would a MGO have images of MGS4 in the review, and a mark for the story.
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Nitrowolf2  +   2737d ago
oh i hope this game truly lives up to the exspectation
i dont want it to get over hyped and turn out to be a game that gets boring
im still playing the other MGS
I hope it can live up to the hype (unlike GTA4 in my opinion, it was great but not as i expected it to be)
CViper  +   2737d ago
I think the translation is screwed up.
Breakfast  +   2737d ago
I dont know...a 9 in spanish, is still a 9 in english.
LenHart  +   2737d ago
again trolling

9 for online not the full game
GiantEnemyCrab  +   2737d ago
This is MGS4 not MGO. Hopefully you can see the Update for this story that it is in fact the first ONLINE review of MGS4.

Once again with you and your wrong comments with all the agree's.
gregory247  +   2737d ago
it got a 9/10 because they didn't do a Spanish dub (i.e. it is in english with Spanish subtitles)

and in the review it says that the online is included so we dont have to pay twice for it...
LenHart  +   2737d ago
oh sorry
But thats seriously LAME

taking off a point for not including the SPANISH DUB is seriously LAME
Shaka2K6  +   2736d ago
MGS4 = Game of the century.
Only on PS3.
poos3  +   2736d ago
hahaha 9/10 i swaer ng2 got a 9/10 mgs4 will never be goty no 1 has said it is goty canidate =) hahah and it is funny that this is clearly a mgs review but ppl are lising saying it is mgo have they read the review its the MGS 4 REVIEW YOU TWATS.
Angelitos  +   2737d ago
How was this approved with this title? It should be MGO review, not MGS4 Online review.
3sexty rulzzz  +   2737d ago
trolls are full of it
last week a forgein site gave mgs4 a 10 and you fvcks didn't say anything about why was it approved. now that your lovely mgs4 gets a 9 now you want to know why it got approved. you don't know what the fvck you want. the graphic are too dark and it could have use a bit of refining but ps3 couldn't handle it.

lenhart your precious gets a 9 you should be happy.
LenHart  +   2737d ago
the reviewer said that he took of 1 point for not including a SPANISH DUB in the review build

did u actually read it??

u BAS**** fucccer this will get 10 across the board

your GAYLo got 8/10 from them as well as Gayers
Cupid_Viper_3  +   2736d ago
yeah i get what you mean... just like your avatar, the pic is too dark and could have used a little refining, but your MOM couldn't handle it..............

and before you sound dumber than you already do......I'm BLACK, JUST NOT AS DARK, like you and suposedly MGS4.....
Xlll  +   2736d ago
@3fixme This is a review of MGSOnline. Not MGS4. Nice try but next time read the article before making yourself look dumber then we already know.
steck67  +   2736d ago
Why does it even matter? You make it sound like something serious. 9/10 is better than what halo 3 got from this website, and they docked off some points for MGS4 for stupid reason, while Halo 3's cons were reasonable.
GiantEnemyCrab  +   2736d ago
"@3fixme This is a review of MGSOnline. Not MGS4. Nice try but next time read the article before making yourself look dumber then we already know."

Not it's NOT, this is an MGS4 review.

Nothing like someone trying to be a asshat to someone and then owning themselves. Maybe you need to read better fool!
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JOLLY1  +   2736d ago
Hey nasim
how does mgs get 10's across the board, when in this review it got a 9?
Xlll  +   2736d ago
"First Metal Gear Solid 4 Online Review" see that crabby? ONLINE. MGS4 comes with MGSO. See that? Is that to hard for you to understand? Guess with those DVD9's and no standard HDD your not used to getting this much game.
gregory247  +   2737d ago
All of you guys are idiots...
1. it got a 9/10 because they didn't do a Spanish dub (i.e. it is in english with Spanish subtitles)

2. and in the review it says that the online is included so we dont have to pay twice for it...

3. this is the Metal Gear Solid 4 review... not the online review...

LenHart  +   2737d ago
they didnt do a Spanish dub?
then why review the game at all?

a 9/10 from not reviewing the DUB is just LAME
GiantEnemyCrab  +   2737d ago
Hrm. Isn't the online a "starter pack" and then you pay for MGO seperately? I think so.
GiantEnemyCrab  +   2736d ago
To the 6 disagree's:

"From an interview at CES 2008, where Kojima ’s Playstation 3 offering is being demoed to a lucky few, comes the confirmed news that Metal Gear Online will be included with the purchase of the single player game, MGS4. It is, however, an online starter pack."


Is there an additional MGS4 online I'm missing?
Tmac  +   2737d ago
The the reviewer and this review doesn't match up, he seems awfully excited about the game says they do everything right and then nitpicks a 9. Giving a game a 9 because it doesn't have spanish dubs... Wow. Seriously.
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sandip787  +   2737d ago
the best: the graphics
the worst: the graphics could be refined.
please, for our sakes, sort yourself out mr reviewer.

oh, and what the hell, is this the review for the online? or the single player, i dont get it?

AND, almost everything about this game is brilliant, yet it receives a 9, and not a 10. i know its just a number, but a game like this deserves that (not so elusive these days) perfect score
juuken  +   2737d ago
That title ought to be fixed so it doesn't confuse people.
jackdoe  +   2737d ago
Never heard of HardGame2. Also, they have got to be breaking the embargo of MGS4 reviews with this early review.
Destructor  +   2737d ago
Where's your best game of all time now PS3 owners?

Still, looks like a fun game that I'll buy.
jackdoe  +   2737d ago
----> Move over. You are not welcome in this Zone. Still kind of funny that you are trying to bash a game that got a 9.
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clintos59  +   2737d ago
And where is your AAA title that is suppose to give MGS4 some competition...
in june? Oh wait I mean overhyped AAA title?
sandip787  +   2736d ago
not banjo kazooie, thats for sure.
juuken  +   2736d ago
Cute, but no.
And MGS4 isn't *fun*. It's a kick-ass stealth game that's been getting near-perfect scores as of late.
clintos59  +   2737d ago
I never heard of these guys and there only reviewing MGO not the full game..
I dont think this score will count because its only the online score, where is the full game review, undele before I steal your taco and eat it. :)
gregory247  +   2737d ago
they are reviewing the full game... the title is just confusing...

all they say about MGO is that they think it will be included with MGS4
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hotshot127  +   2737d ago
ohhhhh sh!t. now i knew people would nitpick at mgs4 just to bring down the score but this man
was angry because there was no spanish dubs? are you kidding?

i expected "cutscenes too long"

or "story too complicated for newcomers"

or something of those sorts to pick at but he said spanish dubs.......
somehow i think mgs4 wont be the highest rated game of all time because of silly reasons.......like this one
GiantEnemyCrab  +   2737d ago
Nah, I highly doubt this website is tracked by metacritic or gamerankings. I see more 9's coming for this game in the future thou, nothing to complain about.
hotshot127  +   2736d ago
of course more 9's will come in but i gurantee you will see more 10's then 9's.

this was some serious nitpicking weather they record this review or not.
thewhoopimen  +   2737d ago
....What the hell...
These guys gave Ninja Gaiden 2 a 9/10 as well... Wtf?

Story: 7
Graphics: 9
Music / Sound: 8
Gameplay: 10
Multiplayer: --
English edition: 7

NG2 Total Score 9

Graphics: 9
Music / Sound: 10
Gameplay: 9
Multiplayer: 8
English edition: 7

MGS4 Total Score 9

Is that BS or what... Even in the review they admitted they only played the MGS4 online beta... so they can draw a conclusion of an online beta with 3 maps?
#17 (Edited 2737d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
clintos59  +   2736d ago
Thats what I was talking about..
Alot of fanboys in here trying to say they reviewed the whole game. I dont think so because they gave NG2 the same score which already shows there true colors. This review should not count. Yes a 9 isnt bad but comparing MGS4 greatness including Multiplayer online to NG2 which has a crap story and bad camera and graphics isnt much better then sigma and no online multiplayer, how the hell did they come up with the same score? BS if u ask me.
sandip787  +   2737d ago
hell, if they never translated it to english it would be the best game i ever play.
i watch films and anime in japanese etc without knowing how to construct a sentence in that language. but yet i still rate them so highly.
its hardly MGS's fault that its not been translated. rate the game for what it is.
J@D  +   2737d ago
Well, I'm not agree with the editor of this review. I can read Spanish and I can fulling understand every single word on that reviews but still give a 9 cuz the game don't include voice acting on Spanish(Castilian to be more specific cuz on personal matter Castelian aka Castellano on Spanish IT SUCK AS HELL!!!*cough*) its just a shame but this reviews doesn't count to me. ^__^
Angelitos  +   2737d ago
NVM what I said before, are they basically reviewing MGS4 with MGO, or MGS4 by itself?
themyk  +   2736d ago
was it just me or was his writing all over the place. it was kind of hard to read. i'm not sure it it was grammer, or punctuation.

i don't know, but it sucked thats for sure.
xg-ei8ht  +   2737d ago
cod4 has some of the worst textures in (nextgen game) did that stop it selling like crazy, or people loving the graphics. NOPE
Bacon  +   2736d ago
WTF? These assholes took points off for it not having Spanish translations.
#22 (Edited 2736d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
steck67  +   2736d ago
Thats stupid. Why dont they just get their butts off their chair and learn some English.
Destructor   2736d ago | Spam
Timesplitter14  +   2736d ago
Hopefully this unimportant site won't make it to the metascore. HardGame2.... what the hell is this?
Bacon  +   2736d ago
Metacritic doesn't track unknown websites like this. I've never even heard of these people.
RonDeMuerte  +   2736d ago
Hey guys....
Well I know Spanish.....so I read the review.....and yes....basically they gave it a 9 for not being dubbed into spanish, it's pretty much the first thing they mention when scoring it at the end.....hahahahaha but I read some of the comments from the readers and they were pretty much asking him why he didn't give it a 10 since most don't really care if it's dubbed or not.......oh and they're making fun of Ninja Gaiden II by the way.......hahahaha very few 360 fanboys over there in Spain..........one more thing....they reviewed all of MGS4, including MGO......and the guy just says that the game has it all......
#26 (Edited 2736d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
pwnsause  +   2736d ago
yea i noticed that too since I speak spanish as well HAHHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA HAHaH
resistance100  +   2736d ago
What did they say about NG2 then?
RonDeMuerte  +   2736d ago
Basically that it's pathetic to even try to compare NG2 to a game like MGS4........and that while NG2 may be a "good" game.....it pales in comparison to MGS4....they also mention how it been getting 8s and 7s from websites........dude just imagine us....typing in spanish........
resistance100  +   2736d ago
Ah fair enough, just them stating facts then lol.

Anyway have a bubble for the translations
Ali_The_Brit  +   2736d ago
so much for the xbots saying all the high scores are coming from only ps3 websites
Homicide  +   2736d ago
Those dumb bots always get owned.
fenderputty  +   2736d ago
OK seriously guys
I love metal gear. I want it to get all high 10's and crap too. I still understand why the guy says this though. He's writing to a Spanish group of people(we had to translate the thing). He apparently thinks that having to read subtitles in a game so driven by story is a pain. He also thinks this is relevant to the Spanish speaking people he's writing this too. It's not like a 9 is bad anyway. Plus ... this is a pretty no name site.
#28 (Edited 2736d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
robotnik  +   2736d ago
Metal Gear Solid (PSX) was translated to Spanish, and its known as the best dubbing ever here. Everyone was expecting that this game was going to be dubbed because it was supposed to be the last chapter of the saga.
But no one should care about this review, this is the first time I heard from this web, Meristation is more "relieable" even when they are paid by Ms to put high scores to games like halo 3 (10).

However it's pretty sad that people still care about what press reviewers say about a game, they are only gamers. We all know that this game will be GOTY and no need for IGN and other magazines to tell us. At least I dont need that. Even if it doesnt get the GOTY, I will not care, this is my new "OoT".
miusica  +   2736d ago
I'm spanish so I understand every word in that review. The review is for the whole game, including online (although they said they have only played the beta). There are three reasons for rating MG4 with a 9. Only one of those three should be taking in account, and is the one of the problems with some textures (nothing really bad to rest 1 point). Not to dub a game should never be taken into account. The game is as good with or without being in your language. The other reason is because of one thing they said Kojima told them not to talk about. They don't say what it is, but they write is a "problem" that is generally happening to the last ps3 games, and it's the installation of the game. The game is the same, with or without having to wait 15 more minutes before you can start playing it for the first time.

Anyway, I don't like the ratings in this website, mainly because the "cons" of the games are always stupid things that don't deserve a lower note for the game.

P.D.: as I've said I'm spanish, so excuse me if there are grammar or vocabulary problems in my post.
#30 (Edited 2736d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
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