First Metal Gear Solid 4 Online Review - 9/10 - by HardGame2

HardGame2 writes (This story has been translated by Google translator pages):

" Mr Hideo Kojima, as almost always, it was the bar very high, but once again, has done what was promised. We find ourselves with a new Metal Gear Solid superb, you look where you look, with one of those stories that trap us from start to finish, our emotions, with enormous possibilities playable, with the great online mode and, above all, capable of offering sensations that few games can achieve.

Perhaps his only weakness is that, basically, it's really just a new Metal Gear Solid, an (great) evolution of what we had not seen so far, but not a revolution as was once the Metal Gear Solid of PSX.

The feeling that you have left once you've finished it played something big, very big, you can be engraved on the retina, but that if it were not for all their previous releases, maybe it would not have gone from being "a title most outstanding ". If you have not played any of the above, might not have just discovered all his greatness.

The best: The story, graphics, OST, depth playable, sound, includes a comprehensive multiplayer mode ... basically, almost everything.

The worst: The little bug that Konami has left us not count (it unveils the June 12). Graphically, it could be somewhere more refined. If you never liked the philosophy of Metal Gear, this is not going to make you change your mind. If you do not have the baggage of the previous games, might not know all appreciate his greatness.


It is the first online review of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. Not about Metal Gear Online.

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Batusai3648d ago

9/10, No bad. MGS4 will be my first PS3 game on 12 of june

Breakfast3648d ago

Im gonna leave this topic by itself...

...but, i do have one thing to say....conspiracy.

sonarus3648d ago

lol conspiracy indeed. Spanish bastard rated it lower because of no spanish voice over...its not kojima's fault blu ray couldn't hold the data.

Nostradamus3648d ago

This is not MGS4.
This is MGSO.

In case you missed it.

LenHart3648d ago

this is not the review of MGS4

this is the review of MGO

metal gear online

LenHart3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

now thats just LAME

BTW How the hell did i lose a bubble?

people do give me bubbles?


PirateThom3648d ago

The best: The story, graphics, OST, depth playable, sound, includes a comprehensive multiplayer mode ... basically, almost everything.

The story?

The fact it "includes a compreshensive multiplayer mode"?

chaosatom3333648d ago

They are giving online a 9/10?

what are they going to give the game?

20/10. lol.

BulletToothtony3648d ago

which isn't right... i mean i understand that they wanted spanish.. i knew i would if i hadn't learned english.. (i am spanish) but it's not a reason to bring down the score because you don't understand a game

If it was in spanish they would've understood the game batter and i'm sure they would've given it a higher score..

i also didn't like the nit picking.. saying that when they zoomed in into textures it didn't look very realistic... and i'm sorry but that video where hideo is playing the game and he zooms in the textures look better than anything to date. (killzone beats it but not out yet)

either way, like i said their biggest complain was the lack of the spanish language, so nothing we have to worry about

Bathyj3648d ago

How can they review the on line portion separately? Its not a separate game. Surly if MGO got 9 by itself the whole package deserves better.

Imalwaysright3648d ago

No this is the review of MGS Guns of the Patriots not MGO (i understand spanish). According to this website MGS4 is just as good as NG2........ interesting..........hmmm im starting to believe in those conspiracy theories!!

gambare3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

that 9 was because the spanish people LOVES translated games, if a game doesn't come with spanish translations then it demerit the game. I know because I lived in spain for 6 months, and they got almost all of their games and movies in spanish.

so expect that to be the only low score for MGS4.

"Lo peor: Las voces se han mantenido en inglés."

trans: The worst : the voices remains in english

that means the guy who review the game didn't liked the fact the game didn't have spanish voices.

ikkokucrisis3648d ago

You can nitpick all you like, but it's still a great game, so buy it when it comes out.

jwatt3648d ago

Based on what I've seen so far and Kojima's track record, this game shoundn't get under a 90.

resistance1003648d ago


Don't be so sure, while it will average around 94 upwards it will get the odd low review, look at MGS2 gamespot gave that a 8.5

vickers5003648d ago

Are you people seriously f*cking disappointed that this game got a 9/10? 10 generally means perfect, and no game deserves a perfect score. Don't bring up gta 4, because I'm 90% certain that take 2 paid IGN for that review, and other sites followed(copied) in their footsteps+hype=perfect 10's all around. So don't imply that I think gta 4 deserved its 10's when I say no game deserves a 10.

Quit whining people, this game is apparently incredibly f*cking awesome, and a masterpiece of gaming bliss. There is no need to cry about a 9/10 anyway.

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skynidas3648d ago

This is stupid they gave it a 9 because of the translated spanish version and some textures that looked from a close range look a little blurry...and im not saying that this game will always get 10's but i would like to read some pretty good excuses to not give a 10 to this game

LenHart3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

not MGS4 campaign

sorry apparently they took off one point just because the DUB is not in Spanish???

OMG are these people crazy or something

sonarus3648d ago

the spanish thing made me laugh the most. Considering the game is highly dependent on story, i think konami should have compromised a bit to fit some of those voice tracks. It sucks to watch a 40min cut scene reading text off the screen

Bonsai12143648d ago

sonorus, clearly you don't watched subbed anime. haha.

i can guess the reason why no spanish voiceover was included was because the voice acting was done with 7.1 in mind, and konami didn't have the time, patience, or resources to record it in every language out there.. plus the any audio track in that hq will be several gb per. hence the 50gb disk

Adriana Lima3648d ago

in before some idiot can't read.

Breakfast3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

nope...i was in before you.

...but wait...the multiplayer has a story?

LenHart3648d ago

It is the review of MGO not MGS4

They didnt talk about the story in full . read again

gregory2473648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

they didnt talk about the story in full because

1. they dont want to spoil it for the reader
2. it is an overall review not story review
3. mult is included (online)

As you may know, one of the great attractions of Metal Gear Solid 4 is the inclusion of Metal Gear Online, a multiplayer option of Metal Gear universe, which promises to give much more life to the game once we have finished. Unfortunately, at this moment we have only been able to access the same public beta that many of you already have been able to enjoy, but imagine that the version that will appear in the final version will be similar to the beta.

Thus, we find a way online for a maximum of 16 players, which we will be able to edit our character and get into court battles classic, inspired by maps all deliveries of this saga and a gameplay that suffers an some do not take advantage of the component that it is in stealth mode campaign (except a mode where a player must have control over Snake and the other will have to find it).

Anyway, it is expected that once you've left the game, will be adding new modes, maps and possibilities that will increase even more, all the fun that already offers this entertaining online component."


resistance1003648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

9/10 and what looks like game of the month or editors choice award.

Looks like this will be getting great reviews from everyone, still reguardless of what reviews this game gets i will be buying it!

I think this is a review for both MGS4 and MGO as a package, as why would a MGO have images of MGS4 in the review, and a mark for the story.

Nitrowolf23648d ago

oh i hope this game truly lives up to the exspectation
i dont want it to get over hyped and turn out to be a game that gets boring
im still playing the other MGS
I hope it can live up to the hype (unlike GTA4 in my opinion, it was great but not as i expected it to be)