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Thursday Throwdown: How will Sony respond to $399 Xbox One at E3?

"A couple of days ago Microsoft announced that it was dropping the Kinect from Xbox One in a future SKU due for release on June 9th, the day of E3. Why this was announced now and not at E3 is anyone's guess. We figure that the NPD numbers for April are not too impressive for Microsoft and they're making this announcement now in order to lessen the blow of the release of the NPD figures. If that's not it, we'll be surprised, but it's definitely a possibility." - David Wales, Stealthy Box (PS4, Xbox One)

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theXtReMe1  +   110d ago
They don't have to. The fact is, it is still a less powerful system. Camera or no camera, it doesn't matter. If they were to change the price of the system to $299, then it would make a difference. People may consider it specifically because they wouldnt have to spend so much money. But knowing you're getting a less powerful system at the same price, why wouldn't you opt for the more powerful one? That would be my only recommendation to Sony. Push forward the fact that the PlayStation 4 is the most powerful console on the market and is running games faster and at higher resolutions than the competition, so that even the most casual gamer on the street knows the facts. That way when they go to the store to purchase a system, they know that one is more powerful than the other and is the same price as the less powerful one.

Microsoft, somehow, now thinks they are operating on even ground with Sony with this price drop. Aren't they supposed to be some of the smartest people in the world? Or did the price drop automatically upgrade the Xbox One system performance? If that's the case, then the cloud is operating faster than they ever thought it would. Even beyond their own control and the Terminators are incoming. :)
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HyperBear  +   110d ago
While I agree with some of your points, I'd still like to see Sony drop the PS4 price in Canada back down to $399. The "Canadian dollar is weaker" excuse has run it's course, cause if Microsoft can do it, why can't Sony?
Kingthrash360  +   110d ago
because of supply and demand.
for sony to drop the price right now would be a very bad business move...for 2 reasons.
1. its far too early for a drop..ms did the drop because they have to. the ps4 is selling too great for a drop.
2. sony's financial troubles. the ps4 success is a saving grace for sony. to lower the price would hurt them more than it would hurt ms.

sorry about the canada 50 bucks though...but look on the bright side, at least its not brazils price. think about it like this, japan has to pay alot more to ship the console to canada...the us is right next door.
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TFJWM  +   110d ago
Sorry no reason to drop it in Canada. As for a PS4 price drop no reason to do it now. Drop it 20 bucks right before Christmas would be all they have to do. Having the lower price would help with parents in the holidays
memots  +   109d ago
with a Model that includes the Camera lol
Eddie20101  +   109d ago
Sony raising the price in Canada had a lot to do with retailers wanting to continue to make some kind of profit on selling PS4's and that Sony can't afford to take any more of a loss on the system. It's unfortunate but that's the way it is.
UltraNova  +   109d ago
Well seeing how you complain for the high price (not that I blame you)please be a doll and convert 430 euros to Canadian dollars. Hope it makes you feel better :-), I should know, since I used my viza to pay for my ps4 it still hurts like a bitch.
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Giul_Xainx  +   109d ago

Games games and more games. Halo? Gears? Forza? Fable? Psh.

That is what xbox fans are expecting. Sony fans really don't know what to expect. If history repeats itself like the ps1..... something from left field will steal that spotlight from everyone. And it doesn't require David Hayter.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   110d ago
"did the price drop automatically upgrade the Xbox One system performance?"

No, but the games is what MS has to show to further compete with Sony.

If MS has some really compelling graphical technical games then the power difference wouldn't really matter as much.

Although multiplats will most likely always sell better on PS4.

overall great new Ip's to show off that they are on par with Sony's games in terms of quality and quanity.

With that said Sony's not gonna just let MS impress with the games Sony's said to have some hard hitters of there own.

So now that Kinect and this motion control craze gaming is officially taking a far backseat it seems the goal for winning ultimately comes down to original core gaming, compelling AAA's. And that will never change.

Sony knew that with PS4 and MS is just realizing that.
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XStation  +   110d ago
E3 2014
Why o why  +   109d ago
Can't dissagree. Ms have to fight with games. They dont have last gens advantages at their disposal this time around. Better for gamers either way.
Samsara82  +   109d ago
you are right....

content on consoles is way more important than graphics performance (especially when the difference is not that much)...If you want graphics...PC is always there...

but price was a big difference for people that were on the fence of getting either console, let's face it most people don't come on these websites comparing Resolution and FPS....people buy content and features...not resolution/fps
BattleAxe  +   110d ago
Make PS+ non-mandatory for online play, and it's a wrap.
Nekroo91  +   110d ago
Never going to happen, sony needs money and microsoft litteraly makes billions with xbox live.

If sony achieves 15 million ps subscritions ( lets say 20 million consoles sold)by the end of this year..that makes 750 million cash almost the same amount Sony got from the entire gaming division, just with a subscrition fee.
hot4play  +   110d ago
Agree. As a consumer, I feel it is a little unfair to charge for online play. (damn M$ for starting the trend with xbox live)

I wanted to play Killzone SF online the other day but I remembered that my PS+ subscription has already expired.

Makes the PS3 era look like "the good ole days" haha

EDIT: Lol @ the disagree, you don't want FREE ONLINE for games you already PAID FOR? haha
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Sci0n  +   110d ago
online only games are already f2p on PS4 regarding subs. No PS plus is required to play warframe, planeside 2, dcuo, ffxiv, warthunder and soon to be many other online only games.
BattleAxe  +   109d ago

Who cares about F2P games?
palaeomerus  +   109d ago
Q: "Who cares about F2P games?"

A: People who are stuck playing them during this game drought and don't have a PC.
DaGamingKing  +   109d ago
Wouldn't that be a 180?
zeuanimals  +   109d ago

The 30 million + who play League of Legends on a daily basis. One of my most anticipated games is F2P too, Planetside 2.
MysticStrummer  +   109d ago
"Who cares about F2P games?"

I do. I'm looking forward to Planetside 2 on my TV and sound system. H1Z1 and War Thunder aren't far behind.
Derekvinyard13  +   110d ago
By announcing more games, because in the end that's what it's all about. Don't matter how powerful something is, if it looks fun people will buy it.
badz149  +   110d ago
yeah, seriously? Sony need to respond now that a weaker console that is selling 3 million less than their PS4 is now at the same price? I just don't get it.

the effect brought by the kinect-less SKU is still unknown and it seems like people have already forgotten that the PS3 outsold the 360 while priced higher for the entire generation.

and please stop spewing nonsense like "MS will win because of the games" thing! feels like a freakin deja vu already like in 2007! it's extremely pre-mature to judge based on games library a mere 6 months into current gen. you guys think that Sony will just sit back because they have already sold 7+ mil PS4 and come to E3 saying "we rules!" and then drop the mic and end their presentation just like that?

you guys are funny!
MELMAN26  +   110d ago
The problem in your statement is that the average person/gamer knows nothing about gpu's and cpus and most of the time will not understand or care for the differences in power and or resolution. All of my close gamer friends are casual and rely on me for info. They literally looked at me crazy when I asked them if they noticed any difference in battlefield on both systems. The only thing casuals know is what us hardcore gamers tell them. The average person will not be able to tell the difference.

MS unbundling the kinect and matching the ps4 in price kind of forces the console war to be about the actual games...and I like it.
showtimefolks  +   110d ago
why should they respond? they are doing everything right. Just have a strong E3 and release playstation now

fact is you can get a ps4 for $399
or a weaker xbox one for $399

I am sure price will make xbox one sell better compared to ps4 but to expect it to outsell ps4 is over expecting
HacSawJimThugin  +   109d ago
The difference in power is marginal at best. The inferior console has the only current gen game running @ 1080p/60fps. The supposed "most power console on the market" has none. Not one. No multiplats or 1st party.
The PS4 is selling well because it's easier to spend 400 instead of 5. Of course there are a number of other factors that factor into this but price is the main reason.

The average consumer doesn't know the first thing about teraflops and graphics cards. When they (the parents) enter Walmart or GameStop or whatever store to purchase the latest console the, 1st thing they ask about is price not specs. If one ran the same game side by side the average consumer would be hard pressed to pick the one with the higher resolution. Period. We only know because of press releases and sites like digital foundry. Disagree all you like but it's the truth.

Games are the determining factor and E3 is fast approaching. MS is still in this race and anyone who says otherwise was born with the ability to reason.
rainslacker  +   109d ago
If Sony continues to sell at their current rate, or better, or even a bit less, they don't have to really do anything to respond. Even if MS starts selling on par with PS4 they don't have to do anything, because Sony is exceeding their own expectations.

Sony is in a good position, as they can wait until the cost to manufacture goes down and then pass along the savings, but quick price drops aren't necessary. They could even bundle in a game and still make money off the PS+ subscription.
greenlantern2814  +   109d ago
I agree, unless this move by MS dramatically changes Sony's sales than why do anything. Because if they just drop the price automatically then it will appear to some people they don't believe the system is worth the money. Also will seem like they think the only way to beat ms us to be cheaper.
XiSasukeUchiha  +   110d ago
Off topic: Pretty much a good way to get people to buy a Xbone is to price drop it to $350-$380 globally for Xbox ONE to justified the lack in power to the PS4. Last gen the PS3 was charged because of the power, and blu ray and then price dropped after Blu ray discs and player were affordable while X360 was lower than PS3 because of less power, and No Blu ray. In conclusion if your were smart enough to understand you should see how I thinking of this is connected to power of the console, justified the price point , not the make or how much it's was to make. Please don't bring PC into this comment because I'm talking about Consoles and not PC. So please people justified the Xbone price point because no matter how the justification goes Xbone will be weaker in specs compared to the PS4, and if the Xbone was stronger or equal to the PS4 the price point would make sense. This is my opinion and mine alone.

P.S/ On topic: Canada and Austrailla decrease the PS4s price to $400 would make sense but at the same time justified the power difference.
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XStation  +   110d ago
"Off topic"

And that is the reason why you have one bubble.
Walker  +   110d ago
$299 PS4 is coming at E3, BOOM !
ThisEndsNow  +   109d ago
TimeSkipLuffy  +   110d ago
Sony is quite an arrogant company. I think they will not try something big now that they have the lead.
That said I love PlayStation, I just wish they would listen to gamers more.
Lowsnamebrand  +   110d ago
can you enlighten me on how Sony isn't listening to the customers?
TimeSkipLuffy  +   109d ago
There are several features many PS users wish for a long time and the PS4 is even missing a lot of features from the PS3. PSN name change is one of the most wished feature which hasn't implemented even now that the PS4 is released.

I don't say MS is better. I just wish they would do updates on a regular basis. Get their maintenance low, get the store updates on time, etc...

ah better customer support would be very appreciated :D
fenome  +   110d ago
Are you seriously defending Microsoft by calling a different company arrogant? lmao
TimeSkipLuffy  +   109d ago
nope. I don't defend MS. They can go to hell XD!
I have been with Sony since the PS1 but not because of Sony. I just love the PlayStation brand and how games made it the best console ever.
Why o why  +   109d ago
Couple typos there luffy, or maybe your auto correct is playing up or switched to bizzaro mode....smh
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TimeSkipLuffy  +   109d ago
Sorry ^^
fenome  +   109d ago
Hey, my bad, I guess I misread your comment somehow. You didn't even mention Microsoft, I don't know why I thought you were comparing the two or whatever. Lol

My mistake, wasn't trying to put words in your mouth, sorry about that! :)
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URNightmare  +   110d ago
Sony will respond as always, with a great line up of exclusive gotys that you can play only in Playstation 4 and letting everyone see the superiority of the system over the Xbox One.

They will top it off with Playstation Now and Project Morpheus.

Xbox doesn't stand a chance against the Playstation brand. Playstation's quality is way ahead of the competition.
MRMagoo123  +   110d ago
Exactly, every generation of consoles Sony have delivered the best console exclusives, anyone that has been with sony since the ps1 KNOW this for a fact. That is why most Playstation owners dont mind the slow starts at launch because they know whats coming and thats a mountain of amazing games.
Kribwalker  +   110d ago
Nintendo would like to say hi. Legend of Zelda is by far the greatest exclusive IP ever. Ocarina of time is the top game on 90+% of greatest games of all time and smash brothers, Mario brothers ect ect ect are the best exclusives out there. I don't even own a wii u yet, but I will pick one up when the prices drop lower just for those specific games
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mrpsychoticstalker  +   110d ago
If this was the case, then why after such glorified console... former ps1 ps2 and ps3 owners like myself, switched to xbox? I support both of them. But i honestly game more on the Xbox side of things. Got my ps3 for God of war, after I finished it sold.
MysticStrummer  +   109d ago
@Krib - Nintendo hasn't been a factor in my gaming world since I was a teenager. Their exclusives don't interest me at all. Other than the Wii fad, the same can be said for every gamer I know.

@stalker - No one I know has any interest in XB1, though every gamer I know bought a 360 simply because it released first. By about halfway through the generation they had all switched back to PS. 360 released first, and then many people simply followed their friends. The current numbers don't scream brand loyalty toward XB.
uth11  +   110d ago
Why would Sony drop the price? PS4 is beating their sales projections, and they've had trouble keeping up with demand.

I don't think there will be a price cut until there's clear evidence the XB1 is cutting into their sales. Maybe later this year, but probably not at E3
corvusmd  +   110d ago
They will drop their price
MultiConsoleGamer  +   110d ago
If they drop the price of the ps4 they are admitting weakness.
TimeSkipLuffy  +   109d ago
or they would create even more demand! There are still a lot of gamers who haven't decided yet or wait for a price cut from both to decide which console they go for.

It is always better to stay above competition then just sit there and rely on the things they have achieved.
Brazz  +   110d ago
Games!! they need more exclusive games!!! Exclusive games and make all multiplat. games look better on PS4 and downplay xbox!! they need screen to the 7 winds, "we have the better exclusives, multiplat. are much better on Ps4 and Xbox is a inferior"... basicaly... they need do the same that Xbox 360 did at early day of last gen.
04STIBluByU  +   110d ago
Maybe a Price drop, but you have to remember MS is now losing Money! Sony could always bundle a game or PS+ for a year and keep the $399 and people will see the better value. MS can't bundle a game at the $399 price whereas Sony can. There are ways to out do your competition. For instance KZ:SF has sold what 2+ mil. So they could always bundle that game or Knack. It will be about better value now for the price. Sony has that in Spades!
HugoDrax  +   109d ago
"but you have to remember MS is now losing Money"

Is that so? please elaborate? Because one company seems to be printing billions, while the other company has lost billions. Just compare the Market cap of each company. MS is not losing money but Sony is. THIS IS FACT! since I read that often from Sony fanboys on this site.

-Market Cap: $20.15B

-Market Cap: $343.82B
MysticStrummer  +   109d ago
When people say that they aren't talking about the companies as a whole, simply the gaming divisions. I don't know why that's so hard to understand. Everyone knows MS does very well for itself.
Half-Mafia  +   110d ago
By keeping PS4 in stock.
masterfox  +   110d ago
lol PS4 doensn't need to do shat about the price, even thou the PS4 sales are impressive they can lower the price if they want to. The xbone is still an inferior machine buying an xbone is just as dumb as buying it at 499. I mean who in their correct mind would get an inferior console meanwhile the superior console is the same price ?, is just plain dumb to buy an xbone, that thing doesn't even have interesting games, what DR3, Ryse ? , forza ? really ?, maybe the only cool game from them is KI and thats it.

The xbone needs at least to be 350 to compensate the inferior hardware.

Sorry but those are the facts.
MRMagoo123  +   110d ago
Well each to their own on what games are good and what games are bad, but IMO Sony always delivers on games no matter how far they are in the gen. The point i do agree with is paying the same price for an inferior product, If i where to go buy a car and the car lot had a really nice car for $30,000 and they also had a moped for the same price i would not even think about the moped for a second, its just plain common sense.
HugoDrax  +   109d ago
"the PS4 sales are impressive they can lower the price if they want to."

If they lower the price, then they will no longer make a profit. Sony can't afford to lower the price, they're in the RED. The company announced an overall loss of $1.29 billion

Sony makes $18 dollar profit off of PS4.
If they drop the price, they will lose money. They can't drop the price. Because the console is selling well, they should consider increasing the price. The price increased in Canada, and the price of the camera increased. Which is funny because everyone talks sh*t about kinect.
Zombro  +   110d ago
Weaker system you say a game is a game and microsoft has plenty to be exited about
mpnothanks  +   110d ago
Just keep a steady stream of amazing games coming.

OT: I don't trust MS after how they abandoned exclusives the last few years.
palaeomerus  +   109d ago
Now I don't particularly trust Sony after Killzone: Shadow Fall, Knack, inFamous 2nd Son, and a lot of F2P and old steam ports.Now they want me to rebuy Last of Us? Pffft.

My main reason for owning a PS4 is Bungie in September. If Destiny was coming to PC I'd play it there.

I guess I kind of like Dead Rising 2 and Garden Warfare. But Garden Warfare is coming to PC soon, so whatever.(I got Titanfall on PC)

But right now this stupid argument is mainly about who's empty barren desert is nicer. They both suck. Hell the Wii U is a terrifying embarassment after a year and a half. New Super Bro.s U and 3d World are about all I want. Pikmin 3 is less fun than 2. I'm cautiously optimistic about MK8.

But no one has anything to be proud of so far.

That's why I'm playing most games on my PC.

The consoles have yet to bloom. They were a waste of my money.
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mpnothanks  +   109d ago
I know there aren't many games out now. I'm just saying that looking at MS and Sony the past few years, MS had hardly any exclusives while Sony kept them coming. Chill.
madpuppy  +   110d ago
Sony with respond with tons of great first and second party games that look great as well as third party games that look better than the competition because of having the more powerful system.
madpuppy  +   106d ago
truth hurts :)
Aleithian  +   110d ago
Keep the current price tag and focus on marketing its values. Emphasize how well it's doing to build a sense of momentum, inclusiveness, and value-for-money. Showcase games. Show off PS+ and PS Now. Undecided gamers will ask: PS4 or X1 - which is better? They'll use google. And they'll find the reasons readily available.
Bathyj  +   110d ago
You know what would be hilarious?

If Sony threw the camera in with the PS4 and it was the same price as the DisKinect.

Then drop the standalone PS4 50 bucks.
MRMagoo123  +   110d ago
MS would probably come out on the stage and have a tanty lol. I hope we get some more funnies from Sony this year like they did with that video about sharing games.
Bathyj  +   110d ago
Tanty means tantrum for any of our non Aussie readers, or people that dont listen to Arg Barker.
Boody-Bandit  +   110d ago

This is exactly what I said. How funny would it be if Sony announced from here on out he PS camera is now included with every PS4? OMG the ultimate F U. But honestly Sony doesn't have to do a thing. MS has imploded. MS has to already be looking forward to the next generation. This one is over.
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Bathyj  +   109d ago
I dont think theyre done yet. People will buy a The DisKinect. When improves a bit it suddenly looks good so I think this will boost sales.

The camera idea would be great though. It would really look like a direct blow to what MS has done and people would say, stronger machine with camera vs weaker machine with no camera, same price. DUH.

It reminds me of the game sharing video last year.
Boody-Bandit  +   109d ago
Well what I meant by over is MS doesn't have a chance in closing the gap or surpassing Sony. The gap is widening every week and dropping Kinect isn't going to change that. I don't see anything MS can do other than offer XBL for free and dropping the price even further will cause a dent.

Sony over the years has a proven track record off offering a wider variety and higher quality product in hardware and software and it looks like that will continue all the way through this generation as well.

The X1 lacks power. There is no getting around. Even a game as simplistic as Trials Fusion show those discrepancies in hardware.

I have both consoles and have play both extensively. I'm not coming at this with a bias perspective but reality.

I'm not saying MS wont sell millions of units. Just that Sony will sell considerably more and comfortably lead this generation in units sales. The real question regarding MS is will they make a profit this generation and change their shareholders mindset towards their gaming division.
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FlunkinMonkey  +   109d ago
That would be hilarious. ha.
BigDog55  +   109d ago
That would be a dagger to the heart to M$ !!
hot4play  +   110d ago
Sony should have secured Final Fantasy XV as a PS4 exclusive.

I don't know the details of their deal with SquareEnix regarding the supposedly PS3 exclusive Versus XIII, but an exclusive FF15 would have cemented PS4's domination this gen (similar to FF7 and the PS1).

That said, I still believe the PS4's future game library (including the definitive console edition of FF15), will be enough to keep the momentum going against the Xbone.
Aleithian  +   109d ago
Versus XIII is XV. And SE needs the revenue from their game on both consoles. Sony couldn't afford to make it worth their while.
hot4play  +   109d ago
I know Vs13 is 15, believe me, I've been following every single scrap of news since the reveal trailer in 2006 (back when I was in college, lol)

My point was, why couldn't Sony, as you've stated, "make it worth their while"?

Considering XV is just a rebranding of VersusXIII, why couldn't Sony keep the exclusivity? I've also heard rumors before that Sony helped in the development of XV. What effect did this have on the soon-to-be-revealed game?

Also: "SE needs the revenue from their game on both consoles"

Didn't the sales of Titanfall prove that the X1 exclusivity did not benefit the title at all? EA supposedly would have earned more money if they released the game on PS4 and PS3 as well.

It's also a known fact that Final Fantasy 13 sold better on the PS3 than 360 right?

Anyway I guess we can only speculate at this point. Just hoping FF15 will amaze me the same way FF7, FF9, and FF12 did.
palaeomerus  +   109d ago
"My point was, why couldn't Sony, as you've stated, "make it worth their while"? "

They lack the money for that sort of thing. In fact, Sony just sold their Square-Enix stock.

Plagasx  +   110d ago
SprigganN4G  +   110d ago
349 perhaps? doubtfull. I see coming a bundle PS4 + FIFA14/Knack $399.
Armadilo21  +   110d ago
why do some gamers and the media never give PlayStation a break, because to them the PS4 was only beating the Xbone since the $100 difference and now that they are both $400 PlayStation is somehow screwed and must do something because their scared. But in reality these people are the one's who are scared that PS4 is destroying the Xbone. Even the resolution somehow doesn't mean anything now but a couple years ago that's all the media talked about between the 360 and PS3. Since the beginning of this Gen every move that M$ has done has been good in the eyes of the media.
MegaDan  +   110d ago
Games (less Indies) and a $349 PS4 price cut will crush the Xbone once and for all.
Longshot28  +   110d ago
349.99 Bank on it.
hot4play  +   110d ago
I honestly don't see Sony doing a PS4 price cut this year. They simply don't need it. PS4 is selling well and the corporation needs the profit. Maybe a $349 PS4 is possible next year (before E3 2015)?

Sony just needs to come up with attractive bundles and better exclusive games.
rainslacker  +   109d ago
I could possibly see a TLOU or Uncharted(if it releases this year) bundle. Bundles tend to come before price cuts. My money would be on TLOU bundle, since it isn't costing them a lot to produce.
sckipt  +   109d ago
They could make PS+ 25-30$...
hot4play  +   109d ago
^This. I can agree with that. Make PS+ cheaper and position it as the middle ground between free online and the more expensive xbox live.

Or add more free AAA Vita and PS4 games...
Bathyj  +   109d ago
I dont think Sony NEED to respond, but I think they should. They have their boot on MS's throat, I think they should put the pressure on until they feel the windpipe crush. Its a 7 to 10 year generation at stake afterall, and perhaps the future of Sony itself.

Maybe not a pricedrop, but they like to add more value. Throw in 3 months of Plus, or a 1TB HDD. Some. Just to remind people that PS4 is the better deal, because people will buy Xbones now that its dropped Kinect since it looks better now by comparison to what it was.

Its like a fat guy that lost a lot of weight, and hes still not very good looking but people keep telling him how good he looks.
VsAssassin  +   109d ago
If I were Sony, I won't be moved at all.

The PS3 sold quite decently in the last generation, marginally beating the 360 towards the end of both consoles' life cycle. The point is, if the PS3, initially costing almost 35% higher than the competition was able to move units regardless, the PS4 will be just fine.

I know people believe the Xbone has a great library of exclusives at this point in time, and to some degree, I agree (pardon the rhyme); however, a lot of people know that the Sony brand always deliver on games at the right time. In time, Sony will slap us with games left and right, our wallets would be complaining once again.
KakashiHotake  +   109d ago
The price drop certainly makes things more interesting and more balanced, but Microsoft really should have made this move much earlier when they 1st started doing 180's. Now the gap between PS4 and Xbone is so wide it could take them many years if ever to close it. One thing I think would close the gap rather quickly atleast in the US is 399/ Halo 5 holiday bundle. Xbox fans are crazy about Halo and as much as I love PlayStation I'm not certain if Sony could match it.
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gigoran  +   109d ago
They don't need to. They have the most powerful console. It has always been sold at the affordable price. They have the largest install base of current gen consoles around the world. And they are outselling MS each and every month.

Anything they do will just add to the perfect lead they already have. But they will likely give a price cut at some time. It won't be because of MS. It will be just because they can.

MS fanboys have to understand one thing, this price cut of the xbone means absolutely nothing to Sony.
MasterCornholio  +   109d ago
How about tossing in a free year of plus with every PS4?

I dont think that they need that though since the PS4 is selling extremely well.
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