The Best Games We Never Got To Play

As the ancient Geek proverb goes; “the only thing better than playing an awesome new video game, is being excited about the pending release of an awesome new video game.” Unfortunately, failures do sometimes happen leaving our hopes and dreams dashed. We gamers head online and fire up our favorite gaming blog, only to see that dreaded word “Cancelled.” Their Cause of Death? Some, we may never know. Let’s take a look at the top 9 cancelled games we were oh-so-sad we never got to play.

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kaiserfranz1404d ago

Heavenly Sword 2! I'd really love to see that game.

TheUltimateGamer1404d ago

Same here, I was really bummed when that thing fell through the cracks.

Godmars2901404d ago

Kingdom Hearts two is happening.

Right after Final Fantasy XV...

Oh hell, who am I kidding: KH3 likely *will* be out before FF15.

KH5 will be out before freakin FF15!

TheUltimateGamer1404d ago

Ha... Not that I'm rooting against FF15 or anything... But we can only hope ;)

BellePelouse1404d ago

Kigdom Hearth 3 is going out and star wars battlefront 3 is coming out as Battlefront, and is done by Dice. What I would put in this list is the Vampire The Masquerade that CCP was doing.

Knightshade1403d ago

I think I have a few games I wish I had never played sitting on my shelf. Too Human comes to mind. We were all spared that sequel. :)