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Forced Hold Back

"With Microsoft’s recent announcement of the Kinect-less Xbox One, it was met with pretty positive praise. Once pegged as an essential piece of the overall hardware, it’s now taking a backseat role in the Xbox One experience.

...[But] When something that is met with split opinions is being forced on the consumer, does that ultimately harm the ultimate goal and potential of the product in question?" (PS4, Wii U, Xbox One)

KingKelloggTheWH  +   106d ago
This just reminds me that Music unlimited is stuck on the frontpage of my PS4, I want it gone.
Hk85karlsson  +   105d ago
I love that app, great music at the low price of 3$/3 months which is hell of alot better than Spotify
KingKelloggTheWH  +   105d ago
I have no problem with the app, I just wish I had the choice to take it off my front page.
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   105d ago
If you're looking for even more great music, try checking out OverclockedRemix.com, if you don't know about it already.
Best of all, most if not all of it, is free.^_-
Nevers0ft  +   105d ago
Agreed! That and the fact that it wastes another portion of the screen trying to sell me PS+ (which I already subscribe to). Sony... Why are you trying to sell me things that I've already bought?
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ICANPLAYGAMES2  +   105d ago
I agree with the everything but the points on the Wii U gamepad, and never found it that awkward or as annoying as the author suggests. The price of the system is comparable to the rest of the current gen. crop (actually cheaper), but what makes it seem so overpriced was all of the ports that are readily available any number of other places for much cheaper, (and unfortunately for Wii U, not nerfed). I just want to see what Nintendo will show around E3, since they've said they want to highlight the gamepad more. Obviously, it can add something significant, otherwise why did everyone else jump on the second screen band wagon so fast this time?
KingKelloggTheWH  +   105d ago
I think he was just mad that theres no option to Not use it
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   105d ago
There IS, though.
Just buy a Pro controller.
You can probably find one cheap online.
Spotie  +   105d ago
I think an option in this case would be more like bundling a pro controller instead or WITH the gamepad, rather than having to shell out more money. It's about as forced as Kinect, in that respect.
Kevlar009  +   105d ago
I'm easily biased here, but I see more uses for the Gamepad in games than Kinect. It would be one thing if Kinect could detect 1-1 movement and depth without problem, but it's too inconsistent and primitive to have many real uses, you're still stuck with waves and exaggerated motions. Games like Dues Ex and Watch Dogs are great examples of where the gamepad is intuitive, and there are more cool uses for it I believe than Kinect (game wise)

Both consoles have the issue where the star, spendy peripheral needs to have convincing, compelling uses or else no one wants to spend the extra money on something they won't use much. They do have cool interface options, it depends how you look at it.

MS envisioned motion based control schemes as the future and Nintendo viewed a gamepad as the next big step in gaming. It's a shame they haven't given the right showcases for their respective hardware yet, they could have caught on. Nothing against Sony, but the PS4 is a very safe endeavor that has definitely paid off
ICANPLAYGAMES2  +   105d ago
Now that I think about it, (mainly because I've been playing some of that GBA Advance Wars again on Wii U) I would like to see a new one made, that was a hybrid of the OG strategy and that (GC, I think) 3rd person action one. Hell you could do that with any of the SRPGs (i.e. - C&C, Star/War-craft, etc.). How do people not see these kinds of applications on the Wii U? Also, how has the gamepad not been used as rear view in a kart racer yet? It has the gyroscope function you're holding it in front of your face like a steering wheel even while looking at the TV, you'd still see out of your periphery say another kart appear on the screen, and bam perfect time to fire off that defensive item (there are 4 kart racers that I know of, and still nada). Come on! it can't be this hard.
isthe  +   105d ago
I kinda liked the Wii U game pad. I mean, at least it was used in some games.

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