Survival Horror Game, The Forest, Releases on Steam Early Access Next Week

OnlySP: It’s almost here.

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PockyKing1494d ago

Most anticipated indie game of the year for me right now. Can't believe how good the game looks. Hopefully they bring it over to the PS4 and Xbox One as well.

Miss_Vixen1494d ago

Likewise, any new survival horror is a welcome addition. :D

ZodTheRipper1494d ago

I'm also really hoping for a PS4 version, this looks very promising ..hell even controller support for the PC version would make me buy into the early access. I hate gaming with keyboard and mouse.

PockyKing1494d ago


There is controller support!

user56695101494d ago

Lol we PC gamers don't ask for console games but constantly I see console gamers asking for ports of our games. But we get called the beggars . I love it. I don't really car if it get ported I know I'm going to play the game how it meant to be played. It's better to say you want it than to downplay it then act like it's the greatest when it's ported.

Anyway good luck playing the waiting game. If I want to play games on a platform I just invest in it.

PockyKing1494d ago

Uh I have a gaming PC as well so not really begging for anything consoleslateagain.

rivencleft1494d ago

I always like how you PC players are quick to point out the fact that you own a PC, and usually brag about how better you are than console owners, calling us peasants, and how AWESOME your rig is, and it only does the best. Guess what, most every one on here owns a PC as well, hence how they're usually using this site to read gaming news, I have 2 PC's and a 2014 i7 Macbook Pro, but myself like A LOT of other people prefer to play games on a console, rigged to a 60" LED TV with a nice gaming controller, so let me ask YOU 'consoleslateagain', how many platforms 'of your choice' have you invested in? You know and I thought Apple fanboys were the worst, once the saying went, You want to know if someone owns an Apple product? Just wait, they'll tell you, I'm starting to see that on n4g, except it's the PC "Master-race" that are quick to tell you.

ZodTheRipper1494d ago

You PC only guys are the worst, seriously. It's daunting to think about what exactly is wrong with you.

starchild1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

@ rivencleft

Not any different than how Playstation gamers will say "Im getting this on PS4" or "I'm getting the best console version, which is the PS4 version" and stuff like that.

I'm sick of the hypocrisy of some of you console gamers. Especially a lot of you Sony fans. You bash the Xbox and Nintendo guys nonstop, and you even make time to criticize and bash the PC, but then you get your panties in a bunch every time a PC gamer does something similar. It's ridiculous.

Also, owning a PC is not the same thing as owning a capable gaming PC. And if you do have a good gaming PC and still choose to play your games on a console instead then you are just being irrational. Why even invest in the gaming PC if you aren't going to use it? It would be like saying "I own a nice Blu-ray player, but I prefer to watch my movies on my VHS player because...uh...I like it better."

Also, the whole talk about 'playing my games on a 60" HDTV' is just nonsense. I play my PC games on a large screen projector or my plasma HDTV just as easily as my consoles. It's a stupid argument.

I own a gaming PC, PS3, 360, PS4, Xbox, and I have plenty of experience on most platforms. I don't mind if you prefer a different platform than me, but don't use nonsensical and factually untrue arguments.

user56695101494d ago

did i say something wrong if you want a game on a platform you dont have buy that platform its as simple as that. i have no problems with any platform just have fun poking at the contradictions i constantly see. im just saying it pretty funny to constantly see this and every pc exclusive game article but we have no games, and we beg for console exclusives.

people spread the bs that gaming pcs cost $2-3k but then state the we beg for exclusive like $500 will kill us.

i dont care though just poking fun

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Bonkerz1494d ago

Maybe i missed it in the article but does anyone know the price of it? It looks pretty interesting and definitely got me interested.

PockyKing1494d ago

Ooops, I'll go add that in. It'll be $15

jdiggitty1494d ago

$15!? Wow. I'm definitely in. This looks intense

rivencleft1494d ago

Another survival horror game on Steam, I'll bite! Still want to pick up DayZ, but I'm sort of afraid of being handcuffed, having my pants stolen, and being force fed a rotten kiwi washed down with disinfectant.. OR survive all that, find a can of beans, can't find a can opener throughout entire game only to die and respawn right next to a can opener, that game sounds so amazing.

WeAreLegion1494d ago

Haha. I'm waiting for H1Z1. I like Day Z, but it's just too broken right now. I suggest RUST.

KuroKazuma1494d ago

OR too?
Shit in pants guarantee

Stapleface1494d ago

I will definitely get this. Can't wait for the retail version of the OR to come out. At least I'll have something already installed and waiting to try it out with once it does release.

starchild1494d ago

I agree. I've been looking forward to this game for a long time and now it's almost here. Exciting times. I can't wait to play it in the Rift.

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