Watch Dogs Writer Kevin Shortt Explores The Real Chicago

Ubisoft Montreal lead writer Kevin Shortt tours the real city of Chicago and explains how the Watch Dogs game's story drew from the developer's trips to the Windy City in this exclusive interview from Chi-Town.

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jagiii1467d ago

Love the live streaming sign in the background.

ILLINOIS1467d ago

If you can ever come to Chicago please do. It is a amazing city and it is one of the most beautiful. The food also is world renowned. Come to Chicago and have a blast!

Cueil1467d ago

Chicago... I love my sports teams, but it's a horrible place to live... they keep removing lawful citizens from defending themselves and yet their gun crimes are horrible still

Cueil1467d ago

Also no Wrigley Field... probably no Soldier Field either despite it being part of the Park District

NexGen1466d ago

Soldier field (pre UFO addon) is in the game, under a different name.

Cueil1466d ago

WHY! IT'S A FUCKING MONUMENT!! It's not called Soldier's Field for shits and giggles!!!

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