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‘Watch Dogs’ exclusive: Los Angeles was considered for main setting, says Morin

XMNR: For a major city with a rich history, the number of video games set in Chicago is surprisingly small. The open-world “Watch Dogs” is the first attempt to create a reasonable simulation of the city but it started out just one of many from a list that included mainstay settings like Los Angeles, according to an Examiner interview with creative director Jonathan Morin. (Jonathan Morin, PC, PS3, PS4, Watch Dogs, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

crock7owu10  +   68d ago
Definitely would have been a different game set in Los Angeles. Streets and everything are wider and bigger, besides GTA V took us there, so I'm glad Watch Dogs will provide a different setting. 5/27 get here now.
Metallox  +   67d ago
I would have prefered something in Europe, there's too many coverage for American cities already.
elhebbo16  +   67d ago
Amsterdam would have been pretty cool.
ILLINOIS  +   67d ago
Chicago is a leader in surveillance and has over 24,000 cameras in place through out the city. They also have a advanced command center that looks like something out of a movie. I think it was the best setting for this game. The game looks great.
osprey19  +   67d ago
Chicago is cool, not many games set there, yet if u want a city that has cameras, London should be high on the list, its officially has the most surveillance than any city in the world. And its got loadsa cool landmarks that i knw Ubisoft go big on when creating a city.
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kanyewesting  +   67d ago
Nobody cares about London, American cities are globally recognizable.
hiredhelp  +   67d ago
Nobody cares about London, American cities are globally recognizable.

WOW such a douch you may not pal but other may.
This trend that does need end we need go other country's.

Quote from wiki about London. http://en.wikipedia.org/wik...
The CCTV User Group estimates that there are around 1.5 million CCTV cameras in city centres, stations, airports, major retail areas and so forth. This figure does not include the smaller surveillance systems such as those that may be found in local corner shops[41] and is therefore broadly in line with the Cheshire report.
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incendy35  +   67d ago
LA is so much better than Chicago, but oh well. As long as I don't have to physically be in Chicago it is all good.
kanyewesting  +   67d ago
Lol minus the weather what makes LA better? Nada, it's dirty and overrated.
incendy35  +   67d ago
The weather is a big one haha.. The only thing I really remember about Chicago is how I learned the value of chapstick :D.. Damn windy place :D.
kingPoS  +   67d ago
How's the air quality over there?

Gateway MT6706 2008
Hazmat13  +   67d ago
i remember that quote they had for watch dogs "1 month is long enough for los santos, come to Seattle" or something like that. bot is that awkward. haha
Hazmat13  +   67d ago
i remember that quote they had for watch dogs "1 month is long enough for los santos, come to Seattle" or something like that. boy is that awkward. haha
OH GO F*CK YOURSELF SLOW ASS INTERNET CRAP sorry for the double post guys. in lighter news i only have 2 bubbles.
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dcj0524  +   67d ago
Welcome to the club! My bubble got taken away because I said the playroom looks more fun than Kinect content In July!

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