Final Fantasy Agito Now Available On Smartphones In Japan

Final Fantasy Agito is now available on iOS and Android in Japan

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CaptainSellers1472d ago

Phone? Really SE? Where is our Vita port?!

TetsujinFranky1472d ago

This isn't Final Fantasy Type 0 but a whole different game that shares its setting and some elements. Still, I agree with you: it's time we see Type 0 in the West in some form

CaptainSellers1472d ago

Ah didn't know that, thought they changed the name from Agito to Type-0

sonypsnow1470d ago

Great on Sony Xperia Z !

Milruka1470d ago

SE announced nearly a year ago that they were dropping out of console and portables largely and moving over to mobile media due to quick turn around's in profit.

Baka-akaB1470d ago

Sorry not gonna fund your catch 22 , Square Enix . Type 0's (official) western release probably depends on the sucess of this mobile game , and yet if the game sells in the west , SE will be like ... "no need to release type 0 then"

Chrono1470d ago

Actually this is Japan exclusive.

Skate-AK1470d ago

Would be cool to see it on Vita.

randomass1711470d ago

Vita version would be much more appreciated.

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