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Mario Kart 8 review | Eurogamer

Video game players are familiar with the law of diminishing returns. Even as new entries in a series tirelessly improve upon their predecessors, our interest nevertheless wanes; with games, improved is somehow less exciting than new. Mario Kart 8 is a rare thing, then: the best entry in a series and the most exciting yet. (Mario Kart 8, Wii U) 10/10

TheNotoriousNiceGuy  +   415d ago
Nope I disagree if the multiplayer/voicechat were good then I would've agreed with you guys . 9 out of 10 is fair in my opinion
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Future_2015  +   415d ago
what is mario kart?
bamillington  +   415d ago
I guess your not a gamer
bleedsoe9mm  +   414d ago
@bamillington this is what happens when you don't have a E3 press conference and you only preach to the choir with nintendo directs
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lelo  +   415d ago
I respect the game and it probably is a good game... but I just can't find this interesting. Looks like a kids game, as does most Nintendo's games. Maybe my inner child has already passed away.

EDIT. I actually enjoy Disney movies, specially Pixar movies. As for Mario Kart I would probably play it for 20-30 min, but most likely wouldn't waste my money purchasing the game and console to play it. I just find other games more interesting.
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weekev15  +   415d ago
Youve got to get rid of your insecurities and have some fun. Its like Disney Movies, yes they are made for kids but ultimately they are enjoyable for grown ups too. You're no less a man because you enjoy games that look a bit cartoony. It also doesnt mean you should stop playing call of duty and titanfall, so long as you have fun.
X1PS4WiiU  +   415d ago
The key to life is to keep that inner child at heart, and mature your mind.
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BoneBone  +   415d ago
That's your personal taste and prerogative. Though quite why you would venture into a review thread about a game you have such little interest in, and exclaim to us all, your lack of interest.... I do not know!

Jdoki  +   415d ago
Mario Kart is one of those games that covers every type of gamer - from kids to hardcore.

Seriously, if you can get past the graphics it's a ruthless racing game!

I've had some of the most fun-rage-inducing-last-corner- wins/loses/battles with friends while playing Mario Kart over the years - right back to the SNES version.

It's just too awesome.
lelo  +   415d ago

Ok... so let's only allow people that are really interested (and agree) in something, comment on it. Better yet, let's only allow people that really love a game, review it... that way every single game have 10's in their reviews. If your review is not a 10, then you don't love the game enough to review it. /s

Would that make you happy?

Seriously! This is a free site and everyone should be allowed to comment in any topic they want, even if they find it interesting or not.
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SweetDangos  +   414d ago
Let me guess, it's only a good game if it has tons of violence and shooting?
bullymangLer  +   414d ago
looks kiddy means it plays kiddy ?

maybe you need a little nap .
Realplaya  +   415d ago
Did you even play the game?
-Foxtrot  +   414d ago
Have to agree

I can't wait for this game but if there's problems with the multiplayer, then it's not a perfect 10/10 is it. Not to mention changing Battle Mode when it was totally unneeded.
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deafdani  +   414d ago
If the person just doesn't care at all about Battle Mode, I can see how he/she would give the game a 10/10 regardless of it.

Same goes for someone that loves the Battle Mode most than anything else on the Mario Kart games. For that person, it would be completely valid to give the game a 6/10 score (for which a lot of people would give him/her shit, for sure).

After all, a review is an opinion, whether people like it or not. You can agree or disagree with it, of course, but in the end, your opinion may just not be the same as the reviewer's.
weekev15  +   415d ago
2 weeks to go. Seriously cannot wait.
Good-Smurf  +   415d ago
2 weeks,Wii U Basic and this game I'm so excited!
weekev15  +   414d ago
And you get an extra game free of charge. :)
deafdani  +   414d ago
If you go for the extra game promotion with Club Nintendo, you probably will need an external hard drive for your basic Wii U, though.

Mentioning it just in case.
skydragoonity  +   415d ago
10/10? Yea right.
Mikito11  +   415d ago
Someone's jealous lol
JaggedCarpet  +   415d ago
It's funny, Mario Kart is the only racing game I like. Been playing it since SNES.
GrandpaSnake  +   415d ago
this is probably the best arcade style racer ever made so far, i mean arcade racers arent really simulators, i rather play this than forza 5 i tell you what...
WeAreLegion  +   415d ago
This is all they had to say about Battle Mode.

"Alongside tournaments, Battle Mode allows 12 characters to attempt to pop each others' three balloons on eight of the tracks seen elsewhere in the game (minus their anti-grav sections). The move from the arenas used in previous versions of Battle Mode to traditional tracks is a curious one and there's less frequent conflict as a result; everyone is either churning with or against the tide."

So, we're just going to ignore that half the game is now a joke and go with the 10/10, anyway? Cool.
Mikito11  +   415d ago
Lol so 8 battle mode tracks is half the game? Lol okay..
WeAreLegion  +   415d ago
That's my point. Battle mode is half the game. They gave us 8 tracks that are just shortened versions of already made tracks.

They skimped on the best part of the game.

So, thank you for solidifying my point.
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darkstar18  +   415d ago
kinda like how most reviews forgot abot GTAV online..aka half the game?? still got 10s across the board..-_-
WeAreLegion  +   415d ago
GTA V Online wasn't out for a few weeks after the game.
deafdani  +   414d ago
Battle mode isn't half the game, dude. It can be an important part of the game fornsome people, but calling it half the game is an absurd hyperbole.
Kevlar009  +   415d ago
It's a shame they weren't more ambitious with Battle Mode, roster, and gameplay outside of anti-gravity, but the core aspect of the game is very well made.

I can see this game lasting the generation, and if they add DLC then it will be even better. Anything from 8-10 seems acceptable, depends on taste
bamillington  +   415d ago
Addition, all I can say
Ck1x  +   415d ago
Damn Nintendo apologist!/s
Lol- these reviews are going to cause a lot of butt hurt here on N4G.
windblowsagain  +   415d ago
This is one game I want to play, But i just don't care about the rest of the lineup.
Sgt_Slaughter  +   414d ago
...Why would you only buy Mario Kart for the battle mode?

Anyway, it's not like the battle arenas are that essential. I'm glad they changed it up finally!

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