Watch_Dogs Gets a Spectacular TV Commercial With Plenty PS4 Branding

The release of Watch_Dogs is drawing near and Ubisoft is airing a new TV commercial both in North America and in Europe that could almost pass for the spot of a movie.

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majiebeast1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

The voice! "I AM BATMAN!" He should smoke less its bad for your longs.

vishmarx1648d ago

they can make a cg trailer but still not show any console footage,
its like the ps360 version dont even exist

brich2331648d ago

Just like Titanfall didnt exist for 360.

DLConspiracy1648d ago

I thought he sounds more like Rorschach from "The Watchmen".

SoCalledMe1648d ago

Who watches the watch dogs ?

Abriael1648d ago

It's all that talking on the smartphone. You're bound to get a little coarse after a while

majiebeast1648d ago

He was talking to Roy Campbell and doing his best Solid Snake impression.

GribbleGrunger1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

One thing I've always found odd, and I'm assuming is has something to do with a Microsoft clause, is the insistence of placing a time on the content. '60 minutes of exclusive content' still sounds good and in many cases it probably exceeds 60 minutes, but 'exclusive gameplay content' sounds much better.

showtimefolks1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

will we ever get graphics like that for actual gameplay?

other than that can't wait to see how this game does reviews wise. With not much to play anything above 7.5 is an instant buy. Lol who am i kidding even 7

seanpitt231648d ago

We should not be seeing that "not actual game footage" anymore on ps4/xbox one but obviously in game footage is that bad graphically they decide to do a CGI movie trailer instead.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

Gameplay looks fun.
Still waiting to see if any extra control options make the game different between consoles, though, before I decide on a version.

Also, off-topic for a moment....
Dungeon Fighter Online is coming back to the states!

My Weapon Master is a-callin' meeeee!~~~~

Software_Lover1648d ago

There wasn't "plenty" of ps4 branding. It was just at the end. That little bit of extra was not needed in the title at all. Everyone on this website knows about the marketing deal with Sony by now.

Abriael1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

Beginning and end. That's quite a lot considering that it's about 15% of the duration of the whole commercial

kanyewesting1648d ago

It's the most blatantly pathetic exclusivity deal ever.

MS has never had an exclusivity deal that's not timed on a major Multi plat to my knowledge..whereas PS is the first.

Shame on Ubisoft & so much for PS4 being gamer friendly.

ArchangelMike1648d ago


When it comes to exclusivity deals, M$ are by far the worst offenders. Have you forgotten already that last gen M$ bought so much exclusivity that whole games did not come to other platforms? Moreover, this 'exclusive gameplay' is a timed exclusive anyway, it will be released for the PC.

Omegasyde1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

"MS has never had an exclusivity deal that's not timed on a major Multi plat to my knowledge..whereas PS is the first."


Microsoft and Call of duty for the last ~3 years says your wrong.

Remember timed DLC i.e. up to 60 days first on Xbox?

kanyewesting1648d ago

That was timed..this isn't. So again MS has not had a permanent DLC for a major Multi plat ever.

MS did it last gen(Sony did too) and now Sony has begun permanent DLC which is MUCH worse than timed.

Phoenix761648d ago


I don't see what the big issue is really mate. Yes UniSoft have struck a deal with PS for exclusive add-on's this gen (I.e AC4 DLC and now WD DLC). But it not much different really when you consider MS and EA are always making deals (I.e Mass Effect 1(PC and x360 years before PS, BF4's second assault on xb1 3 months before pc, x360, ps3 and ps4, or more recently titanfall PC, x360, xb1 and now 'rumoured to be coming to PS.

Swings and roundabouts man.

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DefenderOfDoom21648d ago

so i guess the point of this article is,game consoles companies promote their consoles thru video game commercials ? I remember ATARI doing this for the 2600!

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