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Game Scoop 303: Can A Kinect-Free Xbox One Win?

DAEMON HATFIELD: Welcome back to Game Scoop!, IGN's weekly video game talk show. We've got a great show for you this week. Here are the topics:

0:00 Microsoft has announced a version of the Xbox One without Kinect will be available on June 9 -- the first day of E3. We're discussing what that means for Microsoft's E3 plans and whether or not people who already bought the Xbox One should feel betrayed.

9:00 A new NPD report reveals that there are 34 million "core" gamers in the US playing an average of 22 hours of games a week.

13:15 Are T-rated games becoming a thing of the past? One Game Scoop! fan thinks so.

18:40 New Game Scoop! segment: The Game Scoop! Ratings Board (GSRB), where I read the ESRB's description of the mature content in upcoming games like Wolfenstein and Watch Dogs.

27:00 Local multiplayer games might be making a comeback. (Culture, Industry, Kinect, Xbox One)

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lifeisgamesok  +   346d ago
Yes and E3 is the beginning of the tide turning in Microsoft's favor
Malphite  +   346d ago
They surely can catch up. I think they should've gone with a slightly lower price for the Kinect-less X1 though just to be cheaper than the PS4.

Now that the price disparity is gone it'll come down to the games. So E3 definately can be the deciding factor.
AKissFromDaddy  +   346d ago
In my opinion, Microsoft and Phil would be heavily criticized for devaluing their brand. Personally, I don't think lowering the price below Sony's PS4 would help in any. In fact, it'd look desperate, even if they are. Perception is key.

Malphite  +   346d ago
@AKissFromDaddy: Well I think they kinda look desperate anyway tbh. They basically completely turned away from their original vision of the console. It was an always online multimedia centre with DRM and Kinect. Now it's a gaming centered console. I think MS did the right decisions by admitting the mistakes they did with their console design and fixing most of them.
AKissFromDaddy  +   346d ago
tuglu_pati  +   345d ago
Can a Kinect free xbox win?

Not globally. It won't happen.
Ballsack  +   345d ago
@lifeisgames just like how you said titanfall will turn the tide ?

the funniest thing is you talk like Sony will not have an event an e3...fanboy mentality a funny thing indeed
showtimefolks  +   345d ago
look i am a huge pro sony/ps4 fan but bottom line is this was needed. As gamers most of us don't want to pay an extra $100 for kinect. They should have introduced 2 SKU's so people who want kinect can buy the system for $499 and others can get the $399 system

E3 is gonna be big for all 3 to be quite honest, as we saw last year you can make or break/tarnish your brand at E3. Before last year i never believed that E3 could be won or lost but sony proved the fact you can

also since sony is going after MS i believe MS should go all out, we need a gamers impact, and that's coming from a sony fan. I fully Believe in Healthy Competition and when ms competes with sony we as gamers win. If you don't believe sony has pushed ms to do many things right with xbox one just look at the list of things:

psn-plus offers better value so now MS is trying to match now, and that's only because both are trying to say look we offer better service with better content

always online gone
once 24 hours online gone
used games stuff gone

MS needs to work on getting Indies back on board

at E3 please don't mention the word TV,Movies,Cable box etc, just games.

That's the way i feel.

can MS beat sony no in my honest opinion, sony has the better console. but could we have another generation where both companies/consoles sell 80 plus million yes
aceitman  +   345d ago
no they wont , they are losing the battle in there own territory they just had 2 exclusives launch in march titanfall and plantz vs zombies and that didn't even put a dent in the sales , they are going to lose money on live cause the people who don't want to pay behind the paywall don't have to pay anymore , and are given refunds to those that would like there money back . they are losing people who feel as thought ms has lost touch with Kinect and fear that they will not support it much longer , and some people feel that they cant be trusted cause all the flip flopping , and bs like ms saying they are listening to the fans and that's y they came out with a no Kinect system , but with the news yesterday with the npd 115,000 in a month in there home turf and sony with 200,000 a 85,000 difference in home turf . heck X1 has been on sale for 399$-449$ with a game and Kinect ( and its only sold 115,000 for april ) so what will a bare bones system at 399$ going to sell . imo not much more or a lot less .I know 6 people that have x1 and 3 of them are trading in the x1.one of them already did it,hes only out 100$ bucks gamestop has a promotion going on and are giving 345$ for it and with game trade in hes got enough for ps4 and infamous ss so the other 2 one guy and one girl are following his footsteps tomorrow . and hes not lying here is a link to gamestops trade in. http://www.gamestop.com/tra...
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XxGHOSTxX-420  +   345d ago
Wrong, I felt so ripped off today I went and traded my xbone for a ps4.
kingdip90  +   345d ago
It's to soon to say right now. I am going to reserve my prediction until after the first month of the kinectless xbox one sales come in. Everyone who has been waiting for this to happen will pounce around then and if it still can't outsell the ps4 then xbox is in some hot water indeed.
neogeo  +   345d ago
The answer is and has always been right in there face. games games games. It could be $899 with less power and beat ps4 if the exclusive games were amazing and had tons of them. Thats a long shot. The games would have to be like super nintendo great or ps1 ps2 great. look at history and show me any console that lost in sales and had better games, name 1.
tuglu_pati  +   345d ago
Didn't meant to disagree. Agreed.
AussieBadger  +   345d ago
No but i'll say it can remain more competitive. Good to see gamers now have a choice like PS4. Not everyone wants a camera should have been optional from the start.
The EDGE  +   345d ago
win what? U.S sales... here's what I do know, they will become more competitive. Both consoles will produce their fair share of games. The question is which company will remain the most consistent in the production of said games.
combolock  +   345d ago
Microsoft takes US and somehow takes the UK(that is still Xbox territory) and rest of the world goes to PS4.
welly300  +   345d ago
Has everyone forgot that the ps3 was the most expensive console yet still ended beating the xbox it came down to games free online and plus. Ok its lost free online but u still get a better deal with plus. E3 is going to be massive for all 3.
Budobear  +   345d ago
Why does there have to be a winner and a loser? And how can we say something that has sold millions is a loser?....if they only sold 7 boxes then yes maybe.
Surely all they need to do is remain competitive, as every consumer market needs and thrives on competition.
Talking about winners and losers only throws fuel on the fan boi fires and serves no real purpose.

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