Elder Scrolls Online, free-to-play games still require Xbox Live Gold

One of Microsoft's big announcements today was the restructuring of Xbox Live Gold; the company will now allow Xbox 360 and Xbox One owners to use entertainment apps like Netflix and HBO Go without requiring a paid Xbox Live subscription. As Microsoft's Phil Spencer clarified to Joystiq today, the latest in a series of "Xbox One-80s" doesn't apply to free-to-play and subscription-based online games.

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AngelicIceDiamond1410d ago

Yep to be expect and something I'm completely fine with. Its just that paying extra for Netflix is something I never understood.

Stick891409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

Honest question, how are you ok with having to pay to play the "Free" to play games or even worse, one that has a separate subscription like ESO? As far as I'm aware they use their own services and not Microsofts.

AngelicIceDiamond1409d ago

If something is "F2P" on Xbox then I have no second thoughts I just download and play because its simply under the gold subscription.

I'm a constant gold member so I don't think anything of it I just renew my subscription when the time comes.

But here's why F2P is under gold still.

According to Spencer, Microsoft "hasn't changed its policy" on MMOs and free-to-play games. Spencer added that some games include "engineering constraints, policy constraints and partner constraints in each one of these scenarios."

mikeslemonade1409d ago

Thanks to XBL gold it is now okay to pay to play online. Way to go xbox defense force.. Now I have a $100 needless bill every year to play ps plus and gold.

Stick891409d ago

@Mikeslemonade I won't lie I was pissed about PS+ being required as well. But aslong as the game is using Sony's (or Microsoft's for Live) services and I'm making use of the IGC and the steep discounts on stuff I'd already buy, I can justify it.

RiPPn1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

@mikeslemonade: just watch for deals on the services, Gold is often available for $35 and PS+ for around $30. Now that both companies are giving games away, the cost of 1 retail game is going to be an incredible value. With PS+ I've already got over $100 in games and the 2 games coming on Xbox One are worth $25 and that's just the first month. Also this isn't even including the free games you get on the other platforms.

I do understand that some don't care about the free games and this is essentially thrown away money just so they can play cod but then again those people likely don't own both machines either.

LogicStomper1409d ago


"Thanks to XBL gold it is now okay to pay to play online. Way to go xbox defense force.. Now I have a $100 needless bill every year to play ps plus and gold."

Sony didn't have to follow suit, they chose to. It wasn't Microsoft's decision to charge PS+ users, it was Sony's. So don't go blaming Microsoft for a decision Sony made.

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XiSasukeUchiha1409d ago

Damn I thought they get rid of this requirement how sad I suppose:(

rivencleft1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

I agree. If they chose to release the game as 'Free to Play' it should truly be free to play, Sony has already said that you will be allowed to play Elder Scrolls Online without a Plus Subscription, as long as you're making your subscription dues to ESO. Now that's what I think both companies should do, I understand servers and server maintenance costs money, but most people will still buy Xbox Live Gold and PS Plus anyway, especially with the games they want to play online, i.e. COD, Battlefield, so you're already making the money, why not let F2P games be F2P? They've already done it with other subscription based services, NetFlix, Hulu, etc. So I don't think I'd ever pay for gold just to have to pay a subscription fee to ESO as well, they're in turn double charging you for the same thing.

Bonkerz1409d ago

No problem with this at all. If you are playing games than you have an XBL gold subscription anyway. Now for the people that were using it for the entertainment stuff, i agree its nice they took that away.

falviousuk1409d ago

Grabs the popcorn and beer and waits for the horde to arrive to further attack MS as they have done in almost every other thread on here.


MysticStrummer1409d ago

*grabs higher resolution popcorn and beer and waits for you to defend the removal of butter from your popcorn, which was previously claimed to be integral to the experience*

; )

gameslayer24111409d ago

Dude your commment made me choke on my BBQ sandwhich!!

mkis0071409d ago

I love this comment haha.

Flutterby1409d ago

Only words I can muster for that reply us ............OUCH! Lol

rivencleft1409d ago

Thank you for that sir, your comment made me laugh aloud at work.

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falviousuk1409d ago

Yes. But is your beer being poured at 30fps or 60fps

Dlacy13g1409d ago

It matters little...if you are looking to play on online game on consoles you 99% of the time have PS+ or XBLG now a day.

Obamanationn1409d ago

u dont need PS+ to play ESO , and most f2p games

Flutterby1409d ago

Having ps+ is nothing to do with it , it's the fact that he doesn't need it to still play those games Is what matters.

rivencleft1409d ago

That's exactly what I was trying to say earlier, Sony has already stated you wont need a Plus Membership to play ESO, as long as you are paying your monthly fees to ESO, and you never had to pay to watch Netflix, Hulu, etc. on PS3 or PS4, neither did you have to pay to play online on PS3, which was great, I have been a PS Plus Member since day 1, like June 10, 2010 but I became a Plus member BY CHOICE, not because they said either you pay it or you can't use all the features you already paid for on the console *cough* Microsoft. So that was the biggest turn-off of Xbox Live Gold to me, that they pretty much strong armed you into buying it or else you couldn't use all the features you should have gotten free by buying their damn system, and the same goes for the PS4, I own one and was already a PS Plus subscriber so I didn't have to sign up, but when they said you needed it to play online I thought it was bullcrap for new members, but at least since the beginning Sony offered stuff other than just playing online with a Plus membership, free games, avatars, themes, etc. whereas for a long-while there Microsoft was just pay to play, pay to watch, pay to pretty much do anything the PS3 was giving for free, which is definitely why I think the PS3 prospered in it's higher price platform.

MrSwankSinatra1409d ago

Sorry but that still doesn't justify the fact that you have to pay two separate subscriptions. Sony doesn't force you to do it so why should microsoft?

Dlacy13g1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

ESO shouldn't be charging $60 upfront and then $15 a month but they do...

Its their policy, I am not defending that its right, just that I would venture whether its required or not matters little since the vast majority who would play this game on those systems are already subscribers to their services.

KonsoruMasuta1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

Okay, think about it this way. A primarily single player gamer sees a free to play MMO he would like to play. No subscription fee, no initial cost, it's all okay. He downloads the game, tries to play - what's this? Microsoft wants to charge him to play something that's free? Why? He doesn't even need a sub because he usually plays single player games!

People need to get this, "Oh, if you game, you obviously already have a subscription" bs out of their heads. It's false.

Stop defending this.

Dlacy13g1409d ago

I am not defending it, I am merely saying I personally believe it matters little in the grand scheme of things.

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