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Arkham Knight Takes a Trip to Chinatown

A new screenshot for Arkham Knight has been released. (Batman: Arkham Knight, PC, PS4, Xbox One)

heisenberguk  +   317d ago
WOW!! A WHOLE screenshot!!!!!
bienio  +   317d ago
Just wait for E3;)
georgenancy  +   317d ago
that looks soo good
hiredhelp  +   317d ago
Why wont make another asylum
hiredhelp  +   317d ago
I knew get disagreed just my opinion folks as first batman hit last gen since my C64 8bit retro days.
Dont hate me too hard ive completed city on ps3 never got stuck into origin tbh. Not that hate it im im more stealth guy i found asylum had more of that.
Everything seemed idk cant put finger on it.
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Braid  +   317d ago
I'm sure I've seen this picture before, maybe in Game Informer reveal.

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