Killzone: Shadow Fall - The Canyon DLC

Check out the latest DLC for Killzone: Shadowfall.

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mafiahajeri1407d ago

This game fell short of it's intended mark. The gameplay was pretty mediocre.

AKissFromDaddy1407d ago

I disagree with that notion on the multiplayer. Campaign, yes. lol.

Muffins12231407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

The multiplayer does not have that much content to it was playable and not bad though. But that in no way means it was good. I also agree it is mediocre,to me its just a rushed out game for launch and to show off the ps4 graphics. Honestly it deserves its review scores and only people defending it and saying its a good/excellent game are biased n4g users and that's a fact.

Father__Merrin1406d ago

Id have to disagree i thought the single player was a brilliant old school style shooter. definitely worth a playthrough

re: multiplayer i feel the style of game is more suited to a lower player count and most of the maps seem to be too busy which brings performance down, i feel an 8 v 8 would have been better suited

Matt6661406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )

I fount nothing wrong with the game play but that my opinion and I played all the killzones

AKissFromDaddy1406d ago

Same boat. I believe the game play is perfect, so far, and an improvement from Killzone 3 because it's gameplay and animations are faster.

Additionally, the map design isn't as ridiculously large, in my very personal opinion, as in Killzone 3, making fights personal and more satisfying.

To each's own I guess. However, in comparison to the other exclusives(The Last of US, God of War), Killzone's story is the weakest, or at the very least the way it's experienced.

Can you imagine me and you on the same team disagreeing how the story should be? We'd probably argue about what players should be doing, feeling when they're doing it, and how to rise those feelings out of them in the best way possible.

Nevertheless, not to pick only on Killzone ShadowFall's story, I watched and conclude the same notions about other FPS campaigns: Blacks Ops I/II, Battlefield 3/4, Rage, and Modern Warfare 3, in regards to FPS.

AKissFromDaddy1407d ago

Personally, I was satisfied with everything but game types. I still want Free-For-All and Gun Game but I understand you were completely disappointed with Killzone Shadow Fall and that's understandable.

I can only hope the next sequel appeals to you and others who share exact or similar disappointments.

Muffins12231404d ago (Edited 1404d ago )

Have more levels like the forest and actually be able to use your drone zipline more. The drone had so much potential but you can clearly see the game was rushed. The AI where really stupid and the hard difficulty just made them do a lot damage and have amazing aim. I cant believe the amount of ignorance on its faults for this game on this site.

Im not saying its bad but its far from halo,god of war, or uncharted level that killzone fans try to make it. For example,some guy on here said ". I believe the game play is perfect, so far, and an improvement from Killzone 3" Its perfect?Are you kidding me? What about the 3-5 game modes? What about the lame characters that no one cared about?The main protaganist is as almost genric as the call of duty's protaganist! And trust me its not hard to have a better game than killzone 3.

Killzone 2 and 1 where the best and they took all the vehicles out of killzone which they are just now adding in dlc(jetpack) which proves my point how it was rushed and incomplete. I missed actually feeling like i was carrying a weapon and there was a sort of weight to your characters and then there suddenly like "fuck that it sucks lets make the player movement like a call of duty player".I SUSPECT them to give DLC for free because killzone shadow fall lacked features that other killzones had that it should of had.

Things that needed work:
1.Had great level design IN SOME parts but at the same time had HORRIBLE level design in the game in other parts.

2.Ai was incomplete and cheap with god-like aim on harder difficulty's

3.Story was good and dialogue/voice acting was acceptable and decent but the characters where absolutely boring as hell! The only one that was good was Maya.

4.And finally it just lacked content and features overall throughout the whole game.

Please play half life,bioshock,halo,far cry, or left 4 dead. They are much better FPS.If you truley dont see that then I have lost hope for the killzone fanbase and n4g users defending this game because it amazes me how they ignore the flaws and I almost think its because xbox fanboys brag about halo and they want to act like killzone is like a "halo" to playstation but its not....its just not. Lets just say theirs a reason why killzone is a launch title and halo and uncharted are not,they actually take there time on it and make it good.

For the most part the only people who will disagree with this are very few unbiased gamers but mostly fanboys of killzone. I understand that some people will truly like it not due to fanboyism and everyone has a different opinion but it makes me cringe when they hype/praise it to the same level as other famous FPS games.

Angry Joes review sums up my opinion perfectly....

AKissFromDaddy1404d ago

Understood. I understand the flaws you spread out.

Personally, I disliked feeling heavy and enjoy the current movement. Additionally, the story is bad and I've yet to campaign for it, but I will defend the multiplayer because I personally love it.

You're right about The Forest, it has a great design. Additionally, I like The Park, The Station, and The Spire the most. Including The Forest, those are my personal favorites.

We agree on the story and we could be split on the multiplayer so I'll declare that I do love the multiplayer but I did miss jetpacks, but they're brought back. All the DLC maps are free and we've gotten three good ones so far. I do miss Mechs,...a lot actually and I want them back but they'd have to add rockets back to counter them. I don't mind that.

I wish you had more bubbles because this is truly an enjoyable discussion between us.

dazzrazz1406d ago

Can't complain about free DLC. Usually these days asking price is $15 for 3-4 maps or $50 for season pass which fragments the shit out of community...

DrunkRussian1406d ago

Is anybody playing multiplayer? How is it? I played a lot KZ2 and it was really fun. KZ3 online I do not like..

shivvy241406d ago

Yeah you can easily get into a game ATM, I really like it but it depends on a persons taste, it feels weighty and has no aim assists which I like

Lawboy21406d ago

I'm wondering about the same copy should come in today so I still want to play the online...hopefully ppl are still on

FunAndGun1406d ago

There are still people playing and I can always find full games...I almost always play 24-player Warzones.

I would suggest you start in the 'New Recruits' server as there is a pretty high learning curve with this game and you might get frustrated going up against veterans.

Lawboy21406d ago

@ fun and gun

Yeah I saw that when I played the demo....I really enjoyed it and would have picked it up then but I had already spent to much money buying titanfall and plants v I'm super excited to get started just hope I'm not to late

If you still play do you mind adding me on psn

FunAndGun1406d ago

Sure, reply with your PSN ID or just send it to me in a private message.

I will add ya and we can kill some ISA scum together. I can answer any questions you have with the game as well. I have been playing it since launch.

badz1491406d ago


You will always find full lobby. Still lots of people playing and it's quite fun. I prefer sci-fi like Resistance and KZ over real military like BF or CoD btw

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TheFutureIsBlue1406d ago

Personally I've logged more hours into KZ multiplayer than any other game on my PS4.

Bennibop1406d ago

I have been playing this game every day online since launch. Amount on players has dropped but there is still more than enough for a game.

Personally I think killzone: SF online is better than COD: Ghosts.

Bundi1406d ago

Your opinion and is valid if you have indeed played both games. Others disagree mostly.

Bennibop1406d ago

Thank you for being level headed, it is just my opinion. I have been playing B4, Ghosts, KZ:SF (all ps4) and Titanfall (x1.) Loving BF4 mostly followed by KZ and short blasts on Titanfall. Just not getting on with Ghosts and its the first COD I have not prestige.

johndoe112111406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )

A lot of people will disagree with your comment because they have been spoiled by cod. This is an extremely different game than cod. It is not noob friendly, you actually have to work to get kills and play the objective.

People jump on killzone and expect to be pros like any 6 year old can do in cod and when they find out that it's a completely different ballgame they quit and say the game is filth.

This is one of the best online multiplayers I've ever played and I like the fact that it's a difficult game. It seperates the good players from the bad. In killzone if someone has a 1.50 and up kdr they are actually very good at the game and that says a lot. Every tom, dick and harry has a 2.0 and up in cod and it's just ridiculous.

ASH_ufo1406d ago

multiplayer absolutely perfect for me

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Gore-Content1406d ago

Sony! Stop spoiling me! :D

Bundi1406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )

Wait, you like this game? You were just complaining how Crytek games are all graphics and subpar gameplay and yet you are all for Killzone?

The hypocrisy/irony is giving me whiplash

badz1491406d ago

Shut up Bundi. You haven't played the game! They are still many people online and the support for GG is great. Hater!

Salooh1406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )

Killzone is awesome .

Killzone 2 was perfect. Wow factor on all sides.

Killzone 3 : Better graphics , fun gameplay especially with Jetspacks or something like that lol .

Shadow fall : Awesome graphics. Had wow factors in that side. The gameplay is good but compared to the previous ones it's the worst because of less features. If it had bigger maps and all killzone 2 features it would have been huge.

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