Our videos of Super Time Force

Driftwood: Although many players might be feeling increasingly weary towards pixel art indie games, Super Time Force is here with a delicious mix of Contra and Braid style gameplay alongside FEZ-like visual design to keep those feelings at bay. Cappy Games' latest title might seem a bit confusing without context so we've thrown together some videos highlighting the simple and addictive gameplay. Take a look at 10 excerpts taken from the early parts of the game below!

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AKissFromDaddy1500d ago

I patiently wait for the PC release. It's so good to watch, in my opinion.

BallsEye1499d ago

Lovin everything except the square explosions. Nothing against the style its awesome but somehow them flashing all the time gets annoying quick.

incendy351499d ago

Loving this game so much right now. It is so different than anything I have ever played that I have trouble explaining it though haha. Completely obsessed with trying to rescue the past me, it is like a mini game in itself. Anyone holding off on getting this, really needs to just pull the trigger, it is what video games are all about.. So challenging, with so many ways to get through the challenges. And damn fun! KOOKABUNGA!!!

ziggurcat1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

is this the same guys that did mercenary kings?

edit: this game looks really fun, too.

incendy351499d ago

Different developers, Super Time Force is made by Capybara and Mercenary Kings is made by Tribute. No offense to Mercenary Kings because it is fun, but Super Time Force is on a completely different level. They both share being 2d shooters, but Super Time Force has such deep gameplay mechanics and much better presentation/story/gameplay.

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