Xbox One and Xbox 360: Next steps for Microsoft

XMNR: Microsoft’s decision to drop the Kinect from the Xbox One and the price of the console by $100 was a necessary first step to bring the console to parity with Sony’s Playstation 4. The Xbox LIVE Gold requirement for entertainment apps was also removed but those aren't the only steps that Microsoft needs to take for both its new console and the last-gen Xbox 360 though. Let’s take a quick look at four things the company must do over the coming year

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XiSasukeUchiha1467d ago

X360: DVR!
Xbone: Just keep going your almost there!

Joey_Leone1466d ago

The Xbox brand is dying.

DoubleM701466d ago


Dlacy13g1466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

At this point Games really are what matters most for them. I will add in that I think they need exclusive IP and not just timed DLC this go round. Given there has been issues on the performance side with their multiplat compared to Sony's version they need to have some head turning exclusives for this E3 in particular. Sure down the line the multiplats may all "even out" but for now this system needs to shine with "you can't get this elsewhere" content.

Edit: I am specifically talking about the Xbox One. For the Xbox 360... I think price cut is pretty much what is on tap some time this summer.

Joe9131466d ago

It will be hard for them to lock in exclusives without dropping a whole lot of money it would be better for MS to but a studio or two and work on more games try to make maybe one or kinect focused game and the rest of the time work on real games and if the developers can add some kool stuff for kinect then good for them but they should not have their developers making kinect shovelware.

dcbronco1466d ago

It cost Microsoft no more than it cost Sony for exclusives, and Microsoft has a lot more to spend on them. And remember they did set aside a billion strictly for games. That alone should last five years or more without a return on investment.


kewlkat0071466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

Next steps for Microsoft: New games and new franchises and none of that definitive version ported stuff....

Start leaving last-gen alone..

jnemesh1466d ago

First step: Remove foot from mouth.
Second step: Go to hospital to get gunshot wound in foot tended.
Third Step: ????
Fourth Step: Profit?