Jetpacks coming to Killzone Shadow Fall

Revealed via Twitter, a short vine video shows that there will be jetpacks coming to Killzone Shadow Fall. The 6 second video shows the player looking down, switching from gun to jetpack, then they jump in the air and begin flying. There were jetpacks implemented into Killzone 3. The return of the jetpack seems to be well received.

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3-4-51308d ago

Jetpacks Everywhere!

Seriously though, jetpacks are almost always fun to use in any game.

Abash1308d ago

I loved them in Killzone 3, so glad they are finally back in Shadow Fall!

GiggMan1308d ago

1080P JetPacks?

I'm back on board. Sign me up :-)

UltraNova1307d ago

I guess its MP only..well it would be nice if they added them in the SP as well...

Xsilver1308d ago

hell yeah was pissed when they took it out.

I_AM_ CANADIAN_19891308d ago

What about mechs. ? That would shut the titanfall fanboys up.

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Neonridr1308d ago

cool, I loved the jetpack mechanic in Reach. Could definitely be a good addition here too.

LackTrue4K1308d ago (Edited 1308d ago )

What do you mean "could?!" And what does any of has to do with Reach???

....they were there in Killzone 3, so if you played it before you got an idea on how they are.

nicksetzer11308d ago (Edited 1308d ago )

1.) Halo reach was before kz3 and had very similar jet packs, and he liked how they worked in that game ....
2.) "Could" means might be....
3.) Why are you so angry?

@reaper ahhh, so his problem was stating his excitement based on HIS specific experiences with this mechanic? You're right he is a total troll ..... Just because you sony fanboys are masters of stealth trolling doesn't mean every comment is a stealth troll.

thereapersson1308d ago (Edited 1308d ago )

Nicksetzer, Probably because when most people make comments like that around here, they are stealth trolling

Neonridr1308d ago

forgive me, the PS4 is my first Sony console and Killzone Shadowfall was my first KZ game that I had ever played.

My only experiences with jetpacks were from Reach.

Godmars2901308d ago

Rather pointless to state an example of something similar from another game when there's a more relevant example from a game in the same franchise.

PS3Freak1308d ago (Edited 1308d ago )

What's the problem with him mentioning Reach?

It's a game he enjoyed that had jetpacks in it.

Some people on this site are ludicrously immature and love to make something out of nothing.

Neonridr1308d ago

@Godmars290 - you are correct, and had I know that there were jetpacks in KZ3, or hell better yet, actually played KZ3, I would have probably chosen that as my connection instead.

Necro_5591308d ago

Considering that Reach was before KZ3 and considering that KZ3 then used very "similar" jetpacks, its completely understandable that he would mention that, since it would be the proper way.

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saint_seya1308d ago (Edited 1308d ago )

Ignore all the people that get mad for using Reach as an example, i mean u didnt say anything close to stealth trolling, and you were talking of a game you enjoyed, for all i care you could compare killzone or any ps4 game to any other xbox game, as long as you are doing it in a positive/constructive way i dont think is stealth trolling, and more so when you never got to try the other killzones.

OT: I like jetpacks in killzone 3, and the mechs too, hope they add em too later.. #also loved the beach map on killzone 3, i wish that map is remade on SF.

XiSasukeUchiha1308d ago

:) I'm happy, now is it going to be balanced !

Ron_Danger1308d ago

It should be now that everyone has access (assuming you've unlocked them) to the seeking rocket attachments

Rhezin1308d ago

pfff shut up before Madara kills you Sasuke..The game is fine the way it is. Although jetpacks sound amazing. I had fun with em in K3.

Deadpoolio1308d ago

No the game is NOT fine the way it is unless your a no skill douchefag that has to run around exclusively using the noob tube attachment because you can't shoot......And yet 75% are still bad and cant hit anything with a grenade, needs to be nerfed and taken down to 1 grenade per spawn or just removed....

OR when you get into these matches with the douchefags and their GL attachment and or Voltage/Purger cause the idiots who cant play for crap again use the noob weapons. You can't even avoid them, you can leave and TRY to join another match but you TRY 20 times and all 20 it wants to throw you back into the same match even though 300 people are playing.....

OR the way suddenly the drone buddies can go like 500ft around corners...BUT since you think it's fine the way it is with it's less than 500 player count at peak times, obviously your one of those douchefags in the suck at the game clans who only play randoms because there is less of a chance you'll get your ass handed to you

PROTIP: IT'S NOT HALO, sure would be awesome if the Xbots stopped playing like it was...

saint_seya1308d ago

I dont get the point of saying Xbots for no reason, that should be marked as trolling...

Speak_da_Truth1308d ago

its not pick up the season pass for $20

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