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Iwata Believes One Game Can Change Everything for the Wii U and He’s Right

Ed from Twinfinite writes: “The fate of a video game system is often influenced greatly by the introduction of a single title.” Truer words have never been spoken by Nintendo President and CEO Satoru Iwata. (Satoru Iwata, Wii U)

Mexxan  +   354d ago
He's praying that's the case. Fresh dynamic blood at Nintendo is needed. I need quality games not the next wii fit...
EdMcGlone  +   354d ago
For a while I thought once Nintendo gets the big names out the Wii U will be fine but it just hasn't happened yet. Mario Kart 8 and SSB might get things going, but I really think they need something new and innovative.
raWfodog  +   354d ago
I feel that a AAA Action-RPG exclusive title would go a long way to moving a lot of units in the U.S, Europe, and Japan.
Eonjay  +   354d ago
Agreed. MK8 will move units but one game can not change the fortunes of a console - Titanfall say hi btw. Do you really want to by a console just to play one game?
choujij  +   354d ago
@Eonjay Except it's Mario Kart, and will live up to it's reviews.
Eonjay  +   353d ago

for sure, the game looks great.
iamnsuperman  +   353d ago
Funnily enough Mario Kart and SSB have never been system sellers. They always sell well on already established systems but they never shoot unit sales through the roof. Those games are big for the people who already own the system just not for those who don't (and in here lies an issue)
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eworthington0  +   353d ago
Well. I think we all need to remember the wii u hasnt pooped out its giants yet. I am a proud extremely satisfied owner. They have mario 3d world new super mario, zelda ww and pikmin. Donkey kong wont push systems.
Mario kart, ssb, x, ZELDA U will.
Among many others.
Nintendo isnt going to blow out its biggest names anf leave us with nothing else for the res th of the generation. Thays craziness.
Dont count nintendo out just yet.
There are plenty of games on the system right now. But not enough to appeal to the masses unfortunately.
The smear articles are partly to blame for anyone looking into the wii u.
The rest are average consumers walking by confused.
They need to market better.
Thats all the business advice we can offer a giant multi billion dollar company.
andibandit  +   353d ago
They should just release mario 2000
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   354d ago
And you're getting them, unless the only thing you define as quality, is realism-focused sparkle fests like so many third parties are doing.
There have been plenty of worthwhile games on the system so far.

And as for new blood being needed?
Not if, by that, you mean replacing Iwata with some talentless yes-man lacky who will willing bend-and-spread to the demands of idiots like micheal pachter and some of the remarkably low-brow "journalists" in the gaming press.

That would kill off Nintendo's home console market faster than iwata or the Wii U ever could.
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Dchops  +   354d ago
No kidding. There are already a ton of great games on the Wii U, despite all the crap it gets. Even more so, although I thoroughly enjoy many third-party titles (which is why I always have at least one other home console per gen), the majority of Nintendo's first-party line-up is hard to beat.
McScroggz  +   354d ago
So you would rather Nintendo not bring in new, fresh ideas and continue the downward trend their home consoles have been on since the NES? Here is what it looks like without the Wii, which was 100% a fad:

NES: 62 mil
SENS: 49 mil
N64: 33 mil
GameCube: 22 mil
Wii U: 6 mil with a projected lifetime total well under GameCube numbers.

Sure, we can talk about how profitable Nintendo has been - and they have been just that - but how much does Nintendo's userbase need to shrink until Nintendo fans acknowledge that there is a fundamental problem with the company and that it needs somebody to fix these problems. Bury your head in the sand and you are contributing to Nintendo's worsening situation.
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Errefus  +   354d ago

The Wii was not a Fad, sure the wii remote was terrible but it held on it own and actually had a pretty fun library of games to play and enjoy.
Codey47  +   354d ago
A fad that sold more than the PS3, PS4 and Vita worldwide combined.

I don't own any of the latest consoles from Nintendo...even I can't deny the sheer volumes shifted of the Wii.

ProjectCARS is due in November lets see how it compares with the other consoles whence released.
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   353d ago
First off, the wii was not a fad. It had plenty of great games and an attach rate that proved it was bought for more than just a few casual games.
And second, keeping iwata, instead of replacing him with someone who would listen to industry idiots like pachter, is the better course.
Nintendo can get new blood and new ideas without replacing their heads and screwing over the entire company in the process.

Let go of your delusions; Iwata has made mistakes, but he's a far sight better than some idiot newbie that would rather make Nintendo go third party for the sake of pleasing investors and lining his own pockets.
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DryBoneKoopa85  +   353d ago
I love how everyone likes to point out how Iwata needs to go because Nintendo has been losing money but yet no one is calling for the head of Kaz from Sony.

Sony has been hemorrhaging money for the last I don't know 4 or more years now and selling EVERYTHING off and firing over 5,000 employees.

You guys need to get a reality check. If Sony keeps losing all of its money, how do you think their going to afford all those pretty little new IP's you guys keep clamoring over?

Sticking your head into Nintendo's business practices is not going to fix anything. You know the reason Nintendo reported a loss was because they spent something like 200 million dollar's buying and building and hiring right? It was not just all from Wii U sales lost.

Sure Nintendo could use a new IP or two but the list of Nintendo (EXCLUSIVES) coming out this year BLOWS AWAY the competition. Sony has what Drive Club in October and MAYBE The Order 1886. Microsoft who knows what's coming really until E3 happens.

All I'm trying to say is you can't sit their and point the finger at one person without calling out others who are not leading by good example. Both Sony and Nintendo need to fix their problems. Nintendo can afford a failed console. Sony can not.
The 10th Rider  +   353d ago

Actually, between building a new building, purchasing that undisclosed tech, and buying back the stocks of their former president it was over 1.5 BILLION that they spent. When you consider that, losing some 250 million isn't bad at all

Anyone who disagrees feel free to look it up.

(BTW, other than that little tidbit I agree with pretty much everything you said, DryBoneKoopa85)
EdMcGlone  +   353d ago
If you read the article you would see that I'm not saying Nintendo games aren't quality. They are fantastic, clearly though that isn't enough for the Wii U. The Wii U needs something new and exciting. Reshashed games regardless of quality isn't getting it done right now.
3-4-5  +   354d ago
* Super Mario Brothers, Mario 64, Goldeneye 007,Ocarina of Time, Halo,Half Life,Final Fantasy 7 ect...

All these were game changers and that "one" that helped put the console or games on the map for that era or gen
Fishermenofwar  +   354d ago
Good logic...I didn't really think of that....Nice comment
joab777  +   353d ago
Its possible but its a horrible mindset. I cant blame him b/c its their only shot now.

Actually, they should hav made a system as powerful or just less than the xbone and sold for $300. Also make it compatible with the 3rd or a new handset. They would hav had a yr jump which would have helped establish 3rd party support as ppl would hav flocked to play better looking games.

Now, they need to ditch the controller. Lower the price to $200. Figure out how to link the 3ds so ppl can play 3ds games on the WiiU. And make a great Zelda game.
AWBrawler  +   353d ago
actually the lack of wii fit type games is exactly why the wii u is not selling like wii. The Wii came out the gate targeting hardcore and look what happened? thats why i say they should always go blue ocean strategy. ALWAYS
OtakuDJK1NG  +   353d ago
Mario Kart 7 changed 3DS so he not praying.
mezati99  +   354d ago
zelda wii u
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randomass171  +   354d ago
I really don't think it's stupid at all. One game to get people excited is sometimes really all a system needs.
L0YD  +   354d ago
If that was the case Super Mario 3D World would've saved it already, its one of the best if not THE BEST game on the system.
veegeeeffex  +   354d ago
I agree. They need to release a new 1080 game to save this system.
TheSleepingDoctor  +   354d ago
People keep forgetting that the Gamecube also had Kart and Smash and all Nintendo had to offer and yet sold less than 25 million units and got a distant 3rd place.

To Nintendo find this fabled (and usual BS) one game to change it all, it would need something not only unique but with broad appeal and trendy.

It will be no a mystical 'one game' that will change the WiiU fate, but Nintendo bringing a more diverse, bigger library to it.

Otherwise, please understand...
The 10th Rider  +   353d ago
I do think you're right for the most part there. But there is a bit of a difference between Nintendo's situation with the Wii U and with the Gamecube. I would add that the commercial success of the Wii and DS really increased Nintendo's brand recognition, creating a lot more potentiality for customers with the Wii U. If they can tap into that it would help.
scissor_runner  +   353d ago
The ngc mariokart was flawed and had bad frame rates. Almost did not play like mariokart. The wii mariokart fixed that. The result was sony trying to copy it and failing and 32 million sold. This was the first Nintendo wii game that had good multiplayer.

I think fanboys are just afraid this will affect the ps4. If that system stalls sony could be in free fall.

Plus gamers can imagine a game good enough to sell a console because they are not game creators. Fans consume mostly and don't understand how to create demand.
SmokingMonkey  +   354d ago
Make a great Super Metroid and I'm in.

Mario is always good for everyone, but Zelda and Metroid (you know for the "hardcore")
are what core gamer's need to buy in.
McScroggz  +   354d ago
Iwata is right that a one game can save a system or determine its fate, but he is wrong that it happens often. There probably hasn't been a dozen games that truly made a console successful since the introduction of the Famicom/NES. In 30 years. You cannot predict when a game is going to become that, and it's not smart for Nintendo or its fans to cling to the hope that the game will come along. People need to understand that it has to be a lot more than just a great game. Super Mario 3D World didn't save the Wii U. Smash Bros. and Mario Kart won't save the Wii U. At this point, the Wii U will not be a mainstream success and they need to stop pretending that a game or two plus some marketing will magically make it so.
incendy35  +   354d ago
True, if they were to release a new Zelda on PS3, X360, PS4, X1 they would make a killing.
WeAreLegion  +   354d ago
Everyone is basing this on quality. That's not the secret to a successful game. Quality is important, but the most important thing is appeal.

Halo sold the Xbox because it was a quality title AND it revitalized the FPS on consoles. The mechanics were perfect. The story was memorable. The multi-player was out of this world! It was matching what was being done on the PC. That was the appeal.

Final Fantasy VII had graphics, yes. But it also had an incredible story. The Final Fantasy series had already been a big seller, but VII propelled it into the stratosphere. Because it was a leap forward in several areas.

A Pokemon MMO has major appeal. I personally know about twenty people who would buy a Wii U this second if that was announced. I enjoyed the two fan made Pokemon MMOs on PC, but we need something better.
Illusive_Man  +   354d ago
They need a little more than one game. I am rooting for them though.

A Pokemon MMO with a compelling online community feature set including chat, video, streaming etc would be huge.
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EdMcGlone  +   353d ago
I don't know how feasible it is but if they are desperate, Pokémon on consoles could just do the trick.
SliceOfTruth888  +   354d ago
If there is one thing we have learned its that that exact line is garbage. Just look at the past failures

N64: Mario 64, Zelda OOT, SSB i mean thats 3 great games alone and the system tanked

Gamecube: Mario Sunshine, Windwaker, SSB, Metroid Prime 4 other legendary games and failure

The problem with nintendo is they balked on something with every generation.

N64: They went cartridge
Gamecube: They ignored the Internet
Wii: No HD
Wii U: Last Generations Graphics.

All Nintendo has to do is come out with a Beast system that has online and attach the Nintendo branded first party to it and PROFIT. The fans have only been waiting 15 years for this to happen.
scissor_runner  +   353d ago
I'll give you the n64.
The ngc needed the wii specs really. Factor 5 was always right about that.

The sales and game out put on the wii proved that much. Games just played way better and the graphics where finally on point.

Better support for normal maps and other effects would have helped. The ps3 and Xbox where not hd consoles ethier lol. Yes I'm looking at the majority of those games didn't even reach hd levels.

The idea that the wiiu is last gen is laughable. The ps3 would render mariokart 8 at 12 frames a sec lol. Actually that is what most of your games did.

Just admit the wiiu has got a lot of you fanboys afraid. You know real gamers are going to break down and get one. Also everyone knows art trumps power. That is available to all consoles. That kills the ps4s main selling point.
Ghost_Nappa  +   354d ago
That one game is either smg3 or a proper paper mario game, not that 3ds bull@#$%
Debaitable  +   354d ago
Pokemon MMO
choujij  +   354d ago
If there was one MMO that could actually dethrone WoW, a Pokemon MMO from Nintendo would be it.
Baccra17  +   354d ago
Nintendo doesn't need "one game" to magically turn it around. Nintendo needs several great games, nicely spread out in it's lifetime, to change everything.

It's this type of thinking, among others, that's doing Nintendo in.
ninsigma  +   354d ago
Pokemon mmo and Wii U wins Gen 8.
Errefus  +   354d ago
we need an AAA exclusive, kinda when the Gamecube had RE4.
GamingSinceThe80s  +   353d ago
Hopefully Bayonetta 2 will help.I had never played the first one before, but I picked it up the other day and man it's rely fun!Can't believe I hadn't bought it year's ago, but the plus is now I don't have to wait 5 year's for the sequel!
GryestOfBluSkies  +   354d ago
mario kart is the game thats making me want a wii u. Mario 3d world looks great but didn't make me pull the trigger. itll be great to catch up on the few games that i do want to play. plus ill be prepared for the next zelda.
uth11  +   354d ago
I think they've discovered the hard way that all the casual gamers they recruited with the Wii aren't brand loyal and don't upgrade on schedule.

They need to be competitive for the dedicated console gamers to survive. They can't just keep releasing new versions of same franchises for every generation. That produces diminishing returns.

I see two paths they can take. 1) release hardware that can credibly compete performance-wise with MS, Sony. Don't throw in a divisive gimmick that will boost the pricetag and alienate these gamers like the gamepad. (MS just learned this lesson with Kinect). And finally work to get the 3rd parties back on board.

or 2) Capitalize on the strength of the Nintendo franchises and start publishing them to other systems
False-Patriot  +   354d ago
One game can't change anything outside of release window of that game. Iwata must step down.
DVAcme  +   353d ago
I was gonna comment that this was a naive statement by Iwata, but I have to be honest with myself: I would buy a Wii-U in a heartbeat if Metroid came out. If it were Metroid PRIME, I'd spontaneously travel back in time and buy it launch day.
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welly300  +   353d ago
Wii u is a great system with the best family friendly games mario cart will move wii u
They need to improve the online features and advertise its the only next gen thats free to play.
ShockUltraslash  +   353d ago
Err Bayonetta2?

What Nintendo really needs is to form some new talented studios and get them to make some good exclusives for them.
jc48573  +   353d ago
I bet people are waiting for that one game.
brando008  +   353d ago
Once Zelda U releases, I'm gonna buckle and pick up a Wii U
Gh05t  +   353d ago
That one great game will sell a WiiU like dropping the kinect will sell an Xbox One.

If people didn't already want it before they still won't want it. And if they did want the system it was always just a matter of time.
pcz  +   353d ago
X is that game for me.

xenoblade is in my top 5 best games ever.

you have to support the team who made that game, its incredible and i want more of the same

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