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Grand Theft Auto 5 Sales Revealed

Take-Two reveals up-to-date sales of GTA 5 (Grand Theft Auto V, PS3, Xbox 360)

barb_wire  +   73d ago
33Mil copies sold - that's a lot!
Palitera  +   73d ago
How about revealing how much was made by destroying the MP with free to play schemes on a 60 USD game?
Septic  +   73d ago
What?? What free to play schemes? Do you even know anything about GTA 5? Can you buy in-game currency? It never came into force.

Some seriously self-entitled gamers these days smh(I use the latter term loosely).
Palitera  +   73d ago

Welcome back to reality.
porkChop  +   73d ago
Uh... yeah, you *can* buy in-game currency. And Rockstar has gone out of their way with every new update to make money harder to earn legitimately, practically forcing many to buy cash cards.
brokenbracket  +   73d ago
LOL, the fact that five other people agreed with him just baffles me. There's no free to play schemes in GTA Online. Is there in-game currency that you can purchase with your own money? Yes. Are you required to purchased said in-game money with your own hard earned real money? No. Everything I've bought in the game was earned by completing missions, survival rounds, deathmatches, and races. Anyone who buys those "Shark" cards are just simply impatient. If you love the game enough like I do, you'll be willing to spend hours playing a wonderful game, while earning the profits in the process.
lets_go_gunners  +   73d ago
The never made it into the game..When launch came out the mp was down for a week and rockstar scrapped the idea of micro-transaction. Well at least that was in February the last time I played it. Maybe there are now but there wasn't any for me.
Septic  +   73d ago

Welcome back to virutal reality.
Palitera  +   73d ago
Yes, they disabled the option TEMPORARILY a while ago.

What was your point again? Do you even know anything about GTA 5?


Some people...
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Septic  +   73d ago
Youre deluded. Youre telling me that this shark pack destroyed the mp of the game?? This shark pack that came into affect a month back that barely anyone has even heard of?

Frwee to play schemes? Do you know the difference between microtransactions and free to play? And do you even play GTA? These cash packs aren't the issue. The lack of heists and early MP instability compromised the MP in the game.

But to suggest Rockstar has cashed on these shark cards is ridiculous. The game was a record breaker at launch.

The topic is about how many copies sold. Youre crying over something that didnt affect the sale of those copies.
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porkChop  +   73d ago
Only the Megalodon card came out a month ago. The others were re-activated about a month after release, November I believe.

"But to suggest Rockstar has cashed on these shark cards is ridiculous."


That was back in February, how much do you think they've made since then?

"Overall, Take-Two posted a profit $510.7 million, up dramatically compared to the $33.1 million the company hauled last year."


At least 10% of their total profit for the year was just from GTA Online's microtransactions.
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psyxon  +   73d ago
it's totally rockstar's fault for gamers deciding to buy in game currency lol.
MrFit  +   73d ago
Did you even play it? I played the mp for 90+ hours and never put out a dime.

@Septic - Well said, couldn't agree with you more.
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modesign  +   73d ago
if take two likes money they better crank out more games.
nope111  +   73d ago
Scrivlar  +   73d ago
Next Gen port and I'll literally throw more money at them!
ape007  +   73d ago
R* North is the best
aiBreeze  +   73d ago
Think of how much extra they'd make if they released it on the X1, PS4 and PC... come on Rockstar/Take Two, make it happen!
mezati99  +   73d ago
now where is my f*cking PC version Rockstar ?!
Muzikguy  +   73d ago
Am I the only one that was a bit disappointed in the game? Three protagonists and the game was shorter than previous installments. At least it looked nice!
Moe-Gunz  +   73d ago
I was a bit disappointed too. I loved it but not as much as SA or VC. Better than IV in my opinion though.
Muzikguy  +   73d ago
IV was the worst if you ask me. I loved Vice City! That was my favorite
cfc83  +   73d ago
I prefered max payne 3. It never sold enough copies, so i very much doubt we will see another one. Cash is king and all that. I think gta 5 had more potential that what we got. It wasn't a let down, but i think it gets over hyped.
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Applejack  +   73d ago
Not at all. It had massive scale and replayability but I got bored of it within a few months. Just my humble opinion.
Muzikguy  +   73d ago
Saying you got bored with it kind of means a lack of replayability doesn't it? I beat the game and that was it. No urge to play again or complete 100%
asmith2306  +   73d ago
Didn't even finish it. It looked great but I am bored of the GTA formula at this stage, and I couldn't have cared less about the characters.
-Foxtrot  +   73d ago
They need to go back to one character in the next game

I wouldn't mind playing more characters in the missions but roaming around should be one character so you don't need to keep switching when buying stuff.

Trevor should of been the main character. We've seen Michaels character in Tommy before and Franklin with CJ
Muzikguy  +   73d ago
I agree, one character. They had 3 which made you think "cool, 3 times longer!" Yeah, right. Game was shorter than if there was just one person
SneakyDoo  +   71d ago
I don't see Michael relating like Tommy much. The only similarity is that Tommy had to give Sonny money, and Michael had to give Madrazo money for destroying his house. Michael is a family man, and he was being forced back into the game of performing audacious heists, or the FIB would blackmail him. Tommy on the other hands, moved away from Liberty to Vice City in order to meet new contacts and gain revenue off assets in order to get money. Initially he did a drug deal but it was ambushed.
Ninver  +   73d ago
lol i still haven't bought this game. waiting for a ps4 port or no buy. i heard the game runs terrible on last gen hardware.
gedden7  +   73d ago
OoooHHHHHH kaaayyy

How about showing Operation costs and Profits...??? No, well I'm sure you make most of r your money in shares instead the game sold then...

Pricey AAA games are a attractive cancer to the gaming industry...
CerealKiller  +   73d ago
This makes no sense.
DrunkRussian  +   73d ago
The best developers! They deserve it! Ave to Rockstar!
Sayburr  +   73d ago
Yes! I hope they release a Gen-8 Ping Pong title soon. /s
ape007  +   73d ago
body harvest
ipach  +   73d ago
damn. even without a PC or next gen release
Sayburr  +   73d ago
...ahhh, now I see why VGChartz is frowned upon. They are showing, right now, 31m sold.

Global as of May 3
Grand Theft Auto V (PS3) - 17,332,571
Grand Theft Auto V (X360) - 13,760,722
GamingSinceThe80s  +   73d ago
Hazmat13  +   73d ago
story was awesome the world is fantastic but multiplayer will always be its downfall for me.
ChipsDP  +   72d ago
So, when are they going to put some of this profit into the PC version then?

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