The Last Guardian Appearing at E3 2014 – Rumour

"It’s E3 season again and with it comes the perfunctory stream of rumours, ramblings and crazy talk. However, 2014 seems to have a slightly different tone."

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Majin-vegeta1438d ago

Hmm tweet gets removed yea looks like something is gonna happen

AngelicIceDiamond1438d ago

Yeah but this game gets rumored to show up every year. And every year its always been a no show.

Here's hoing they're ready this time.

blackbeld1438d ago

Exactly, I already give up my hopes for it. But wow if this is true ...... then this year E3 will be awesome too.

Supporter1438d ago

Boy I hope so, That tech demo was awesome, wish something came of it. If theres a year to show your cards though this is it.

This could be sony's ace in the hole when it comes to diehards who remember SOTC being as epic as I do.

Bathyj1438d ago

I agree with what you said, but the difference is this year the ps4 is out, and it's the reason the game has been delayed so long. I'm really hoping this is true.

Salooh1438d ago

Well , FFv13 have been re-announced to FF15 so this gen may bring these awesome games that we have been waiting for lol . The last cat :>

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showtimefolks1438d ago

It will be shown but question is do you start with this blockbuster or wait till the very end and close out the show.

games i want to see at E3 from sony's side:

The Last Guardian running on ps4 on stage demo or atleast gameplay trailer. A release date is must

Uncharted(i am not sure ND will call it UC4) this has to be the oh snap moment and set the bar for what could be achieved the ps4. Also this has to happen to shut the haters who think because 4 people left ND all of the sudden ND will be bad now

4 developers left out of 250 actually working at ND

Sony Bend's new game, this has been a long time rumor. Going back all the way to 2011. I see this coming out in 2014

show updated build/on stage demo for drive club

show DLC for infamous second son

Announce date for TLOU

Announce GTA5 on next gen consoles/also could we please get RDR on next gen consoles

This won't happen but try to get RS on stage, its been such a long time. Imagine if one of the houser brothers coming out to sony's stage to announce something.

show FF15 demo or trailer along with KH3


something from UBI since they always been a great partner with sony

project beast


and 2 surprises, i want 2 lol. Something that's not been announced or rumored.

sebzhd1438d ago

It is now sure, M$ is over. tank you and bye bye.

Magicite1438d ago

this game gameplay + next uncharted gameplay is enough to ensure that Sony wins E3.

Patrick_pk441437d ago

It better, I don't want TLG to be scraped. I loved ICO and Shadow of Colossus, I would love to see something new from Team ICO. This can become another system seller for the PS4. This needs to be exclusive for the PS4, I don't want limitations due to the PS3.

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JohnathanACE1438d ago

YES!! Its about freaking time!

Riderz13371438d ago

Feels like we get Last Guardian news prior to E3 every E3 lol...

I won't get hyped but I do hope it is shown at E3 with a release date.

JohnathanACE1438d ago

It seems I fall for it every year, but I honestly have a feeling this year will be different seeing as the PS4 just launched and all.

Patrick_pk441437d ago

True, it is the same feeling as those who still await HL3.

HyperBear1438d ago

"Boom to the Power of Boom!" - The Late-Great Kevin Butler

I can only imagine what the crowd reaction once this game gets re-announced and played live on stage. E3 right around the corner everybody...

majiebeast1438d ago

He is followed by Yosp take it for what it is.

mikegotgame1438d ago

+1 to you for your Ron Swanson avatar. That alone makes you awesome.

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