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Global Software Weekly, 3rd May 2014

Global Hardware
PS4 121,194 (-5%) 7,482,361
3DS 110,051 (0%) 44,390,290
XOne 77,631 (-2%) 4,505,168
PS3 45,461 (-2%) 81,897,118
PSV 41,940 (-2%) 8,186,897
WiiU 31,337 (+5%) 6,126,313
X360 26,822 (-13%) 80,726,279
PSP 12,278 (+3%) 80,568,913
Wii 9,363 (-8%) 100,636,325

Global Software by platform
PS3 906,480 (-6%) 791,754,726
X360 794,154 (-6%) 856,410,866
3DS 664,101 (+26%) 134,050,237
PS4 316,459 (+18%) 17,360,806
PC 284,021 (-12%) N/A
Wii 275,419 (-6%) 874,510,636
DS 211,628 (-6%) 780,438,676
XOne 186,865 (-7%) 13,201,970
WiiU 184,849 (+2%) 23,544,527
PSV 157,403 (-47%) 23,240,464
PSP 69,845 (-13%) 282,543,515 (3DS, Nintendo DS, PC, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, PSP, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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AceBlazer13   442d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
LightDiego  +   442d ago
PS4 selling more than 3DS?
That's impressive my little friends.
Sincere0121  +   442d ago
Not really as the 3ds has been selling forever, nearly everyone has one now.
Brazz  +   442d ago
if you compare NPD and VG chartz numbers you will see that VGchatz is undertracking P$, Ps4 sales are probably much better thanthis.
aceitman  +   441d ago
these are numbers for usa that where adjusted , they show the numbers before and after looks like ps4 wins usa for april . http://gamrconnect.vgchartz...
AussieBadger  +   442d ago
Now we will soon see if xbox 1 without kinect makes a difference in the month's to come.
Axios2   442d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(3)
GordonKnight  +   441d ago
I think the Titanfall bundle is still a better deal.

$500 for X1 + Kinect + Titanfall


$400 for just the X1.

You are really only paying $40 for the kinect in the Titanfall bundle.
bamillington  +   442d ago
I don't think it will make that much difference but you never know
morganfell  +   442d ago
Fake numbers again. After Thursday N4G has no excuse but to ban vgchartz. Using the word rumor is not an excuse to allow astroturfing and that is precisely what this guy is doing and it is a banned practice everywhere.

It won't make a big difference because for most people it wasn't about price. On the day Titanfall launched, there were two bundles at Gamestop for the PS4. The cheapest of those 2 PS4 bundles was $517. Both of those PS4 bundles were outselling everything including the X1, X1 bundle, and Titanfall itself.

Titanfall had better keep selling because if you look at this fall MS has nothing else of note.
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Flutterby  +   442d ago
I keep voting this crap vgcharts down but it doesn't seem to be getting banned.
shadyiswin  +   441d ago
You sound worried that Xbox one will take over lol. You are aware this holiday Microsoft was going to destroy anyways(halo,quantum break,sunset overdrive) but at a $399 price point it won't even be close...not in the states anyways.
Darkfist  +   442d ago
lol vgchartz
ramiuk1  +   442d ago
if cgcharts had ps4 selling 4:1 i wouldnt believe there numbers,totally out of the hat stuff.
i dont know why there even allowed to be linked anymore
RiPPn  +   442d ago
Didn't Sony announce back at the beginning of April that they are sitting at 22 Million units of software sold.. looks at source.. VGChartz.. clicks "no way."
shadyiswin  +   442d ago
Spiderman number 1 on PS4?? Lol the game drought is real..
plasticidolatry  +   442d ago
VGChartz software totals are usually terrible because they don't count digital sales. Sony announced 20.5 million PS4 software sales last month but VGC still has them at 17.36. Not to mention the large continual profit being made on free to play games like Warframe.

Going by the more reliable Amazon sales for March, Fifa 14, Battlefield 4, and Infamous are the top selling games for PS4. Spider Man 2 isn't even in the top 100 for PS4.

MLB The Show just released and it's near the top of the sales charts on Amazon. In fact PS4 has more games released this month than Xbox One. Transistor, Bound by Flame, and MLB The Show. What was that about a game drought?

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badz149  +   442d ago

that wasn't what the xbox fanboys were saying when multiplat sold more on the 360!

it was always "360 gamers buy more games!" but now multiplats are selling better on the PS4, it's "the game drought is real!"

that hypocrisy!
Flutterby  +   442d ago
Ps4 number one on every sales chart every week , the xbone sales drought is real.
shadyiswin  +   441d ago
Really ? Cause titanfall is still number #1 and #2 console games in the states.

Furthermore if you don't think that 2-3 million gap wont close soon being the ps4 is in 70+ regions vs xb1's 13 that will nearly triple soon plus with the stand alone being the same price as the bs4 minus the better games and features,this site is about to get rocked on its ass pretty soon,I'm excited :D

The ps3 was stronger than the Xbox 360,never mattered why? Cause psn is not Xbox live nor will it ever be,they just can't outperform a software giant such as Microsoft,also gears and halo are staples in my gaming library that I would take over any long running Sony franchise. I usually have every game console,bought andnsold my wiiu and ps4 for profit ($15 profit on wiiu $160 profit on ps4) I may get the Mario kart wiiu bundle and deff smash bros but ps4.... Uncharted? Nah the order? Nah... PC indie ports? Nahhh. Downloading super time force on xb1 right now actually!
Flutterby  +   441d ago
Oh Yeh MS Def win then cos one game they have is selling okay lol what has that got to b do with being last in hardware and software world wide every week ? I'm not sure you have many straws to grasp at.
sebzhd  +   442d ago
Another week IN YOU FACE M$
marlinfan10  +   441d ago
lol you guys are pathetic.
beereal360  +   442d ago
I don't understand why people care about sales. Last I checked I can only play one system at a time.
plasticidolatry  +   442d ago
VGC continues to undertrack PS4 hardware sales by 200-300k. As of March 3, 2014, PS4 should be about 7.7-7.8 million, not 7.5m.

It will be embarrassing for them when Sony announces 8 million this month and VGC has them 200-400k undertracked. If they don't announce 8m this month it's because they're holding back for an E3 announcement.
#11 (Edited 442d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
pornflakes  +   442d ago
200-300k means 3-5%

So in my opinien VGC is very accurate in terms of hardware sales numbers.

3-5 % from the real numbers is nothing!
Brazz  +   442d ago
Wait for april NPD... you will se how accurate Vgchartz is...
#11.1.1 (Edited 442d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report
Spotie  +   441d ago
When you're consistently over for one console or company, and consistently under for another, it stops being acceptable to be off just a bit.
souga_houjou_jin  +   442d ago
ps4 outselling again the xbox as expected
xbox one price cut wotn change anything,will just lower the gap nothing else
Predaking77  +   441d ago
PS4 must be right now on 8 millions easily.
SoulSercher620  +   441d ago
PS4 outselling XB1 as usual.

PS4 AND PS3 software outselling XB1? PS3 has dat staying power.

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