Watch_Dogs' Creative Director On Resolution & Global Effects

DSOGaming writes: "Jonathan Morin, the game’s creative director, decided to explain what has happened with the game. As Morin said, Ubisoft had to choose between additional global effects and the internal resolution on consoles."

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Bugz1405d ago

13 more days guys.

13 more days.

GarrusVakarian1405d ago (Edited 1405d ago )

I've been counting down the days too. Open world games are my favourite types of games by far, and WD looks like it's going to be a great one. I really hope the world feels alive and as varied as Ubisoft tells us it does. I look forward to seeing how naturally pedestrians act and how they react to things that the player does in the world.

Not to mention that the whole hacking/surveillance theme greatly appeals to me, it's not often we get a game that bases itself on those things entirely, usually it's just elements of those things included in games.

Screw the resolution/framerate squabbles, i can't wait to play this.

Bugz1405d ago

That deserves a bubble.

You are the first person on these threads who has spoken my mind....

As long as the game is as awesome as they say, i dont really care if there are less resolution/framerates on release.

Ive been literally checking N$G and other sites constantly for news!

UltraNova1405d ago

I second that. To add to your excitement, Ubisoft learnt a valuable lesson when releasing a new IP (Assassins Creed)which has limited variation ending up repetitive, empty and boring. So I can only be optimistic about WatchDogs!

Lets hope the delay was spent in adding variation and not a couple rez pixels.

Bugz1405d ago

If anyone is playing this on the X1 (don't hate)

Add me up!


gameslayer24111405d ago

Agreed, The change in Reso/FPS, did nothing for my excitement, I play game for the gaming part, not the technical aspect, If I wanted to I would just buy it on my PC, but none of my friends have PCs' so I will get it on my 4 and enjoy it with them......AAAAHHHHHHHHH HURRY UP ALREADY!!!!!!!!!

Destrania1405d ago

While I do believe they could have got this to 1080p @ 30fps on PS4 if they didn't have other platforms to worry about (especially with it being cross-generation), I know I'll get a lot of enjoyment from it, and that's really what matters most by a long shot. 30fps doesn't bother me either about a game like this. Yes, I believe graphics and gameplay should evolve hand-in-hand, but at least Watch Dogs is doing something refreshing for the open-world action game genre. Going to be a great couple of weeks with the movies and games that are releasing leading up to E3.

Destrania1405d ago

Why'd people disagree with me? Weird.

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GentlemenRUs1405d ago

Is it really? Well, I've not really taken much notice of the date and I have one pre-ordered/paid for.

Least it's something to play right?

sigfredod1405d ago

Sadly he was the same that confirm that the ps4 version was at 1080p recently on a article, now they release this new trailer conviniently with the key prompts remove, seems that are trying to minimize the pre orders cancelation, myself still want to play it but i will not on day one, will wait for a price drop

OpieWinston1405d ago

That's a game breaking feature for you? The resolution...Really?

That's just sad.

Invest in a decent PC.

dantesparda1405d ago

Your sorry cuz he doesnt settle for subparness? You consoles guys will accept anything

AgentSmithPS41405d ago

It's such a complex game I'm going to wait and see what happens with bugs and how long it takes them to fix them. I want to buy day one but it's not worth the frustration, maybe I'll just play trials fusion and hope they fix the coffin bug.

osprey191405d ago

Ill take lighting, shading, aesthetics, texture, and excellent gameplay and story before resolution. They seem to be doing a brilliant job.

suicidalblues1405d ago (Edited 1405d ago )

Totally agree. But if you can have resolution AND all the other things, wouldn't you want that?

osprey191405d ago

They will eventually, but many people forget that this is the beginning of the generation, so both haven't been mastered yet. Remember when the first games came out on 360/ps3? Then look at the games that came out in the last year for them? Huge graphical difference.

kingduqc1405d ago

you talk like you can't have both

lul inferior products

osprey191404d ago

U can have both, but im just saying which id prefer if id have to pick, which at the early stage of this generation, developers have to

smolinsk1405d ago (Edited 1405d ago )

just hope you can enter alot more houses then in GTA V.

AgentSmithPS41405d ago

You can be a peeping Aiden and see what people are doing in the privacy of their own homes.

jay21405d ago

Once again, MS think that people are going to buy a console, witch is still behind at the same price......Any what are the PS3/360's? 400P/200p?

TRD4L1fe1405d ago

There are people who buy consoles to play exclusives so yes gamers will buy an XB1 and a WiiU

Salooh1405d ago

Bet it's the same resolution with really low quality of visuals and textures . They made it clear that they are not focusing on these two things. for this gen They focus on the graphics, visuals, dynamic world in online and single player.

My opinion , it's worth sacrificing these two for that.

However , there are many factors . You may see better looking games with better frame and resolution . That's just what these developers achieved .

Tedakin1405d ago

Trolls are always horrible at grammar and spelling. It's not a coincidence.

VectorSigma1405d ago

You have to be a complete loser to sit in chat all day and worry about people grammar and spelling go get your PHD in get a life you are the worst kind of troll grammar lmao this isn't a news paper article.

Jughead34161405d ago

It'd be tough for me to be a game developer. Gamers are a tough group of customers to satisfy. Something is always not right, or unsatisfactory. I wouldn't have the patience. In 2014, I want 1080p 60fps, but also have to realize that these are new consoles that haven't been mastered yet. It'll take time for devs to max them out. Just like last gen. Compare games from the beginning of last gen to the end of last gen. Looks almost like different consoles

osprey191405d ago

@jughead. People seem to be forgetting that little detail of it being at the beginning of the generation. 5 years on and games will look alot better. Its a marathon not a sprint.

Jughead34161405d ago

Agreed. This cycle is supposed to be 10 years. We're not even 1 year in and already getting some visually stunning games. Imagine in 5 years.

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