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Watch_Dogs' Creative Director On Resolution & Global Effects

DSOGaming writes: "Jonathan Morin, the game’s creative director, decided to explain what has happened with the game. As Morin said, Ubisoft had to choose between additional global effects and the internal resolution on consoles." (PC, PS4, Watch Dogs, Xbox One)

Bugz  +   560d ago
13 more days guys.

13 more days.
GarrusVakarian  +   560d ago
I've been counting down the days too. Open world games are my favourite types of games by far, and WD looks like it's going to be a great one. I really hope the world feels alive and as varied as Ubisoft tells us it does. I look forward to seeing how naturally pedestrians act and how they react to things that the player does in the world.

Not to mention that the whole hacking/surveillance theme greatly appeals to me, it's not often we get a game that bases itself on those things entirely, usually it's just elements of those things included in games.

Screw the resolution/framerate squabbles, i can't wait to play this.
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Bugz  +   560d ago
That deserves a bubble.

You are the first person on these threads who has spoken my mind....

As long as the game is as awesome as they say, i dont really care if there are less resolution/framerates on release.

Ive been literally checking N$G and other sites constantly for news!
UltraNova  +   560d ago
I second that. To add to your excitement, Ubisoft learnt a valuable lesson when releasing a new IP (Assassins Creed)which has limited variation ending up repetitive, empty and boring. So I can only be optimistic about WatchDogs!

Lets hope the delay was spent in adding variation and not a couple rez pixels.
Bugz  +   560d ago
If anyone is playing this on the X1 (don't hate)

Add me up!

gameslayer2411  +   560d ago
Agreed, The change in Reso/FPS, did nothing for my excitement, I play game for the gaming part, not the technical aspect, If I wanted to I would just buy it on my PC, but none of my friends have PCs' so I will get it on my 4 and enjoy it with them......AAAAHHHHHHHHH HURRY UP ALREADY!!!!!!!!!
Destrania  +   560d ago
While I do believe they could have got this to 1080p @ 30fps on PS4 if they didn't have other platforms to worry about (especially with it being cross-generation), I know I'll get a lot of enjoyment from it, and that's really what matters most by a long shot. 30fps doesn't bother me either about a game like this. Yes, I believe graphics and gameplay should evolve hand-in-hand, but at least Watch Dogs is doing something refreshing for the open-world action game genre. Going to be a great couple of weeks with the movies and games that are releasing leading up to E3.
Destrania  +   560d ago
Why'd people disagree with me? Weird.
GentlemenRUs  +   560d ago
Is it really? Well, I've not really taken much notice of the date and I have one pre-ordered/paid for.

Least it's something to play right?
sigfredod  +   560d ago
Sadly he was the same that confirm that the ps4 version was at 1080p recently on a article, now they release this new trailer conviniently with the key prompts remove, seems that are trying to minimize the pre orders cancelation, myself still want to play it but i will not on day one, will wait for a price drop
OpieWinston  +   560d ago
That's a game breaking feature for you? The resolution...Really?

That's just sad.

Invest in a decent PC.
dantesparda  +   560d ago
Your sorry cuz he doesnt settle for subparness? You consoles guys will accept anything
AgentSmithPS4  +   560d ago
It's such a complex game I'm going to wait and see what happens with bugs and how long it takes them to fix them. I want to buy day one but it's not worth the frustration, maybe I'll just play trials fusion and hope they fix the coffin bug.
osprey19  +   560d ago
Ill take lighting, shading, aesthetics, texture, and excellent gameplay and story before resolution. They seem to be doing a brilliant job.
suicidalblues  +   560d ago
Totally agree. But if you can have resolution AND all the other things, wouldn't you want that?
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osprey19  +   560d ago
They will eventually, but many people forget that this is the beginning of the generation, so both haven't been mastered yet. Remember when the first games came out on 360/ps3? Then look at the games that came out in the last year for them? Huge graphical difference.
kingduqc  +   560d ago
you talk like you can't have both

lul inferior products
osprey19  +   560d ago
U can have both, but im just saying which id prefer if id have to pick, which at the early stage of this generation, developers have to
smolinsk  +   560d ago
just hope you can enter alot more houses then in GTA V.
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AgentSmithPS4  +   560d ago
You can be a peeping Aiden and see what people are doing in the privacy of their own homes.
jay2  +   560d ago
Once again, MS think that people are going to buy a console, witch is still behind at the same price......Any what are the PS3/360's? 400P/200p?
TRD4L1fe  +   560d ago
There are people who buy consoles to play exclusives so yes gamers will buy an XB1 and a WiiU
Salooh  +   560d ago
Bet it's the same resolution with really low quality of visuals and textures . They made it clear that they are not focusing on these two things. for this gen They focus on the graphics, visuals, dynamic world in online and single player.

My opinion , it's worth sacrificing these two for that.

However , there are many factors . You may see better looking games with better frame and resolution . That's just what these developers achieved .
Tedakin  +   560d ago
Trolls are always horrible at grammar and spelling. It's not a coincidence.
VectorSigma  +   560d ago
You have to be a complete loser to sit in chat all day and worry about people grammar and spelling go get your PHD in get a life you are the worst kind of troll grammar lmao this isn't a news paper article.
Jughead3416  +   560d ago
It'd be tough for me to be a game developer. Gamers are a tough group of customers to satisfy. Something is always not right, or unsatisfactory. I wouldn't have the patience. In 2014, I want 1080p 60fps, but also have to realize that these are new consoles that haven't been mastered yet. It'll take time for devs to max them out. Just like last gen. Compare games from the beginning of last gen to the end of last gen. Looks almost like different consoles
osprey19  +   560d ago
@jughead. People seem to be forgetting that little detail of it being at the beginning of the generation. 5 years on and games will look alot better. Its a marathon not a sprint.
Jughead3416  +   560d ago
Agreed. This cycle is supposed to be 10 years. We're not even 1 year in and already getting some visually stunning games. Imagine in 5 years.
Salooh  +   560d ago
People need to get over this resolution and frame rate war. What they are trying to say , If you choose resolution and frame rate you will get a better version of last gen games. Is that what you people want ?.. I want a real next gen experience not pc versions of last gen games...

I'm sure if they had more time they could of achieved higher resolution and frame rate. But that's what you get for now on consoles . If you want the best experience go for pc. Consoles are always been for exclusives. Demand stuff you want but don't expect unless it's certain .

Multiplatform : PC > PS4 > X1 . It's your choice.
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uth11  +   560d ago
1080p and 60fps are good goals to have, but it's not the standard that makes a game great or poor.

If a dev cannot reach those specs, then it's either they packed so much good stuff in that wasn't worth sacrificing for higher res. Or they are poor coders. Hopefully the 1st!

Soon we will find out :)
masterfox  +   560d ago
well thank you you piece of shat xbone for downgrading the PS4 version in such point that the xbone version doesn't look that bad. watch the video below the PS4 version was obviously 60 fps, there are even comments outhere saying most of time the framerate is a at 60 fps with no dips.


gawd damit I hate the xbone, :/
Tommy_titfer  +   560d ago
In that case, thanks MS for making the PC version the best looking just to spite the PS4...
SonyNGP  +   560d ago
A friend of mine saw and played the game for himself during Ubisoft's preview event. The game was running at 30fps.

But by all means, do go ahead and focus on that "hurr xbox downgraded muh vidya" logic from 2010.
MasterCornholio  +   560d ago
The PS4 is running at a higher resolution so I dont see how developers downgraded it to match the Xbox One version.

Now Wolfenstein is another matter since they claim that both versions run at 1080P 60FPS so unless the PS4 version has better visuals then I would accuse them of downgrading the game to achieve parity across the two platforms.
Tedakin  +   560d ago
So you're saying Ubisoft, which has a huge Watch Dogs deal with SONY that gives them exclusive content, a bundle, and all promotional rights, and doesn't even allow them to put the Xbox version in the ads, downgraded the PS4 version to appease Microsoft? Really? And how exactly are you saying it's 60 from a 30fps Youtube video?
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Bundi  +   560d ago
You are welcome, eat it *****!
Masterh0ppa  +   560d ago
LOL.. you are clearly even more stupid then you parents thought you where.
CapellPro85  +   560d ago
@Masterfox, are you for real. Blaming XB1 for the down grade in Res/fps.. That's just a sad and childish comment. You shouldn't be aloud to comment on this site.

Not for the fact that Ubi didn't confirm the 1080p or the 60fps. The only confirmation they said was that they were still working on it.

Second the game is multiplatform so there was no way they would have had time alone to sort out the res/fps to that standard. Maybe if it was a next gen exclusive they could of achieved this.

And before you start saying I'm an Xbox fan I own both consoles. I just can't stand reading rubbish
VectorSigma  +   560d ago
You must really hate reading your own comments then sir quit attacking someone for having an opinion. Have a good.day Sir.
CapellPro85  +   560d ago
@VectorSigma sorry you feel like that was an attack. I was having my opinion on his bold statement that it was XB that caused the so called downgrade.

You have a good day now, SIR.
vandal GAB  +   560d ago
Do I buy this on PC for £23.26 from CDkeyhouse or £49.99 on PS4 :) haha the choice.....
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sourav93  +   560d ago
You can get the PS4 version for £46 on amazon now...but at the same time you can get the PC version for £20 (even less with discount code) from cdkeys.com...so yeah...the choice ;)
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GarrusVakarian  +   560d ago
I got it for £15 on PS4 from Gamestop UK by trading in Lego Marvel.

Awww yeahhhh.
ultralow  +   560d ago
hit me up x1 players....ultralowswag
cyclindk  +   560d ago
Not "ironic." Just, wrongonic... j

And "which means..." really? As if THIS were the hard data used to determine the PC version will be the definitive visual representation of the game?
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rivencleft  +   560d ago
Shut up and take my money already, is exactly what I'll be saying when I go to buy this, oh and "Hurry up and buy!"

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